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And, so... it begins.

Posted 01-08-2009 at 12:13 PM by WNxHollow
I've written approximately 2 blogs before... ever. I can't say I'm particularly good at it, and I won't promise that I can make this interesting, or regular. However, it seems like a good place to attempt a record of the life of a BO Admin, for your amusement.

Sectionless Competitive Gaming was scrapped this month. You can go and read the full analysis if you so wish. The abridged version is simply that we couldn't test it properly and weren't sure if it would work. We didn't have the time or resources to test it again, so we had to make a snap decision on whether to keep it or leave it.

January is one of the months I go around and check alliances out across WN. It involves a few things like rosters, accounts and the diplomacy page but this month there might actually be some changes to the system entirely. We're looking at making it possible for development sections to have allies, which has not been possible up 'til now. Not because we don't want it to be possible, just because it's something we've never really considered. I'd like to thank WNxEnrage for questioning the procedure in the first place, which has spurred this discussion. I'd also like to thank the Development department for their willingness, this far, for this to proceed. A full report on the changes will hopefully be available for this month's issue of the Front Line report.

The FPS shoot-out has started, and has brought much needed activity to the competition system. However, with this increased activity, we have also, unfortunately, detected a number of new glitches in the system. We are attempting to fix or work-around these as soon as possible. Please see here for the latest information on the glitches.

There seems to be a lot of calling for BO Admins this month. I know I'm getting a lot more chatter on xfire than usual, and the workload is piling up now. Over in BO, the admins all set themselves goals for themselves and their teams each month. I set myself about eight or ten things to do this month, but it's already expanding with things that have come up! Seriously, a BO Admin's work is never done.

It's Thursday today (aren't I clever?) and I have a 3000 word assignment to start and finish by Monday. I also have to move back to Uni on Sunday so that gives me tomorrow and Saturday to write it. Having said that, I will realistically only spend Saturday doing it, as I tend to leave things to the last minute! Saturday is going to be a no-AS day for me. I've been spending hours and hours every day this week just doing AS stuff. Seriously, this must be the busiest week I've ever had as admin. Good job I'm off uni and work this week, else I'd be seriously swamped.

Still, I'll be glad when Monday's over. That's not something you usually hear, is it?
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