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Help and Facts

Things Newbies should know

So, you're a newbie and you're on this page because you have this newbie tag under your name. So you're asking, what does it mean and how the hell do I get rid of it?

Once approved you should post in the game forum you're going to play in to let everyone know you're here. You will find that is a good start to get to know people. Then just start posting in your game forum. Also take note of the titles under peoples names like your newbie account icon. You will see the leaders have these under their names so you can identify who is in charge around here. Warrior Nation uses this board as a central communication, so to keep informed on everything going on, be sure to check here frequently.

Forum functions

• Make sure you post your messages in the correct forums or they will be moved.
(No spamming or you will be reset to 0).
• If you cant find something try using the Search.
• Some areas are restricted and only those with proper permissions may access them.
• The ONLY time you may post about your post count is every one thousand posts.
• When testing things out on the forums (ex. Avatar tests, Signature tests) please do your test in an area that will not be considered spam. (eg. a post that needs your reply, a reply to a topic. Just keep in mind to post something to do with the topic)

What do all the Titles under members names mean?

Click Here to see a complete list. However a brief description is simply the more you post the more ribbons will show up, and the titles you see are for higher ranking members that are leading this clan to victory.

Activity and staying active

Play Games in clan channels and hang out with members, post on the forums and get to know everyone.
• You must recruit 3 good players within a reasonable amount of time once you have raised beyond the intro rank of squire.
• Understand that we do roll call every month and if you do not respond you will be deleted. So you will receive an e-mail each month to the address you used to register with.
• Promotions are made by the second in command of a division and above. Promotions are based from any of the following:

- Good Recruiting
- Active Participation on the forum and/or game channels
- Good game play and team play

Increase and Decrease of Post Counts

As your post count increases you will earn ribbons very similar to the military ribbons found on an Officers uniform.

Post counts are based upon how many threads and posts you actually have in the board. They increase everytime you post a new thread or reply to an existing thread.

They can also be decreased if threads, posts or forums are deleted. Decrease in posts occur on a 1-2 month cycle as the board is recalibrated so many times your decrease in post count can be a lot all at once. This is how the board is coded so dont ask for it to change because it wont happen. Only what exists can you get credit for.

Can I change my username?

Yes, you may change your username once every 365 days. You can do this by accessing your account settings, in "Edit Email and Password" section. You may enter a new username which will also effect your login as this will be your new login name as well. You may change once every 365 days. Once you change it, the option box to change it will disappear until time has elapses for you to do it again.

*Beware - You identity can be lost to many members who will not know who you are. Could result in loss of friends, being overlooked for promotions, so be sure you want to do this before you do.

All name change histories are logged forever.

Why cant I vote on Polls?

You must be a member for a minimum of 30 days before you can create or vote on polls. We do this to stop cheating when running vital polls.

What is VB Code and how do I use it

VB Code is similar to HTML, but offers just a few basic functions, such as hyperlinking, image display, bolding and italicizing.

Complete VB Code list.

Can I edit and delete my own posts

You may edit your own posts at any time. Look for the edit icon on the post to be edited. No one else can edit your post, except for the forum moderator(s) or the message board administrators. A note is generated at the bottom of each post that is edited so that every one knows when a post has been edited.

Only moderators and administrators can delete posts. For those that can, note that if your post was the start of a new topic, deleting your post will result in the removal of the entire topic (all replies after your topic will also be deleted).

What is Recent Visitors

Recent Visitors is a display of users browsing the forums and topics on this board in the past 15 minutes.

Is there any censoring

We do not censor language, however moderators and administrators may move or delete posts that are offensive, contain any serious attacks on members, pornography or any illegal material. We do at times censor certain website URL's.

Is there any popup ads

We do not have or will ever allow popup ads. If you are experiencing popup ads then you have malware on your PC. We recommend you download and scan your PC with a good spyware program. You should also scan for viruses.

The only ads we will every support are small version static ads in conjuction with a google ad gaming criterias or our host.

Not all views expressed in the google ads are WN's views such as cheating or violating any EULA of games. We cannot filter out all the ads which may not be suitable. I would hope WN members will avoid such negative ads if they come about.

How do I get rid of this ugly newbie tag?

The newbie tag will automatically disappear after 10 posts.

SteamMy Steam Card wont display?

In the Steam Application click the Community Tab

Then click the My Control panel

Then click Edit my SteamID page

Enter a name into the custom box. This the name you put in your forum profile to make the Steam Card display.

Using the | symbol will cause the image to not display correctly. No known fix.

PSNMy PSN Card wont display?

You need to register on the official website to link your account. Once you register to link it, it will then display the card.



7 Components are displayed at the bottom of each members post.

* See more details on the reputation calculations below.

Calculation of the experience points

Taken into calculation are these things:

Everytime you perform an activity listed below, you earn experience points. The points you earned vary based on the activity. I wont tell you what each is valued at, you can learn that as you go. However they are not all the same in value, some more, some less, some equal.

Points for User - is the total from points accumulated on the following:

  • Days since registration
  • Referrals (Still in progress)
  • Received infractions causes reduction to points
  • Reputation Points / Use of reputation system
  • Visitor messages on profiles
  • Members of own social groups
  • Albumpictures
  • Friends
  • Activity
  • Percentarge of a completed profile
Points for Threads - is the total from points accumulated on the following:
  • Created threads
  • Thread views of own threads
  • Thread replies of own threads
  • Thread votes of own threads
  • Thread tags
  • Replies to own threads
  • Sticky threads
  • Voting on threads
  • Social Group discussions
Points for Posts - is the total from points accumulated on the following:
  • Created posts
  • Views on attachments
  • Social Group Messages
Misc - is the total from points accumulated on the following:
  • Blog
  • Arcade Championships
  • Calendar usage
  • Tournament individual user wins
  • Tournament team wins

Calculation of the Activity metric

Average Posts Per Day: Calculated over 270 days
Timeframe for Activity: 21 days calculated for the PPD (posts per day) Factor.
Areas which Activity is based from:

  • User's posts
  • User's Blog entries
  • Blog comments
  • Visitor messages
  • Social Group messages
  • User's last activity date: Beginning with the second day the user user is not active, a factor of 0.1 will be reduced, to a max of 9 days. (f.e. User is three days not online, so his activity is multiplied with 0.7, if he goes online, a value of 1.0 will be taken.)

The system calculates the activity by taking the average post count of the ten most active user and comparing it to own post count over the last 21 days only. This means anyone with top post counts overall wont necessary have high activity since it is only based on what you have done over the last 21 days and stacking you up against everyone else. This means your activity can go up and down over time.


The awards gather the total points from whatever categories are defined for that award. For example the Zealousness Posting and Tagging totals all the points from threads, replies, visitor message areas and votes. So whatever member has the highest total points across those selected categories would win the award. You don't have to be the best in all, just that when you add them all, your points are the highest.


Reputation is something you can give and earn between members. It is shown by the green/yellow/red row of squares in member posts and profiles as well the actual numbers are in your profie. You can give reputation by clicking the reputation button within a members post.

Reputation ranges 1- 45000, however it is possible if you recieve to many negatives causing you to fall to 0 or below. You can view your reputation points by clicking the reputation button within one of your own posts or clicking your own name in a post to view your profile display.

There are two key factors in reputation.

1. Reputation points which you earn and
2. Reputation Power which is the amount of points you can give.

Reputation Power

(The number of points you give to others)

• 1 Reputation power every 9 days.
• 1 Reputation Power every 500 posts.
• 1 Reputation Power every 2500 reputation points earned.

Your Reputation Power shows in all of your posts. You may select the amount up to your max that you wish to give to someone.

Reputation Points
(The points you receive from other members)

• New Members start wtih 10 reputation points.
• The points you earn depend on the givers Repuation Power ability.

For example, if Member A has a Reputation Power of 50. They give you positive reputation, your points go up by 50. If they give you negative reputation, your points go down by 25.

Other Factors

• You must have 10 posts before you can give reputation to others.

• A member can give only 5 members reputation within a 24 hour period.

• If you give someone reputation points, you must give 5 other members reputation points before you can give the same person points again.

• Reputation does not work in Tilly's Cantina.
• Reputation is double in a few unrevealed forums.
• Reputation cannot be given on posts older than 30 days.

You are able to view Reputation Given and Received within your profile found here:

If you want to view the Top 100 Reputation members, click this link: Top 100 Reputations

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