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Posted 12-05-2008 at 01:25 PM by WNxSajuukCor
Updated 12-05-2008 at 02:18 PM by WNxSajuukCor
Hm, new blog feature. Seems cozy. They've been out for a while now though I've yet thought of an area to discuss in said blogs, but over the past couple days I thought maybe getting an insight into the cog mechanics of an admin of WN might be interesting to some. Might bore others, but oh well.

The topic title today is conflict. Conflict is all around us even if you don't see it for yourself. Conflicts about work, about school, about money and payments and shopping. To us here in WN, conflict is more abound than one might think, yet it's more stable in other areas. Normally people don't see conflict or just normally pass it by. But for some of us, we're neck deep in it trying to keep the machine working. The Majors and GMs and Captains/Honor Guards, the MPs/RGs all the way to the admins of WN keep things in check for all to be happy.

Now I'm reminded of a quote I recently heard, which is:

"What would you do if justice failed to stand up against evil? Will you admit your justice has succumbed to the evil and admit defeat, or will you become evil yourself?"
It's a paradox question that no matter what answer you give evil still stays in the world. I like to think of that sometimes when I have to do things around here in WN. Sometimes things you do and say in this environment can be taken in the wrong light, or when you have to do things you don't like but have to for the greater good of the members. My time here in WN, which will be five years next month, has taught me that no matter the conflict that arises or the actions that must be taken in certain areas there will always be conflict. Things that might be good for the section might not be good for certain members. Things that might be needed to take action against could complicate things down the road in relations.

It is this conflict that is the most notable on forums and clans. The conflict of one idea against the other and the two parting ways over it. In our terms, that usually means changing Primaries or requesting an HD. So how does one handle those situations knowing where ideas and suggestions that you bring to the table for the greater good of the section could lead to members leaving sections or quiting WN in general? The short answer: you can't. The longer answer lies in the ability to heal through things that you think are larger conflicts than they're really are. No decisions are made and ideas created to be malicious toward anyone, and the things needed to be done at times while seemingly large and "life changing" for some, we only have the best interest for the members of WN. Without the members we are nothing. I consider members of WN family, and while sometimes family members fight over conflicts we all can learn to heal and realize we're all here to have fun. While sometimes we do have to change things we do it for you, the member.

Hope you like the beginnings of this blog, will try to keep it updated on a weekly bases.
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