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Warrior Nation

Warrior Nation is about casual and competitive video game e-Sports expanding upon mind-shattering imagination within a world of virtual game play.

We just want to take over the world!

Mission Statement
Identify, encourage and develop superior interpersonal, creative and tactical skills through team dynamics, leadership structure, discipline, logistical planning while fostering loyal and respectful relationships.

Experience It!

I, WNxWakko, am one of the founding creators of Warrior Nation, I am the head in web development in our network as well as organization, planning and human relations, but there is more to Warrior Nation than that. There are so many key people in this organization that one person alone could not achieve this. Warrior Nation was founded on team dynamics, building relationships, gaming skills and tactics, improving performance and the most important, respect for the individual. I try to do everything I can think of to make the ultimate video game experience possible, by not only researching the competition but also making sure Warrior Nation is always moving forward into a direction that will satisfy our number one resource, "Our Members".

For those wondering, well how do I become a part of this, well the best way is to read our forums and game sections, find out where members play and find someone to sponsor you into Warrior Nation . Because Warrior Nation is a Private Organization, you do need someone to speak on your behalf to give the go ahead in letting you join because not just anyone can join. Warrior Nation has certain standards because we want our community to be enjoyable at all times. If you can't figure out where members are located, feel free to post in our Guest forums and ask.

Warrior Nation also accepts members worldwide. We believe that discrimination is totally unacceptable and all residing on this planet are equal and shall be given equal opportunities regardless of culture, religion, race, color, origin.

So far in our attempts to conquer the world, Warrior Nation has marked the World map below with those confirmed countries that take part in our environment. These are tracked by our web statistics.

Every dot on this map is auto-dynamically updated once a week using IP/ISP information from every single user accounts last activity.

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WN Worldwide

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