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Posted 03-02-2011 at 02:21 AM by WNxTechYes
SO I updated my avatar to something that I think is really cool, and I'm about to add a line of text to my signature - OH and if u haven't noticed I've been changing my signature every time I log off to update the experience and when I level up I switch the colors. Woot.

well today I got 83 runecrafting, after 3 days of making astrals, and actually... i just realized doing astrals i'm making about 1m a day , or MORE. that's epic win right there.

Bonus xp weekend is coming up and I'm going to go back to zmi and say forget the money this weekend will be about experience, and I hope to achieve at least level 91 runecrafting if I can that would be epic because the i can just go straight to double nature runes and realistically even if I don't get all the way up to 91 in that weekend, which I probably wont, it all depends on how I do in the 10 days before that happens, but it will still be a wonderful great big boost to my experience in THE slowest skill in the game (accept for slayer... well - tied with slayer imo...)

Wish me luck in my journey - OH i forgot to mention that when I got to 83 RC, i quickly emptied my other pouch and didn't get the chance to screen shot it and document it, as I Like to do in these blogs, cuz it make it more interesting ;) but oh well, better luck next time i suppose - I'll watch the xp meter during the weekend and I"ll Post ONE blog of every level that i got during the first 10 hours of game play. I really hope I"m not setting myself up for failure and disappointment my setting a goal this high, but I would Like to think it's possible.
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