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Login Problems

The solutions below are for members with login problems.

The most common problems are:

• Cookies
• File Cache
• History Cache

The solution is to clear all three of these in your browser. Directions below.

Click the link for which browser you are using.

Internet Explorer

If after these directions you still have problems, you may need to check your Firewall Settings or Parental Settings.


At the top select Tools, then Internet Options.


Click all three buttons circled in red to clear cookies, cache and history.

general tab

Now let's make sure your cookie settings are correct.

Go to the Privacy Tab and click Advance.


Now let's make sure you didn't block the domain If it is blocked, you need to unblock it.

Go to Privacy Tag, then click Sites,


Now scroll through the list and see if is listed. If it is and shows Always Block, then you need to click the Remove button. Then let's go ahead and add it so it will be fixed permanently. Enter into the open box and then click allow on the right.


you're Done!


Go to Tools, then Options.

ff tools

Click the Privacy Icon, then the Cache Tab below that and then click Clear Cache Now. This will purge all the stored temporary files so that your browser can update all new files from the website.

ff cache

Now you have two options to clear cookies. You can either just click the Clear Cookies Now on the right and it will flush everything. Or you can click View Cookies on the left to find cookies and delete only those from this site.

ff cookies

If you clicked View Cookies, scroll down the list window until you see Select it and then click Remove Cookies and it will only flush the cookies leaving your other site cookies untouched.

cookie exceptions

And last you might need to clear your history cache.

Privacy Icon, History Tab and then click Clear Browsing History Now button.

ff history

Now let's make sure you are not blocking cookies from

Privacy Icon, Cookies Tab and then Exceptions button.


Enter into the text box and click Allow.

cookie allow

you're done!



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