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5 things PvPers wish PvErs knew about us

Posted 02-01-2011 at 09:12 PM by WNxFireWraith
1) Just because someone prefers PvP does not mean they think anyone who prefers PvE is a "carebear". It is an extremely small (albeit extremely vocal) minority of PvPers who think that they are better than PvErs. Most of us PvPers understand that there's nothing wrong with PvE and we secretly enjoy it ourselves.

2) Ganking is different than griefing. Ganking is part of any open-world PvP game. If you are getting frustrated by ganks, go gank people yourself or join a clan (that's what they're for). Griefing, however, is never an intentional part of the game. Griefing is just as annoying to hardcore PvP fans as it is for PvE fans.

3) There is no such thing as fair PvP. It's just tactics. You don't fight a battle if you think you can't win. Look at real-world wars, most sides don't launch an attack unless they're 90% certain they can win. So when you get attacked in an MMO, expect to be at a disadvantage because the other person wouldn't be attacking you unless they thought they could win. This isn't unfair, because you can go do it back to the enemy. That's part of the fun.

4) The best MMO PvPers are often decided by time invested in the game, not skill. We already know this, you don't have to keep pointing it out. It doesn't mean skill doesn't come into play, because it does. It also doesn't mean that PvP isn't fun and it doesn't mean you can't have a life and enjoy PvP. It just means you aren't going to be in the elite 2% of PvPers. The other 98% of us still have fun anyway. If we wanted purely skill based PvP we would play a FPS.

5) PvPers still care about PvE. Although we often focus our comments on PvP, it doesn't mean we think that any game should just ignore PvE. We have the same PvE concerns that PvErs have.
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    100% agree. I enjoy both for different reasons, and both are fine. Great post here nub. :D
    Posted 02-01-2011 at 10:31 PM by
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