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Proph's WN Questionnaire.

Posted 09-25-2010 at 05:56 PM by WNxProphecy
Hey guys, I just thought I'd throw this together ftk (for the knowledge) and see what you guy's thoughts are on WN. Fill it out, it'll give me something to read when bored xD
[LIST=1][*]How long have you been in WN?[*]Have you ever been inactive for a long period? How many times and why?[*]What was your original primary game?[*]Who recruited you and how were you introduced to WN?[*]What sections have you been in?[*]Which section has been your favorite?[*]For you older members, how has WN changed from when you joined? Do you believe WN is better like it is now or like it was then?[*]How have your gaming habits changed since you first joined?[*]Do you have any ideas on how to make WN better?[/LIST]
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  1. Old
    I'll go ahead and do my own.

    1. 3 years last July.
    2. Several times. 2 LoA's, 2 HD's, and probation. I've left twice because of computer problems and twice because of drama.
    3. Eve Online
    4. I was recruited by Wnx Protagonist when he became the step father of two of my good friends. He was also into games and when I started playing Eve he recruited me.
    5. Eve, Gunz, Dawn of War, Halo 3, CoD4 360, Valve games 360, MW2 360 NA, NavyField Gaming Group
    6. Call of Duty 4 360. Just had awesome friends there.
    7. I miss only my good friends who've moved on.
    8. I don't game nearly as much as I used to. Partly this is because my social life has actually happened. This time last year I didn't really have one so I spent most of my weekends home gaming. Now I'm lucky to be home 4 nights a week.
    9. Maybe an alert system like facebook where you can subscribe to threads and you'll get a WN alert whenever someone comments on it or responds to one of your threads or posts.
    Posted 09-25-2010 at 06:02 PM by WNxProphecy WNxProphecy is offline
  2. Old
    Ooh a questionnaire.

    1 - 22 months
    2 - Not really. Had a short HD just after I joined.
    3 - COD4 (PC)
    4 - I sort of found the site myself, but WNxAlmost, then then Major helped me get used to WN.
    5 - COD4 (PC), WAW (PC), COD2 (PC), COD: UO, TF2, Evony, CS:S
    6 - COD4 is where I've had the best experiences
    7 - Am I an older member? I dunno. But WN was decreasing in numbers just as I joined. Its been fairly similar for me throughout.
    8 - As I've progressed up the clan I gamed less. However, I always find time to play and would often get involved in a beta as part of Dev.
    9 - Absolutely loads. But they are pretty radical and its not going to happen
    Posted 09-25-2010 at 06:33 PM by WNxHorizon WNxHorizon is offline
  3. Old
    WNxPhoenix's Avatar
    1. 3 years
    2. Nope, been active all the time.
    3. Runescape
    4. Bloodlust officially. Met WN in game in Runescape and my clan decided to merge and we joined up.
    5. Off the top of my head? Runescape, Cabal EU, CSS EU, Guild Wars, Project Powder, TF2.
    6. Pretty obvious - TF2!
    7. Changed. WN tends to go through phases. If you read my blog you'll see what I believe to be the next phase, one which won't be so good if it goes the way I think it will. But yeah, it fluctuates. Stays pretty good though!
    8. I play more different games than I ever used to. I see games around here that I think "Oooh!" so I buy them and play them. My gaming habits have definitely changed and are broader than ever.
    9. Oooh yes. They come and go as new things are introduced to WN. Who knows, I may write about them from time to time!
    Posted 09-25-2010 at 07:14 PM by WNxPhoenix WNxPhoenix is offline
  4. Old
    1. 7 months
    2. At the most 3-4 weeks, no internet...
    3. Left 4 Dead
    4. I was recruited by WNxHedgehog. I was introduced through the Steam forums and thought being part of a clan would be a good way to make new friends and play more often. This is my first clan and I plan on keeping it my only clan.
    5. The only other section I have been in is Battlefield: Bad Company 2 as my secondary.
    6. Left 4 Dead of course haha, I have met some great players and made new friends. I have a lot of fun.
    7. I'm not qualified for this question haha.
    8. Not much. I am and always will be attracted to first person shooters. The games I play with everyone is just that.
    9. Maybe I will as I gain more experience around here. As of now, I like how things are going.
    Posted 09-25-2010 at 07:42 PM by WNxmike90t09 WNxmike90t09 is offline
  5. Old
    WNxExile's Avatar
    1. 2 years, 3 months
    2. I am only inactive when I am away from internet.
    3. Halo 3
    4. My RL friend WNxSquall showed me WN, as I had a friends list to fill and and he vouched me in.
    5. Halo 3, Call of Duty 4 (Xbox 360), Call of Duty 4 (PS3), Killzone 2, Grand Theft Auto 4, Call of Duty MW2
    6. Call of Duty 4. There are just some things I wont ever forget.
    7. In my two years here, not tooo much has changed, but what has is good.
    8. Not really. I love Call of Duty with a passion, and its what I play.
    9. A restructure of the PM system. Maybe make it like an email would be. The searching through old PM's is slow and not very productive.
    Posted 09-25-2010 at 11:03 PM by WNxExile WNxExile is offline
  6. Old
    How long have you been in WN? Since November of '08
    Have you ever been inactive for a long period? How many times and why? 2 times, one because a few of my friends left and I didn't find WN fun anymore, then the other because of school
    What was your original primary game? Call of Duty: World at War
    Who recruited you and how were you introduced to WN? WNxMunkey from Gamefaqs.
    What sections have you been in? CoD:WaW, Halo Wars, MW2, CoD4, Starcraft2, Red Dead Redemption and Halo Reach
    Which section has been your favorite? CoD: WaW
    For you older members, how has WN changed from when you joined? Do you believe WN is better like it is now or like it was then? The newer members are more cockier than ever.
    How have your gaming habits changed since you first joined? They haven't really.
    Do you have any ideas on how to make WN better? DEATH TO NOOBS. xD
    Posted 09-26-2010 at 12:03 AM by
  7. Old
    [LIST=1][*]24 months counting my absences[*]LOA once and HD twice[*]COD4 (X360)[*]I stumbled onto Trevornator's bio via a random group of WNers in July 08. Pure luck, no lie.[*]COD4, Halo Wars, Far Cry 2, Valve Games, BC2, MW2[*]COD4, when the officers were cool[*]WN has declined in numbers and activity since when I joined during the absolute peaking golden period. Numbers were over 2000 back then, now theyre hovering around 1500 or less.[*]I play with people now, instead of by myself.[*]Nah.[/LIST]
    Posted 10-14-2010 at 02:09 PM by

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