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Journal Blog 6, a-herping and a-derping in the RL

Posted 11-22-2010 at 05:05 AM by WNxProphecy
That's right ladies and gentlemen and gentlemen pretending to be ladies, it's that time. And by that time I mean 3:29 AM, and I can't sleep.

AKA, blog time.

My life's been rolling right along. I finally got my GED test done so I can, you know, get a real job and stuff. I averaged a 84% across all my test scores, and according to the GED test I scored in the top 5% of all the people that have taken the GED in 2010. I guess that's pretty baller. I mean, not as baller as passing highschool with a 3.4 GPA, but hey, I never said I was smart. Just clever and unmotivated.

So lot's of things are happening because of the above. I'm applying for a job in the morning. It pays a very good salary and you can also earn commission. It's a pretty sweet deal, and I'm basically 100% assured to get the job as I have 3 friends that work there already, and one of them is a manager. The job is debt collection over the phone, so pay your damn bills or you may be getting a call from me.

I'm also finally getting a new phone for those of you that have my number. It's an iPhone, which is kind of funny because I used to rag on people that had one and didn't need it. I mean, it doesn't make sense to me, being the poor kid I am, to carry something that expensive around in your pocket all the time. But hey, it's only going to cost 20$, so I can't argue.

My sister also moved back in with me and my family today, well I guess yesterday now. This is probably going to cut in on my gaming time a bit as I usually game at night and she has two children.

But what the hell, compared to how I used to be, I almost NEVER play games now. I've gotten bored of Reach. I mean, Reach is a good game, but the activity in the forum is basically dead. I mean shit, the MW2 forum has more activity than it. What kept me playing MW2 and what made me want to play CoD4 soooo much were the people I gamed with. Well, I just don't feel that pull anymore to game with section mates. I dunno if that's the sections fault, or me just moving on from gaming as much as I used to. Or a combination of both. I do know this though, the major has yet to respond to a simple question I asked him 11 days ago. Bad form imo.

But I guess as far as gaming goes I've still been doing it in little spurts. I GameFly'd both of the old Star Wars Battlefront games. They're pretty fun and I describe them as the Guitar Hero of shooting games. It's simple, arcadey, and fun. I've also downloaded a game called Mount&Blade: Warband, the newest version of the game Mount&Blade. It's pretty awesome. It's like a mix of the Total War series (Moving around the map, although it's not turn based, and the army building is similar), Romance of the Three Kingdoms (for the political system) and Oblivion (the combat is similar.) You basically get thrown into this fairly large world with 5 battling fictional dark age empires. There's the Swadians, who specialize in heavy armor, the Nords, foot troops, Rhodoks, also foot troops, Sarranids, think crusade era middle east, the Khergits, mongolian calvary, and the Vaegirs, who are like vikings. You get to do whatever you want to in the game, but the core idea is to amass an army and fuck shit up. What I've done so far is swear vassalage to the Swadians, and have since then taken control of two towns and a castle. Combat is in either first or third person, and you can have epic battles depending on the size of your army. Each force starts with a max of 150 or 200 soldiers on the field and if you have more they reinforce as needed. While it's extremely rare for one person or NPC to have a force this big, many times you will be joining your allies in combat or vice versa. Then it starts to get pretty big. Where you fight matters too. While the world map may seem superficial, you have to think before you run down some mountain bandits with heavy calvary, because it will spawn you in horribly hilly terrain, and horses going up hill go slooooooooooooow.

There's also castle sieges, which are fun but tedious. In a normal battle in the field, the battle will continue until you take out an entire retinue of the enemy force, then pause and ask what you want to do next, like retreat, or send in troops without your guidance to attack (NEVER DO THIS, YOU LOOSE ABOUT DOUBLE THE TROOPS). But in sieges it's one loooooong battle. The last one I was in I was defending a castle with 120 men against 300+. It took around 30 minutes. I won, but I also lost 30 minutes of my life.

There's also a custom battle and multiplayer function. I have yet to play it online, so no thoughts there.

Finally, I should be getting Black Ops soon. I'm looking forward to it. It looks pretty balanced and Treyarch is already talking about releasing balancing patches, which is something CoD always has lacked. For a loooong time it seemed like Infinity Ward was better at making games, but Treyarch had much better post release support and community support. It seems though that they finally got it right with Blops. I've heard that it's the best CoD ever, and being the CoD4 fanboy that I am, I look forward to testing that theory.

Hell, as long as it's not MW2, right? xD

Well that's it I guess. Oh yeah, I got promoted to Interviewer. I've already interviewed WNxFrozenSoldier for his MoTM award. You can read it and rub your rep all over me [URL="http://warriornation.net/Forum/showthread.php?t=621874"]here[/URL]. I also have an interview with WNxDrMath coming up covering his promotion to BG. That should also be a good read. Look for it before the end of the week, being conservative.

That's it and that's all folks. Imma go re-read The Golden Globe and try to fall asleep.

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