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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Flag WNxsejteN

Staff Sergeant

Flag WNxFakee


Flag WNxOdisaur

Flag WNxOmagginson


Flag WNxGameR

Flag WNxmLy

Flag WNxNozaz

Flag WNxRader12

Flag WNxrasti

Flag WNxSasquatch

Flag WNxShiftea


Flag WNxaff

Flag WNxBibiGotcha

Flag WNxCorrupted

Flag WNxHaayp

Flag WNxIndicon

Flag WNxMothership

Flag WNxNoodles

Flag WNxPeekabooNyx

Flag WNxPerfectCell

Flag WNxpwnstar

Flag WNxRoses

Flag WNxScr1ptz

Flag WNxShiodome

Flag WNxSura

Flag WNxXepoz

Flag WNxYoshi


Flag WNx2sleepy

Flag WNxAfrican

Flag WNxAmarines

Flag WNxArska

Flag WNxBiitebo

Flag WNxBobaFett

Flag WNxBobJoolian

Flag WNxChange

Flag WNxCrimsonGhost

Flag WNxDreamEvil

Flag WNxEuphonic

Flag WNxFaviogames

Flag WNxFear

Flag WNxFlaffyWaffle

Flag WNxGraslu

Flag WNxH3adSh00t

Flag WNxHerux

Flag WNxJakeMeAway

Flag WNxJamezTyphoon

Flag WNxJimmy D

Flag WNxJman

Flag WNxkahN

Flag WNxKwantum

Flag WNxlukeytraceur

Flag WNxM45T3R

Flag WNxMaximus

Flag WNxMiNi

Flag WNxMuhamedas

Flag WNxPartyWeapon

Flag WNxPew

Flag WNxpixz

Flag WNxPureLuck

Flag WNxqzarrr

Flag WNxRicky

Flag WNxRogueTrooper

Flag WNxruN

Flag WNxShook

Flag WNxSkull Basherer

Flag WNxSkyPhoenix

Flag WNxSol1ce

Flag WNxStonedSloth

Flag WNxTheBatBudge


Flag WNxTortyrsmurfen

Flag WNxTwistedFate

Flag WNxVictim

Flag WNxVyal

Flag WNxXen0lith

Flag WNxYnG

Flag WNxZeusy

06 - Combat Media - GAT

Flag WNxabysz

Number of primary members: 28
Number of non-primaries: 50
* - Not-Signed Current Roll Call

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