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WN Policies
When you registered, you clicked "I AGREE"
to the terms which included agreeing to obey these laws.

game support

New Games
  • In order for any game to be introduced into WN, it must first be approved by Development.
    • Exception: Merges with existing sections may be allowed upon agreement of supporting Admin/s.
  • It is required to obtain 10 primary members through official signups to become a section. Sections which have failed before may require more.
  • Once the section has been approved, it then has a number of months to make progress towards agreed release criteria.
  • Once membership, activity and recruitment is considered strong, the Development Department will then decide when the section will be released as a fully supported section and who the initial game leader will be.
  • Control then passes to the Major/GM of the section with Admin Support.

Existing Games
  • Games supported by WN are required to hold a minimum of primary members with an unlimited maximum.
  • Any game that falls below a certain threshold of activity will be evaluated to determine if any action is required on a case-by-case basis.
  • Any action required will be set a reasonable time frame to be completed. If the situation does not improve a game may be subject to more intensive intervention from Development or risk being shut down.
All games will be appointed an Admin Support contact for any and all assistance. They also have the authority to appoint game leaders within their supported sections.

Game Servers

WN has several ways that game servers are provided. Either directly by WN financial support or by a member solely managing the server. All members are expected to treat all members and guests on public servers with respect. No member shall flame or tease unknown members because of their skill. Keep in mind all guests are potential new recruits.

All members are required to wear their WNx tag while playing in all private and/or public WN Game Servers.

- No one with admin authority shall abuse the rights they have by banning or kicking without just cause (this includes kicking or banning as a joke). A member who hosts or pays for a dedicated server on their own is not excluded from these rules if the server is used as a WN supported server.

game servers

Primary/Secondary Game Selection.
  • You must have a primary game at all times. Eligible to earn any rank.
  • Secondary game is optional. Only rank achievable is equivalent to Private/Squire.
  • Additional games are optional and unlimited however no rank may be held and no acknowledgement will be seen on rosters.
  • Game changes result in field rank reset unless new game leader appoints otherwise.

teamspeak / ventrilo

Those who recruit new members are held accountable for walking them through the admission process of WN. You shall assist them with any introductory training and knowledge of rules or processes within the game they are recruited to. Recruiters are not to push the person off to someone else. Although anyone may also volunteer to assist.
  • Admins, Game Leaders and Engineers have the ability to approve new member accounts.


Everyone must register as a member of the forum. In compliance with COPPA new members must be at least 13 years of age or older to be admitted. All members should aim to visit the forum and post regularly and respond to any requested messages from game leaders.

signatures / avatars

Allied Clans are treated with the same respect that members of Warrior Nation™ are treated. Members of allied clans are invited to play all games that each clan supports. Allied clans will support each other in times of war and also in friendly clan vs. clan games. During clan vs. clan matches, if one clan needs members to fill their roster, members from the allied clan may participate as substitutes. Allied members are free to participate in any WNx section, game, or event that WNx supports. Allied clans will be listed on the Diplomacy page and their individual accounts can be found in section rosters.

Neutral Clans are treated with the same respect that members of Warrior Nation™ are treated. Members of neutral clans are invited to play all games that each clan supports. This is highly encouraged because the better each clan gets to know each other, the more reason to forge an alliance.

WNx members must remember their conduct in interactions with other clans still fall under WNx laws. Under no circumstances are actions to result in illegal hacking of another clan's sites, servers or channels.

- X-WN Created or X-WN dominated clans must obtain a 5 Star Generals authorization to be in alliance with Warrior Nation™

discharge from wn

Spam is a post/thread that contains irrelevant or useless information or is off-topic from the original post/forum.

Common Examples of Spam:
  • Anything that apparently is designed to increase post count only.
  • A post that is off-topic from the starter of the thread.
  • A thread that is off-topic from the forum. (Note that a thread that is off-topic to a particular forum may not be spam, some sections allow topics that really don't pertain to the game, this is somewhat accepted. If there is a thread started that is so off-topic that it just shouldn't be there, either move it, close it, or both and report it).
  • Testing things out on the forums (sigs/avas/forum features, etc) is spam, unless done in Tilly's Cantina.
  • Double posting.
  • Reviving an old, dead thread unless the response adds value and relevancy to the issue.
  • Every 1000 posts, members are allowed to post about their post counts in Tilly's. Otherwise it's spam.
  • Cross-posting (posting identical content to multiple threads).
Swearing in WN threads:

1 - Swearing in thread titles is not allowed.
2 - Swearing in posts is okay as long as:
  • It isn't directed at another member, guest or ally of Warrior Nation.
  • There isn't a section policy against it.
  • It isn't excessive.

User profiles, Social Groups & Blogs

1 - User profiles, social groups and blogs are maintained by the user and are not a violation under standard policy unless reported by the owner or group members.
2 - If reported, follow same policy for forum spam.

Other bad content

Not allowed under any circumstance.
  • Pornographic images or links to pornographic sites.
  • A verbal or graphical assault directed at another member, guest or ally of Warrior Nation.
  • Discussing or linking to illegal and malicious software, tutorials or websites.
  • Racial and prejudice slurs directed at a member, ally or guest of Warrior Nation, regardless of their parentage.

inactive accounts

Honorable Discharge

Any member resigning on good terms. This grants eligibility to return to WN in the future.
  • 30 day waiting period from the day you submit your HD scriptorium request before you can return.
  • Administrators may approve early return within a 72 hour grace period.
  • Accounts are purged from the system after 180 days.
Once your account is purged from the system you forfeit any awards or medals previously earned. The purpose of this is to free up names for future use.

Dishonorable Discharge

Any member that is banned for breaking laws or disruptive conduct. Any member resigning with after effect flaming, bad mouthing, negative or destructive behavior towards WN or its members can and will be changed from Honorable to Dishonorable status.

This disallows return to WN for a minimum period of 6 months, at which time the banned member may apply and have the Justice Department review their case. Re-admittance is by no means guaranteed and subject to a 30 day evaluation period if approved. All past awards and medals are permanently forfeited upon your dishonorable discharge and not returnable in the event you are readmitted to WN. Any current or previous member joining a clan on the enemies list will be subject to their account status being changed to Dishonorable Discharge regardless of what their WNx account was set to at the time of their departure.
  • Accounts are deleted after 90 days of inactivity.
  • Members accepted to return from guilty verdicts may not hold a rank above field for a period of 90 days.
Leave of Absence (LOA)

Any member who will be on an extended leave of absence of more than 60 days. This is generally due to military, medical, family or other real life issues that would prevent you from logging into the forums for a period of 60 to 365 days.

We purge all inactive accounts that have shown no activity for a period of 180+ days. The purpose of LOA is to protect your account from being purged (deleted) while you are on an extended leave of absence for a minimum of 60 days and a maximum of one year. After one year of inactivity your account is deleted.
  • While on LOA status you are still bound to The Law and Policies of WN and any violation can result in a change in status to Dishonorable Discharge.
  • You must have at least 30 days membership and 50 posts to qualify for LOA status.
  • Submitting an Administrative Request instantly updates your account status to and from LOA by automation.
Other information about accounts
  • Activity is measured by visiting the forum while logged into your account. You must visit and log in through the main forum home, forums, blogs, social group or profile.
  • Newly registered accounts are deleted after 10 days if they are not validated through the email confirmation process.
  • Accounts that are declined in the registration queue are immediately deleted.

Game Leaders may request up to 3 points without approval
4 points can only be requested by Adminstrators
All points remain active for 365 days

Law 1: Cheating
Min - Max = 3 - 4

Law 2: Membership & Account Responsibility
Min - Max = 0 - 4

Law 4: Behaviour & Etiquette
Min - Max = 0 - 4

Policy 4: Registration (COPPA Violation only)
Min = 4

Section Game Laws
Min - Max = 0 - 4

This is the Law,  
Break these laws and you will have serious consequences. 
So don't do it or face the wrath.

Additional conditions, exclusions or amendments to above laws and policies are outlined in the ranks page.

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