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Journal Blog 5, epic games, thoughts on Reach, more silly stuff

Posted 09-21-2010 at 06:03 AM by WNxProphecy
Hey it's 4am, I should probably be asleep, and I'm not wearing pants. That means it's blog time.

As usual, where to begin? Oh yeah, epic games.

I've decided that I should go back and play some classic genre defining games that I've never had the chance to play. For example, Baldurs Gate. I've never even touched it. Well with the magic of the internet it's now just sitting around waiting to be installed and I intend to get cracking on it tomorrow. On that list are some other games as well; Deus Ex, Fallout 1&2 (played but never beaten), Morrowind, the list will continue to grow. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to post them. My blogs get a strangely high amount of traffic but no comments =/

On a semi related note. I've made it a life goal to watch the top 250 imdb movies. I'm currently on The good, the bad and the ugly. A ways to go, but there's worse things I could be doing I guess.

So onto Reach. It's fun, competitive, hilarious, and it reminds me of playing Halo 2 with my RL friends back in the day. It's matchmaking system is now more in depth than ever and it accomplishes something that few MM systems accomplish. It actually gives players what they want. They do this by letting the players control the social parameters of the MM search. For example, change your preference to 'chatty' and you'll get into a lobby where damn near everyone has a mic and is talking it up. Change it to the opposite and you'll rarely see someone with a mic even plugged in. It's a fairly simple concept tbh, but it's game changing.

And the community! God, it's refreshing as hell from Modern Failure 2 where everyone likes to talk about how big there dick is or whatever. In Halo... people actually aren't dicks to each other. Now this IS a relative term. We're talking about multiplayer gaming on the internet. Dickery abounds of course, but it's different. I went back to Halo expecting ya know the stereotypical 12 year olds screaming in my ear, but it wasn't the case. In fact, I have yet to encounter a 'squeeker', as my friend Steven calls them. And in general, there's just not as much trash talk.

When it comes to game mechanics, Halo has CoD trumped on every level. Let me put it this way, I'll name off the top of my head everything that annoys me, and most people, about MW2-

Newb tubes
Hearbeat Sensors
Shotgun Secondaries
Last Stand
Super powerful killstreaks.

That's just off the top of my head. Things that annoy me in Halo...... are yet to be seen I guess. You see, in CoD, there's a lack of control. Sometimes you're just not in control of whether you die or not. Sometimes there's no hiding from an AC130 or a Chopper gunner. Sometimes there's NO escaping that 'tube from spawn to spawn. Sometimes the guy has painkiller and it takes 3x the number of bullets to kill him. Sometimes you shoot a guy in the head 3 times and he drops into Last/Final stand and kills you. Sometimes a random 'nade will land near you and explode a second later. Sometimes your connection will be bad and you'll get commando teleport knifed in 1 frame of movement.

These are things you CANNOT stop. When you get killed in Halo, it's because you were, on some level, out played. It's your fault, you weren't good enough, the other guy was. In Halo when you die you have no one to blame but yourself. I like this concept. I like that I get the chance to win an engagements on my own merit.

Now, people may try to draw parallels to MW2. So lets explain a bit deeper. In MW2 you round a corner and see 2 guys looking at you. What do you do? Draw down on them and try to kill them both? 90% of the time, boom, you're dead after only winging or killing one of them. In Reach or Halo in general, you come around a corner and see 2 enemies looking your way. What do you? You do simple math. 2>1. You take some shots on your shields, but you disengage and begin working around the map to get to better position to re-engage.

Now sure, if you had a headset in MW2 you might of heard those two baddies around the corner, but that IS NOT a good thing for the game. If I go out and buy a game, I should be given the exact same tools to work with as any other player. I shouldn't have to worry about having to buy a 60 dollar headset or an HD TV (You ever try seeing people at long range on an SD TV in MW2? Brrrrrrrrr) to be competitive. People should not be able to have what really is a cheap edge over another player. Halo doesn't do this. Everyone has the same tool kit, and it's about who uses them the best. In MW2, it's about who has the best tools in the best combination. See, there's something to be said about simplicity in games. In a simple game, it's purely about YOUR skill. In complicated games, it's about stacking the cards your way to make it easier for you.

For example, in MW2, if I have say a FAMAS with Stopping Power I will be FAAAAR more effective than if I have an MP5K with Danger Close. Now some of you may say 'well yeah, duh' but look at it a bit broader. A competitive game is all about balance right? Everything has to be balanced or there is something that can be exploited for an unfair advantage. In Halo, all guns are created equal. No gun is better than another. In MW2, this is not true. Some guns are simply better than others. THIS IS NOT BALANCED GAMEPLAY.

So anyway, Reach > MW2. Anyone who says otherwise is a blinkered fanboy.

Oh and Forge, have you seen this shit? People have already done amazing things in Halo 3, and now Bungie has basically taken that system and expanded it. And guess what? Unlike IW or Failarch, Bungie can actually expand their genre WITHOUT RUINING IT. WHO'D A THUNK IT?

So the Delta Event is drawing to a close. Looks like MW2 NA will take 3rd place. Not bad for a section that dropped out of the running weeks ago. But this highlights something I've been kicking myself about. I knew I knew better lol and that I should of gone with my gut instinct in the beginning, that no good would come of it.

Now I know that I've covered this topic pretty exhaustively in previous installments, but if there's one thing I like it's tooting my own horn and talking about how right I am about everything forever. In this last Delta challenge, only 2 sections took part. 2 out of 7. The people running the event have proven that they can't even get half the sections under them to compete all the way through what was supposed to be a fun competition. Now, you could say this was due to there being no possible way for any section to snag 1st place now that the MW2 EU section has such a commanding lead. I think it comes down to the event's design. It was never competitive. Ever. There wasn't ever a reason to compete as every section but one was blown out of the water by a week in. So why bother?

So yeah, not all the sections competed in this last event, 'for whatever reason', and now the idea of a second Delta event sounds more like a threat than a promise. I hope that in this new 'edition', many things are changed. I'm not the only one who through this last one was a joke, and I think the results go to prove that it ultimately failed. While this is just my opinion, that's fine, mine is the only one that matters to me.

And if you think about it I guess, it's not the competition that's failed. The competition was sound in design enough. Maybe it was the way it was ran, or the people that ran it. But I find it wholly unsatisfying that something that went under as much as this even has is being considered a success. With none of the sections even coming close to being competitive, and many just saying screw it all together, this 'competition' lacks the competitive part. And are you going to blame it on the sections? It's not the sections fault that they didn't find the competition fun enough to participate it. It's their job to HAVE FUN. And I guess this wasn't enough fun to warrant participation in the end.

And once again, I understand the hard work that's gone into this. But it's equally important to recognize failure as it is to recognize success. And there's also the fact that there were little if no changes made to the competition when it started going under. Bush league stuff in my opinion.

So that is all. If anyone muscled through another poorly written block of text by me, you deserve commendation.


(Oh yeah and this is the last time you'll hear me talk about Delta, that horse has been beaten to death, then beaten more so it resembles life, then finally beaten into dust. Damn. I need new topics.)
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  1. Old
    I've been spawn killed more times in Reach already than I ever was in MW2. Just for the record.
    Posted 09-21-2010 at 11:40 AM by
  2. Old
    Then you are a freak. Freak.
    Posted 09-22-2010 at 04:52 PM by WNxProphecy WNxProphecy is offline
  3. Old
    WNxExile's Avatar
    I will second Math's point, as I play Swat alot.

    Also, I agree with your point on headsets in MW2. I have one, and it puts me at a DISTINCT advantage over everyone else, and you cant use certain perks because other people have headsets, making you heard from a mile off. It would be best if all footsteps were silent.
    Posted 09-22-2010 at 05:01 PM by WNxExile WNxExile is offline
  4. Old
    Yeah SWAT can get pretty recockulous from time to time for sure.
    Posted 09-25-2010 at 12:57 PM by WNxProphecy WNxProphecy is offline

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