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Posted 01-06-2011 at 10:24 AM by WNxFallen
Updated 01-06-2011 at 11:08 AM by WNxFallen
Is being labeled as a "gamer" a bad thing in today's world? I see that tag tossed around more and more, and it seems like it's losing a lot of the negative connotation behind it. Don't get me wrong, it's still carries some negatives, but a lot less than it used to.

If you said "He's a gamer" to someone 5 or 10 years ago, they would immediately picture a male shut in with glasses, acne, either skinny as hell or a blimp, unkempt hair, went to bed at 6 am, slept until...
Tags: gamers, gaming
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What is with people?!

Posted 12-27-2010 at 02:16 PM by WNxFallen
Updated 12-27-2010 at 02:21 PM by WNxFallen
I used to frequent the official League of Legends forums; and when I say frequent, I mean I was there nearly 75% of the time I was at work. They were fun, engaging forums with a lot of interaction from Riot and members of their team.

That was about 3 months ago; flash forward to the present day. Their forums are full of e-crap and people whining about this and that, nitpicking every little thing about the game, insulting each other, and just general asshatery. What happened...?!...
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Cave of LAG!!!

Posted 10-12-2010 at 02:18 AM by WNxTechYes
I died today.... I lost my 5.5m wolf mask, and almost 1.5m worth of fishing bait!!!....
I had to trade my blue drag. mask for a wolf mask + cash to equal out... And I think the person who did it is going to regret it in the near future, because wolf masks are about to go up up up! (just a premonition)

GUESS wHAT! when I died - i was 4k from 98 fish, and now that I've spent a few hours in w2, And am back to fishing: I got this:

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Cave of Wonders

Posted 10-10-2010 at 05:37 PM by WNxTechYes
Updated 10-11-2010 at 04:06 AM by WNxTechYes
I have moved from the Fishing Colony, where I would fish monkfish, to the Living Rock Caverns, where 90% of everyone in world 84 is fishing or mining or slaying rock monsters. I am fishing for rocktails, which yield me 40k XP per hour, and if that wasn't good enough - each fish is worth over 2k gold :) Since every one I catch is 380 exp, I currently have 5,300 fish to catch until I get 99 fishing! OH, By the way - I got THIS a few days ago:

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Level 96 Fishing

Posted 10-05-2010 at 08:00 PM by WNxTechYes

WOOT. Now I only have 1million xp for this level, 1.2m for the next, and then the home stretch of 1.4 million until I can do OTHER stuff!! I'll have a Fancy Fishing Cape!!! I'll be rolling in piles of gold, and I'll be able to fund my next skilling adventure. Although, I might just decide to do combat for a little while after fishing, maybe work on a few of my lower skills, at least get...
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Level 95

Posted 09-30-2010 at 08:16 PM by WNxTechYes

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Level 94 ALREADY!!

Posted 09-27-2010 at 08:28 PM by WNxTechYes
I pulled another fucking 24 hour shift.
GF life....

My mother's pissed off at me
I'm depressed

but at least I got this.


But.. crap now I have this:


Have a good day, people of this place.
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Posted 09-27-2010 at 01:18 AM by WNxTechYes
I woke up at 5 PM today... Got up, and, as usual... got on my computer.
I find that I'm getting somewhere between 200k and 300k experience per day, which is good. This means that.. hmm...
[FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=4]
::::::::::::::::::Skilling News:::::::::::::::::[/SIZE][/FONT]

I get about 30k exp per hour, [total of 180 hours to go before 99 fishing off monkfish] given about 7-12 hours a day (I know, right?).
It will take me about 20 days...
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Level 93 =3

Posted 09-26-2010 at 12:59 AM by WNxTechYes

I just had a huge post typed up and pics and everything, and I accidentally closed it.

I got owned.

so fuck it... FUCK my life... [IMG]http://i1009.photobucket.com/albums/af218/Orion73/level93fishing.png[/IMG]


fuckin blog........
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The Half Way Point

Posted 09-23-2010 at 05:18 AM by WNxTechYes

That's right fother muckers! I hit the half way point, and I'm god damn proud to have done it from 78 in a week and 3 or.. 4 days... I don't really know, see, because I've been doin just about nothing but fishing in runescape and posting nonsense in the forums for the whole time... IDK wtf time I started, or what day... but I know I'm doing it!!!!

That's all that matters...
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