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My new Game

Posted 10-12-2009 at 02:34 PM by WNxShiftea
At the weekend I was slightly bored. Well sometimes you are. That does not really just say that I am a boring person.

Anyway I am getting slightly fustrated with some of the games I have. I wanted something that would take my mind off Achievments and having to scrounge around making sure I got a certain number of headshots. I wanted a pure game.

Lego Batman- The video game

I purchased this. Quite frankly I love it and so does my little sister.The plot is based on the comic book characters, and though it does have some nods towards the movies, it doesn't make fun of any well-known scenes, so the humor relies on predictable slapstick instead of spoofing moments ingrained in popular culture.

You start as Batman and Robin, you successfully thwart Gotham's angriest individuals as they attempt to steal riches, unleash a flock of gun-toting penguins, or put a permanent smile on the populace's face with laughing gas.

So far so good

Issue two coming soon =)
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  1. Old
    The only LEGO game I ever played was Rock Raiders. It was one hell of a game, but a bit hard (I was 9 though :)). It was some sort of RTS, but you got the chance of controlling individual units in first-person perspective. A neat feature I say.

    From my scarce knowledge, the LEGO games are good, always entertaining. Glad you liked your purchase. It's always nice when you realise your money wasn't wasted ;).
    Posted 10-25-2009 at 06:54 AM by
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