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When you registered, you clicked "I AGREE"
to the terms which included agreeing to obey these laws.

cheating and treason

Cheating, stealing, exploiting, illegal (trainers, mods, plug-ins, bots, hacking), online scams, creating false accounts (used to artificially boost, alter scores/status or join any WN territories), leaking private WN information, violation of a game EULA*/ToS**/CoC*** are prohibited.

• These offenses are charged as treason and members will be charged to the fullest extent of the Law.
• Minor exceptions to some games may occur under the determination and advisement of the Pentagon.
• GUID bans made by 3rd party streaming companies result in a perma-ban that can only be overturned by said 3rd party.

*EULA - End User License Agreement
**ToS - Terms of Service
***CoC - Code of Conduct


No one shall be allowed to commit to another clan unless that member is joining for a game not supported by Warrior Nation and the clan is not on our hostile or enemy listing of diplomacy.
  • Member may not advance to an Admin position in WN so long as they are a member of another approved clan.
Grandfather Clause: Members in another clan for a game we don't support will be allowed to remain members of that clan if we do start supporting that game in WN; so long as this clan is not on our hostile or enemy listing of diplomacy.

Registration and Rollcall

You are fully responsible for any and all actions on your accounts within the forum and on the gaming networks. Do not share your accounts. If someone gains access to your accounts and passwords and something occurs that could jeopardize the clan, your membership, titles, ranks or reputation, you will be held completely liable regardless of whoever was signed into your account at the time and consequences will be placed against you the account owner.

NO EXCEPTIONS. Protect your Passwords, share them with no one.

Tags of Honor

All members of WN must wear our tag, "WNx", before their name on all accounts and characters used to play with other WN members and must use those accounts and characters whenever they are representing WN in any clan channel or server.
  • Exceptions to this law include qualified MMOG's with an internal clan support system that can track WN members currently online, where the clan must contain "WN", "Warrior Nation", or some other identifier which is subject to General approval.
  • Console members are not required to change their account name, however must provide WNx as clan tag when applicable.
  • Other Non-MMOG's only qualify if they have some type of clan support system similar to that of an MMOG. Subject to General approval.

Member Rights

If you feel for any reason that your membership to the clan has been compromised as a result of points, probation, dishonorable discharge or involuntary honorable discharge, any member may seek an appeal first with your Admin support and if not resolved you may submit an appeal to the Judge Advocates.
  • Any person joining (or re-joining) Warrior Nation™ shall undergo a thirty (30) day review period, during which he/she may be removed from Warrior Nation™ for any reason without the option to appeal his/her removal.
  • The time limit to submit an appeal is 7 days from the date action was officially taken against you. After this time you forfeit your right.
  • Rank demotions are not handled by the Justice Department. For these cases you must follow chain of command.
  • Cases involving action against Administrators are processed by the Military Council or Executive Branch.
  • The Judge Advocates will make every effort to process all appeals within 7 days, however due to the nature of some cases it may require a longer period of time.

Respect and Behavior

We are all expected to treat other members with the highest respect and to carry Honor of the clan wherever you go.
  • You will be kind, courteous, helpful and supportive of all members.
  • You will be respectful to any person that visits any WN game channels not on our official enemy list. Treat them as guest and potential new member. Be welcoming.
  • Unacceptable behavior includes but not limited to, spamming the forums, name calling, ridiculing, threatening, destructive public humiliation not of a joking or friendly manner toward any member of WN or any associated alliances.
  • Defamation, libel and slander are unacceptable. This includes any false or unsubstantial public accusations of conspiracy, corruption or abuse of power.
  • 100% compliance with COPPA.
  • No sexual advances, harassment towards a minor under 18. No sexual harassment, discussion of sexual acts or pornographic material regardless of age.
  • You may lose privileges, ranks, titles, medals, status, access, and respect or even worse be kicked from the clan if you are caught and charged with this offense.


Banned members are forbidden from entering WN Servers, WN Chat Rooms, WN Channels, WN teams, WN parties, WN groups, WN raids, WN link shells etc.
1 - 6 = Warnings
7 - 13 = Probation for 1-2 weeks.
14+ = Dishonorable Discharge

All Points remain active for 365 days
Game Leaders may issue Minimum points without Administrative approval
7 and Up Adminstrative only
Administrative Approval

Law 1 Cheating
Min -Mid = 6 - 10
Mid - Max = 11 -14

Law 2 Multiclanning
Min - Mid = 6 - 10
Mid - Max = 11 - 14

Law 3 Account Responsibility
Min - Mid = 5 - 7
Mid - Max = 8 - 14

Law 4 Tags of Honor
Min - Mid = 2 - 5
Mid - Max = 6 - 10

Law 6 Respect
Min - Mid = 1 - 7
Mid - Max = 8 - 14

Law 7 Outside Association
Min - Mid = 3 - 6
Mid - Max = 7 - 10

Policy 2 Primary/Secondary Selection
Min - Mid = 1 - 2
Mid - Max = 3 - 4

Policy 4 Registration (COPPA Violation only)
Min = 14

Policy 6 Spam
Min - Mid = 1 - 3
Mid - Max = 4 - 6

Section Game Laws
Min - Mid = 1 - 6
Mid - Max = 7 - 14

This is the Law,  
Break these laws and you will have serious consequences. 
So don't do it or face the wrath.

Additional conditions, exclusions or amendments to above laws and policies are outlined in the ranks page.

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