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09-16-2016, 07:39 PM
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Jonah Orion
Originally Posted by Relic
Spotlight: Jonah Orion

Jonah Orion is the Blood Raven's Chief Librarian and a man of fearsome psychic power. Focused on supporting his brethren, he is a flexible Elite who amplifies the effectiveness of his allies.

Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.

Chief Librarian of the Blood Ravens, Jonah Orion is a psyker of tremendous renown. Librarians are able to bend the Warp to their will (sometimes with the aid of a familiar) although carefully walking this line requires incredible mental fortitude. In the Chapter’s darkest hours, Jonah endured the predations of the Tyranid Hive Mind that wiped out his fellow Librarians. During the Aurelian Crusade, Jonah safeguarded his Battle-Brothers from the corruption of Chaos spreading from within the Chapter.

Trapping enemies with Stonewall and using Fury of the Ancients deals massive damageAlthough he sustained what many thought was a mortal wound on Aurelia, he miraculously survived. Understanding the gravity of Jonah’s sacrifices for the Chapter and his undeniable role in their victory against Arch-Traitor Azariah Kyras, the newly-appointed Chapter Master Gabriel Angelos promoted him to Chief Librarian.

Now, it is Jonah’s desire to redefine psyker culture within the Blood Ravens Chapter so that heresy can’t breed within. Due to their gene seed, the Blood Ravens will always have a higher distribution of psykers. It is Jonah’s duty as Chief Librarian to ensure that they don’t stray.
See in full here:

3D Model:

Well it looks like someone came back from the dead! They revealed this one just yesterday as the chief librarian now for the Blood Ravens. I hope they throw in a store in the campaign as to how he managed to survive, it would make a great side plot to play for a bit of fun not to mention a good intro to his abilities.

His Stonewall ability looks really good. You can use it to either protect your army from an onslaught or too trap an enemies army inside which could block a vital retreat. He has another ability where he is doing a cringe worthy jumping up and down like Angelos did, no idea why Relic is so obsessed with making everyone jump at the moment! It's good to see he has some support abilities as so far everything has been attack only for the other units that have been previewed.

The model detail looks amazing, check out the link above as it is really the most detail we have been shown of any one character. If this is any indication, we are install for a very graphically rich game ahead of us and i'm definitely going to need a PC upgrade. My fears that the graphics in DoW2 might be better have faded, I think it's definitely going to be eye candy level 40k detail!

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10-08-2016, 03:33 AM
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He looks way more badass than DoW2 Jonah.

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