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Battle Ops Gameplan. Worth A Read?

Posted 11-21-2008 at 03:25 PM by WNxDavott
Updated 01-08-2009 at 11:30 AM by WNxDavott
Hello and welcome to my third blog post. Today I will be discussing and making general comments on Battle Ops' new GamePlan. For those who havent seen it, Heres the link : http://warriornation.net/Forum/showthread.php?t=471895.

Or you can simply go here : Game Plan V2

So, What is this Game Plan?

Well, Recently, BO has been going through a LOT of changes. We have the competitions feature and SCG's to play with whilst also re-evaluating and re-building the whole department. As stated in the Game Plan, Competetive Gaming has been given up as a standalone project but instead has been embraced by the whole of BO. This is a huge change and has/will need a lot of hard work to pull off. So I am going to have a look at some of the main points and give you a few more ideas on whats really going on inside DaPopes head... no leaking of course

S . C . G

1 Commissioner dedicated as primary for handling all SCG issues, with the BG, Colonel, and additional Comm and genre Comm supports. The Commissioner will collect the weekly reports and also process new teams wishing to start up. Coordinating with the BG/Colonel to ensure the forums are up to date and accurate. They will also work with Dev if the team grows large enough to become an established section.
Now, this has got to be one of the most exciting projects to befall any member of our nation. Run by WNxChaosByWind, this is going to be very big. Unfortunately, I cant tell you much more than that or it would be a LEAK. Although, from the statement we can gather that this will involve teams with an overseeing commissioner. What could these teams be doing? well, thats up to your imagination

Utility and R&R

- Utility Players
We all know there is a high turnover with Commissioners and often players are chosen purely to fill a position, not because they are the best candidate. I would like to suggest that Smack/Alliance commissioners can be Utility or "fill in" Comms to help out, so that a Genre Colonel doesn't feel pressured to have to constantly find replacements. It would also allow Smack/Alliance Comms to stay active, expand their knowledge base, get to work with other Colonels, and get to know more sections in WNx. After all Comms are Colonels in training.

- Comm R&R
I remember as a Comm getting burned out and just wanting to take a break, get some fresh air, try some new ideas, or just do something different. I think allowing us to keep experienced Comms, but giving them some fresh, new, and different challenges would help keep the talent, keep them learning and growing, and help keep the base fresh. Say WNxFPS is just starting to lose interest, he express that, but you don't know what to do, or where he can go. You could request that he joins the SmackCrew. Where he'll be giving some different duties, goals, objective, and something fresh. Also he would gain more exp in all aspects of BO and Alliance knowledge and skills. Hopefully we could tag out one person in exchange or maybe allow them to multi task for a while. I'd like to keep 1 spot available per genre, they would be empty unless being directly used.
Now, these are certainly some interesting ideas and proposals. Firstly, Utility players are going to be very interesting with these Commissioners having an advanced workload, looking after BO captains and their own project. Currently CbW and Step07mar are these utility players. Will be interesting to see how it pans out.

Secondly, this idea of R&R. Comms swap.ping positions and taking on different roles. I like how WNxFPS was mentioned considering I am the only current veteran FPS Commie Again, this idea of multi-tasking comes in and also these swaps could become confusing for the BO captains below. Fortunately, these 2 ideas will not affect the general public so I guess you can forget about them and let us do the worrying and wondering.

Sections that do nominate some one for BO, the candidate must be approved by the GL and submit an application. At that point the candidate must meet with a Commissioner and/or Genre Colonel for an interview on Xfire or ICQ, and also on TS/Ventrillo (this can be observed while they are in game leading). If they do not have these basic tools they will be declined or if they show a major flaw/problem the Commissioner may reject the applicant at that time. Approximate time for applications form submitting to approved/denied will be 1 week.
This is a bit thats very interesting for you aspiring BO captains. Battle Ops has upped its requirements. We will no longer be accepting those captains interested only in Screenshot competitions and fun nights. We will need competent, effective captains to show everyone what BO can do. As mentioned, if you are to be the next BO captain then you will need to have a nice meeting with a Colonel or Commissioner. Oh so fun. We dont bite. Honestly..... . You will also need to be competent on a VOIP and xfire. This ensures you have the basic platrform to be great! Dont like it? Then become an FO captain where you dont have fire-breathing commies looking over you. Fortunately we arent cannibals...

Final Thoughts

If you havent already, go check out the full game plan in Clan Discussion. Some more parts that are very interesting to read. Just a conclusion from my perspective, Battle Ops is rising fast to complete is goals of turning round the department and providing sections with competetive gaming. With DaPope at the healm this surely cant go wrong. Well, lets wait and see. Its going to be a very interesting ride...

-Davott Address
(Disclaimer: This release may contain nuts)

P.S Meet the Battle Ops Alpacas....

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