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Fuck my life - 2

Posted 01-28-2015 at 08:35 AM by WNxChanchoman
Things are getting better. For one side, I got a new job. Still have to leave the apartment, but fuck it, I just have been living here for 6 fucking years (still have to work about my feelings about this apartment). I have been in a couple of dates with a girl (I'm tempted to say a lot of things about this, basically because I feel like a horny 15 years old adolescent, but I won't. I'll just say that she's German and she's hot as hell). Bank corrected it's errors and now I have an account again. So things are getting better.
Now with dota... fuck my life in dota. I play in a chilean team, RHIN0, and things went good. We got into a chilean tournament and first game we kicked asses real hard. We played a lot, training, and suddenly our next match was against SV (SAD VOIDS) where one of the best chilean players plays. We got raped bukake style. Actually, It was a really tense game, and for the first 10 minutes, it was a tight game. Last 10 min., bukake and out of the tournament. They played their game, and we followed it. And that's how you lose dota, when you fall in their trap. Pretty much as I was doing with my real life, I was playing another people's game. The problem with my team is that not everyone knows what is their game. See, to be a good player you need to know your game, your position, and what you should do in the macro game, your mission. When someone doesn't know that, you can see CMs going carry, Svens going support (SVEN IS NOT A SUPPORT!) and shit like that.
Find what you have to do in game, what is your role, but you have to know it in deep, and improve your personal game, take risks, know your enemy (such a good song), know how much you can handle before you're dead and be a pain in the ass for the other team because, what's better than win a lane as a solo off and force the tri lane to stay back and get a kill or two? Priceless.
Now I have to check my game with this girl, if I have to keep in lane and maybe or, because sometimes is the best thing to do, go back to base and, quietly, heal until I can go back to my game.
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