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Landmark Reached! Initiate Rest Mode.

Posted 02-26-2011 at 10:54 PM by WNxTechYes

SO, after a drearily long couple of weeks, I have finally finished with what is known as the "initiatory" part of achieving level 99 in a skill, which is the first 2.4m experience, or level 82.
Level 99, if you don't know, is 13m experience and change.. But - the reason that this landmark exists, not only for this runecrafting skill but for any skill in which you hope to achieve level 99 is that after this point, the experience gap between levels is exponentially increased, to the point where it becomes very difficult for those who do not play 12 hours a day to level up every day, which is about how it's gone for me up until yesterday.

Umm.. but anyway here's why in runecrafting level 82 is significant:

Double astral runes.

This is where the experience becomes next to unimportant, and the money factor becomes significant.

I will be making lots of mulah :P

astral rune are currently 153 gp each, and given that I will be making two per pure essence (Which are rising in price unfortunately...) i'll make about 200 gp per essence i buy. Which, being about 100 gp each, is rather substantial.

anyways, I'm off to do some business. See you later, reader.

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