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Chronicles of an AssTroll I

Posted 12-04-2011 at 09:29 AM by WNxRip
Todays victims are (Gamertags):
AiiM ExTRemez
Jason minn

Their crime:
Trying to raise their K/D ratio/complete weapon challenges on MW3 by using ******** insertions and just headshotting one another

Secondary crime:
Telling me my account will get hacked if I keep joining their game to ruin their cheating

No they're not WNx. This is a new blog that i'm doing where I catalogue any trolling ingame I do (as in bugging the hell out of certain noobs)

Started off on a game of basic TDMatch on Seatown, I hear ******** insertions going because of my turtle beaches but I don't think much of it.
End of the game I realise Jason minn has a 27-0 kill death ratio.
At that point I realise whats going on.

Next game I see that they're trying it again, so I drop a predator missile on their head and kill the enemy player in as many different ways as possible.
6 games later they give up and go to hardcore TDM so I can't see on the radar where they're hiding/the guy on my team can kill me to get rid of me.
Doesn't work, I switch to support and get UAV's to see where my guy is. chuck a grenade and they both die.
Great thing about hardcore TDM is that I can also destroy my teamates ******** insertion and stop them that way.

Result: 3 hours later they go do 1v1 quickscope and beg me to join, if they beat me I leave them alone. I refuse.
Lowered my own kill death by about 0.1 but they were averaging about 5 kills to 30 deaths per game after I started ruining their cheating/boosting.

And thats all for this blog.
Hope you like the pun in the title and hope you enjoyed reading.

Motto: Success is measured in rage. Yours or your enemies

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