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[B][I][FONT="Trebuchet MS"]Hey everyone. I'm Horizon, Hori, or just David and I've been a WN member for over 5 years now and I've seen a lot of changes, throughout a variety of positions, ranks and structures and have made a good deal of friends. I'd like to say I've got the experience to talk on topics with some authority.

I bring you this blog to talk about unique things, new ideas and maybe bring highlight to things you might not have thought about before.

So yes, I hope you find this interesting. Other than that, keep gaming / trolling / lurking / working.

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Warning Signs.

Posted 10-03-2011 at 06:33 AM by WNxHorizon
[I]It seems that WN is undergoing something of a decline again, in terms of rollcall at the very least. I've seen this happen before and it was not a pretty time in the story of WN.

There's a certain number of signs that come with this.

1. Obviously the [COLOR="orange"]decline in rollcall [/COLOR]and active users. We went down by over 100 members in September, and our active user count has decreased further (currently 1,679 members), so it indicates that it may go down again.

2. [COLOR="Orange"]Increased frustration with the administration[/COLOR], regardless of whether it is justified or unjustified. Admins always get stick, quite often unfairly but it seems that in these times, there's a growing number of grievances across members of the clan. I remember last time this happened (Autumn '09) every other thread in the CD was a rant about the failings of the clan. We haven't got that far yet and let's hope we don't.

3. [COLOR="Orange"]Turnover.[/COLOR] It's really quite high at the moment, and people are struggling to fill their departments with both quality AND stability. It's no good having one or the other, because then either it's just a temporary fix or an inapproriate use of resources.

4. [COLOR="orange"]Less initative[/COLOR]. Perhaps harder to quantify, there have been not all that many new ideas come out from WN members in recent times. Things are staying for the most part with the tried and tested methods, with the exception of the Empire System, although this is still under trial and I think it is fair to say it has both its fierce critics and staunch supporters.

Hopefully this is just a temporary thing. I'm sure that as BF3 and MW3 enter the clan, along with other upcoming releases, Development will be able to have a strong upcoming 6 months, make these releases last and focus on some smaller more unique games.

I just think we should be wary of current times so we don't see allow ourselves to drop down so far.

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