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Hacking Happiness, Part 2

Posted 10-18-2012 at 02:10 AM by WNxProphecy
[URL="http://warriornation.net/Forum/blog.php?b=1284"]Before reading this, please read the first part of this blog.[/URL]

Finally, we have to take a 180 from well defined accomplish-able goals and turn to the abstract. Remember framing? ... Oh, framing, you crazy concept you. * preparatory sight*

Framing is the mindset you assume in a given situation. Most people let the situation dictate the frame. This is the passive, idle mindset. For example, you trip and fall and get some scrapes. Most peoples default frame is negative. God dammit I fell! Why am I so clumsy? Why didn't I see that whatever it was? If your default frame was positive, you'd see yourself as lucky. People die from stupid falls all the time. Slip wrong and hit your head and boom, that's your life's ~fin~ sigh. But fuck that situation controlling the frame, we're here to evolve into better people dammit!

Control the frame. Be positive. Sound silly? Sound impossible? I will give you the biggest example of this from my life. My dad died. It was the best thing he'd ever done for me. All the lessons he tried to teach me about being a man finally sunk in and I learned so much. He died at 55 from an over dose of legally prescribed pills as a result of OVERdosing himself and running out early, the resulting detox being so brutal that when he got his pills back the prescribed amount just.... killed him. If I can frame that positively, you can probably frame shit positively. How about some more day to day examples? Having to pick up a shift at work where I literally get 3 hours of sleep? A chance to show I'm dedicated to my job and show my value as a worker. Having to watch my sisters kids for a couple days because of fall break? This allows me time to bond with them, gives my sister the time to work, and keeps her from having to rely on her ex to watch them. Frame positively folks.

So lets wrap up. What's the tl;dr of all this?

1. Take the right actions everyday to become a better person in some way.
2. Be willing to put forth effort. Do not balk at challenges, do not give yourself time to admire the suck, just get it done.
3. Frame as much as you can positively. You will not always be successful, but you can shoot for it.

Myself and several friends have all tried to adopt this philosophy. While we all fall short of it's total embodiment, it has improved our lives, and fixed many of our problems. It can work for you too.

Have a good night readers, leave me a question in a comment if you want and I'll try to get to it. I truly believe that if you have the willpower to put forth effort and the patience to let that effort pay off, anything is possible.

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