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Proph's Soap box 5, Silly Delta Event Drama.

Posted 09-03-2010 at 04:07 PM by WNxProphecy
Updated 09-03-2010 at 04:43 PM by WNxProphecy
Well it's that time again. By that I mean, 3:20 PM on a Friday and none of my friends are off work. So, I'm bored. And what do I do when I'm bored? Write. So, here we go.

As I said in my previous blog viewable [URL="http://warriornation.net/Forum/blog.php?b=606"]here[/URL] the Delta event was really helping to boost the activity in the MW2 360 forum. But I also mentioned my 'baseless' skepticism. Well it turned out to be not so baseless. Once again, I should of trusted my gut. Like I said, it DID boost our attendance at GN's and the forum activity went up a bit as well, but like I figured, it would cause drama. While there had been only a few spats of drama between the EU and NA MW2 360 sections before, but with accusations of cheating flying around like wild fire the drama went up a few notches.

Now, I will admit, it WAS the NA section that brought up the possibility of cheating first. I was talking with a fellow member of my section (he can reveal himself if he wishes) one day on xfire when he began complaining about how long it was taking to get points approved for the Delta Event. I believe the original issue was over a gamenight on August 9th. Although he said that he had submitted the GN for points with proper evidence, it took much prodding to finally get them approved. Now, this is hearsay, I thought, just someone complaining. But the chat logs didn't lie. So yeah, I can believe that there was a mistake, but the EU section NEVER had a problem getting points approved. Then there were the Delta competitions where our section got blown out time after time. Then more problems getting points approved. Then the same member as before telling me that the majority of the voting staff on the events were European.

So while yes, there were suspicions, and they were even aired to the EU members a few times, the NA section really didn't care that much. And it's not like our suspicions are baseless; Problems getting points approved, losing every mini challenge, heavy EU presence in the voting process. At a point, these things combined are enough to make many skeptical. But still, we (the NA leadership at the time) didn't make a big stink of it. Why bother? If they WERE playing unfairly, so what? Good for them. If they were cheating to win, we wouldn't care if we lost. If they weren't cheating, even better, we were beat not only fair and square but completely blown out of the water. I mean, there was NEVER even a chance of winning if you weren't in the EU section. One might even say the parameters of the contest were set up so the EU section could win easier, a good example of this is awarding so many points for GB matches when the EU section already has a very successful GB team, but that's stretching the suspicion pretty far.

So like I've said and will say again, yes, the NA section first brought up the subject of cheating. Did we outright accuse anyone? No. Did we seek investigation against the EU section? No.

So hopefully you can understand our surprise, alarm, and anger when WE, the NA section, were blatantly accused to cheating. Hopefully I can get through this without giving out any 'sensitive' information that could get me points. Basically we were accused of having members at a GN that weren't in WN, and then having them put on the WN clan tag so we could get a photo and get more points. These people were just friends of WN members who joined the lobby and put the WNx tag on of their own accord. I've been at our GN's, I've seen this happen. You have 10-12 guys all with the same tag on, you join as a stranger and want to fit in. If you don't want to take my word for it, fine, I honestly don't care who believes me. So, what would you do in this situation? The logical things to do would be to just deny the points as we messed up. Or deny them until we submit a list of actual members there. Or hell, just a stern talking to probably would of been sufficient. But no apparently not.

While I can't really copy and paste the post here, it contained the words 'audit', 'disgusting', and the phrases 'clear sign of cheating' and 'comes under Law 6'. The whole issue was passed up the ladder for an investigation, and nothing came from it as far as I know.

So after all this we, the NA section, dropped out of the tournament. No point in competing if there's NO POSSIBLE WAY TO WIN (I'm pretty sure the EU section had double to even over double the amount of points, even when we were actively participating) and if we are just going to be accused of cheating. It is a SILLY COMPETITION on a SILLY GAMING FORUM on the INTERNET. And something I'd expect the, ya know, admins in WN to understand is that you can NEVER have an intersectional competition without drama. Shit, before I was even a Major I knew that.

Now I may of said somethings that violate L1 by 'leaking private information'. But meh. It's honestly worth it to me just to get it off my chest, even if it costs me some IS points I'll gladly accept them to say what I needed to say.
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