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Posted 03-26-2013 at 05:26 PM by WNxArashi
We're all familiar with that saying. The best defense is a good offense right? Well I myself believe that to be true in every form. What worry do you need to have when you're on the offense? The answer should be none. There isn't any in between stands to it. You're either defending or assaulting. I roll with the Vanu section of Warrior Nation on Waterson. We aren't large, we aren't perfect. We're just small. Of course we're growing very slowly, but these are some of the things I noticed that prods my mind when running with them. Communication. An example is this, we are told where our next location will be. Under general orders that's the only thing mainly said. Everything else is casual talk like, "How are you?" or comments regarding class or vehicles. The communication is never micromanaged and what I mean by that is things that squad leaders should carry as a trait. Micro orders as i'll call them are (of course) the little things. They can be phrases like "Stay Together!" or "Lock this location down." or "Stack up and move up!". These type of orders need to relate to the main objective which is mostly capping territory. Examples include, standing on cap point. Does this affect current objective? Of course! How about, "suppress that spawn room". Of course this affects current objective. Squad Leaders are the shepherds of the platoon or squad and they are what will and must keep a group organized. When there's lack of communication. Teamwork breaks down. People start doing their own things regardless of current objectives. They'll find people to kill, die, kill people, and die again. A vicious cycle. They may in their own mind think they are helping the greater objective of capturing the territory, but is it the most effective? Is being a lone gunner taking out enemies more effective than say staying with your squad, rearming, healing etc? Maybe, but the occurrences are rare. One person may take on two people, but not three. Telling your squad to stay within sight of each other will ensure a better team coordination and communication. You'll quickly be able to assess who is down, needs ammo, who to get heals from. It's all in the communication. All of this is something I want to see more in the Vanu Section of Warrior Nation.

Now what I see instead is Platoon Leader providing us our next destination and a brief description of the situation. After that's all said and done, we carry on and head there. When we get there, we all automatically exit our vehicles and start moving in. It's all silence. The occasional "I'm down" will be heard and spotting enemies. But there's never much of any orders being given out while we're there. Then there are occasions where it's an intense firefight. Everyone is absolutely silent. No one verbally calls out an enemy. They're all activated in drone mode, where they'll automatically target anything they see. People within a squad will be far apart from each other. Too far to watch the other squad member's back. People are off running and doing their own thing without an acknowledgement. Few questions are asked, and little communication is spoken.

If I were to rate the communication level of this section it would be a 5. It definitely has the potential to improve however it cannot be done unless people stand up.
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