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A Shadow Before my Eyes

Posted 06-30-2014 at 10:24 PM by WNxOnikirimari
Updated 06-30-2014 at 10:35 PM by WNxOnikirimari
i am visually challenged. I have a degenetative eye condition called Retinitous Pigmontosa (RP for short). I have little to no periphial vision, like lookin thru a paper towel roll, no night vision n intense light sensitivity. I have to wear shades on rainy days! For now my condition is stable. If it should destabilize i could b completely blind in jus 5 years.
I dont let this stop me. I am a comic artist n i do custumization work on controllers, systems n anythin else that can b painted. I've even done a friends t.v. remote once.
It jus geys aggrivaton. I love Ghosts, but it can sometimes b difficult. I can only see one part of the screen @a time, so if i'm focusin in front of me i often miss the sides. Focusin in front of me i cant even see the radar. If i look @the radar o have to take my eyes off of my character.
I die ALOT jus cause i cant see someone comin. I often even miss them thru the differant scopes. I spawn, turn a corner, crouchin n scopin in n jus as i see my target BOOM dead b4 i can even react. Team-mates dont help much. I always try n watch there backs, but very seldom do i have someone watchin mine. Even in modes like Domination ppl jus seem to b out for themselves.
Dont get me wrong, its frustratin beyond all belief somedays, but i really do love n enjoy this game. I jus. wish sometimes that i could see better
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