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My History

Posted 09-21-2015 at 06:28 PM by WNxGalbsadi
Updated 06-30-2016 at 02:50 PM by WNxGalbsadi

June 26, 1985

[B]Grew Up[/B]
Date TBD, not sure if this really happened. :P

[B]Joined Warrior Nation[/B]
July 13, 2015

[B]Member of the Month[/B]
[I]Elder Scrolls Online (PC)[/I]
August 3, 2015

[B]Promotion: Architect[/B]
August 8, 2015

[B]Promotion: Engineer[/B]
September 19, 2015

[b]Promotion: Administrator[/B]
December 3, 2015

[b]Stepped Down[/b]
[i]Warrior Nation[/i]
June 12, 2016

Despite various promises by WW and begging from Phx to remain, nothing was done by the top leadership to allow myself or other admins to provide for the community. Stepped down in a last ditch attempt both to spark some action and to allow for others to attempt the same.

Late June, 2016

Treated as a hostile entity by the least active 'active' admin of 2016 (and ironically the most active admin remaining in WNx).

[i]A community actually about the games, not the drama.[/i]
June 28, 2016

Goodbye, Warrior Nation.

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