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Against Innumerable Odds

Posted 06-04-2013 at 11:25 AM by WNxArashi
This blog is an account of the experiences and events that takes place on Planetside 2 of the Vanu Sovereignty (VS). The VS are highly outnumbered by the other factions, the TR and the NC. The TR and NC are developing smart methods of conquer while the VS stands ignorant and true to their useless strategies.

One thing that always seem to baffle me is the decision making and atmosphere. The atmosphere is very friendly no doubt about that. But I believe it that it's to a point, objectives can't be met, the reason why we're always getting pushed back again and again. The opposing team have us walking backwards and pretty soon, we're going to fall.

My suggestion if ever it is considered, is put away the friendly atmosphere, and don on the game face. There are times when friendly banter is okay, but when it's outfit night, it's time to get serious. We are here as a team to win against all odds. We've done it before and we can do it again. Tell an individual to pull a Sunder, don't ask if anyone can pull one, tell them. Tell someone no when they're about to pull something that's not needed atm. Give them a reason why they can't. Tell them we're a team, and we're going to coordinate together and not run off on our own. The atmosphere I love to participate in is when i'm receiving direct orders. That shows me that the leader knows what the current mission is, what priorities are set, and who he count on to complete the mission.

My next suggestion for Leaders and upcoming leaders is to be one step ahead of the other team. So what if they take a base with a full armor division. Pull back, regroup, and lace the road with traps. Ambush them. Plan your next attack, don't rush with reckless abandon only to lose the next territory. Peel away the armor. Expose them. That's how you push them back. A soldier does not go to war without their sword and shield. What I always see annoys me. Leaders pulling back, defending and letting the enemy come to them fully armored. I don't see any decision made to perform guerrilla tactics. We don't have to stop them before they get to the next destination. We just need to make it hard on them. The fast response team needs to destroy an armor and then vanish. Reappear somewhere else and hit another flank and vanish. This slows the convoy down, forcing them to regroup. Why do I not see this done with out forces?

The only thing that if any, should people understand from this, is when playing the enemy team. Give them hell, but when smart strategic decisions. None of that holding out in the base as long as you can. Fall back one step, and use that step as a brace to push yourself forward two steps, maybe even more.

“Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you.” Arnold Palmer
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