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The Blog System

Posted 11-28-2008 at 12:54 PM by WNxDavott
Yo Ladies and germs,

As you can see, I havent really posted to my blog for a while. Been very busy with school and VAT and BO but I thought it was about time someone brought out a little review of the blog system!.

So Whats Happened?

In case you are blind, the Blog system has gone very quiet with only a few people ever posting a blog. Which is a shame. The hope was that loads of people would be active, posting new, informative, funny blogs up and would keep getting new posts etc. It hasnt hapened.

I reckon this has a few reasons:
  1. We are a GAMING clan
  2. Most blogs get very few views/comments
  3. There isnt much to read so other people dont get into it
  4. People arent funny. Especially me.

Best Blogs

Shamans Cave - Not extremely informative but very interesting to see stuff about the Runescape section. Worth a look. ***

Wakkos World - A list of all the updates to happen after the big update! With all the features as well. ***

WNxBlitzWarTank - He is keeping a track on all his graphics work. Very talented and looks awesome. Shame about the shortness **

Why has gaming been twisted? - WNxZiggurat has posted an awesome entry up about the way people think stuff sucks. Well worth a read ****

Left 4 Dead- First Impressions - WNxDJ Speaks his mind about L4D, the latest game by Valve. Everyones been waiting for it so does it live up to expectations? ****

WNxFireWraith - FW is keeping up with the latest big game updates and also there is a very funny post on Warhammer. I suggest you go have a look and subscribe*****

Whats to come?

I have a few ideas cooking in my head:
  1. CoD:WaW - 1 Month On
  2. Co-Op Fun, CoDWaW
  3. Teamspeak vs Ventrilo
  4. VAT goes all out!
  5. Crikey, A free game?

Feel free to comment and tell me what to do Hope you enjoyed this short update. Love or hate, this blog system is hopefully here to stay

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  1. Old
    WNxFatality's Avatar
    I just ain't really had time to think of something original and entertaining to post on mine yet, but I hope to soon.

    Teamspeak vs Ventrilo would be a good one, because it would be a complete and utter annihilation unless those who comment have never tried ventrilo , or the main commenter is yours truly xD.
    Posted 11-29-2008 at 03:18 PM by WNxFatality WNxFatality is offline
  2. Old
    I really like the new bloggin area. I think it's awesom and will become a great tool for those of us that use it. I think as we get some solid blogs going - more people will begin to use it. Just takes a few good folks to get the rest of Th Nation on boad.

    I've started mine - it's about the Playstation 3 here in WN and how the daily news affects us, including reviews, previews, events, and monthly section highlights.
    Posted 12-02-2008 at 08:53 PM by
  3. Old
    such a shame no one uses the system though..

    oh, and we all know that ventilo wins hands down over TS
    Posted 12-06-2008 at 06:18 PM by
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