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Posted 01-06-2011 at 10:24 AM by WNxFallen
Updated 01-06-2011 at 11:08 AM by WNxFallen
Is being labeled as a "gamer" a bad thing in today's world? I see that tag tossed around more and more, and it seems like it's losing a lot of the negative connotation behind it. Don't get me wrong, it's still carries some negatives, but a lot less than it used to.

If you said "He's a gamer" to someone 5 or 10 years ago, they would immediately picture a male shut in with glasses, acne, either skinny as hell or a blimp, unkempt hair, went to bed at 6 am, slept until 2 pm, and then did it all again. Or at least something close to that. Granted, there were a lot of people who called themselves "gamers" who lived/looked like that, but not everyone who was a "gamer" did.

But, now you say "gamer" and the same person who envisioned the above person may get a different picture, or they just may not even try. There's so many people, and so many different types of people, who call themselves "gamers," that people are [hopefully] starting to realize that "normal" people can be "gamers" too. They might even classify themselves as "gamers" now, even though they wouldn't have thought of it 10 years ago.

And why is that? Because "gamer" is no longer just a term for those hardcore players who eat, sleep, and drink gaming. Nor is it so negative, and you aren't shunned from society for spending time on video games. Now, a "gamer" can be anyone really, though most add adjectives like "hardcore" or "casual" to further describe their "gamer" status. Sure, some keep to the old routine of gaming all night, sleeping all day, but most of those either add "pro" or "hardcore" to their "gamer" moniker.

You will always have the people, mostly parents, who dread the title "gamer", especially if it's used to describe their kids. But, the fear of someone you know being a "gamer" is no longer as bad as it was 10 years ago, and we are steadily becoming part of today's society, no longer the complete and total outcasts. Hopefully in the next 10 years, pro-gaming will completely take off, and then being a "gamer" will be just as cool as being a starting Quarterback for your high school football team.
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  1. Old
    WNxLittleRage's Avatar
    Maybe it all changed when the ladies started playing.
    I promise you that the reason 700k people play halo every night is because there are four girls playing.

    ..I've never considered myself a major gamer since I usually have other things going on in my life.
    But, I have noticed lately that my xfire hours say other wise.

    As for the parents..My mom is in love with those little facebook games and I bought her the Kinect for Christmas.

    The word "gamer" doesn't mean anything anymore.
    ..Because everyone has something electronic in their pocket these days.
    Everywhere you look, someone is playing some sort of game.
    Posted 01-06-2011 at 03:07 PM by WNxLittleRage WNxLittleRage is offline
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    Lol at the Halo thing God, I remember having Halo parties in my parents' basement... 4 TV's, 16 people playing, 20+ others watching, shitloads of pizza's and soda, and ethernet cables all over the place. Now those were the days

    Best part is, hardly anyone who played called themselves a gamer, and they were better than me! And they'd always ask in a somewhat joking manor how much of a gamer I was. Was fun... But yea, my mom really loves the Wii and they play that a lot.

    I'll agree that gamer doesn't mean much, but there's still some meaning behind it. To some it's a good meaning, to some it's still a bad meaning. Hopefully that bad part gets wiped out soon
    Posted 01-07-2011 at 12:11 PM by WNxFallen WNxFallen is offline
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    I do think that the term "gamer" still carries a negative connotation. It's a stereotype that has a set in stone mold that is hard to shatter.

    I often find myself in a very interesting situation, in that I would classify myself as a "jock" so much more than a gamer. I've played sports and stayed active all my life, and that's what I'm known for. Friends and family know that I do enjoy playing video games, but they don't know that I participate in communities much like this one where I share my passions and interests. The fact that I have played some games professionally presents an even more cautious scenario when talking about gaming with people in real-life. Gaming happens to be something I've always been very good at, but it just doesn't fit with the style of how people see me in life.

    As it is now, I just don't mention that I really game. Does that make me a wimp that I won't admit it? Perhaps... But in a world where smearing someones name is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse and a couple of strokes on the keyboard, I'm taking all the precautions that I can.
    Posted 01-20-2011 at 01:28 AM by
  4. Old
    Wimp! Just kidding

    I do agree that it still has a negative connotation, but it's becoming less and less negative as we become more technological and advanced. I'm much like you in that I have always been a sports nut and play sports nearly any chance I can, but I also tell people that I'm big into video games. If someone asked me to describe myself, I would have to say that I love to play sports and video games, because that's who I am and I shouldn't be ashamed of it. People can condemn me for one or the other (or both), but oh well.

    My family knows that I game (obviously), but I do have problems sometimes telling them that I participate in communities like this. I guess I can feel with you on that subject My wife knows, and my gf before her knew (we broke up because of a GuildWars fansite I ran, more or less), and a few of my family knows, but other than that I keep it more to myself. Not sure why I feel that way, but I guess I can see where you come from with your points

    I'm not worried about how people see me (other than family and close friends). If some random person asked me what I do for a job, and I say I'm a computer programmer, I get a look like I'm crazy. I'm not "built like most other computer programmers" that they know. But what they know about computer programmers are from movies and hollywood, where they're fat slobs more often than not. There are very few people where I work that "look like a typical programmer". True, there's a few that are overweight, and a few that have the coke-bottle glasses and the highwater pants, but those are quite few and far between.

    What I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't care too much what people think; true, family is almost always going to be an exception to that rule, but if they feel "ashamed" or something because you're a gamer, then they're not exactly the most supportive people around. Same thing with your friends; they don't like it, tough shit. Tell them you're a gamer, and tell them you hang out at places like this. My wife thinks I'm a geek, but she loves that about me. I'm sure your friends and family feel the same way.
    Posted 01-20-2011 at 11:24 AM by WNxFallen WNxFallen is offline

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