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When you registered, you clicked "I AGREE"
to the terms which included agreeing to obey these laws.


Neither associate nor member shall use/promote hacks, exploits, bots, or illegal third party programs. Any activity that violates a game's EULA*/ToS**/CoC***/NDA**** is prohibited. Any bans made by third party anti-cheat organizations (such as VAC/PB/GUID bans for hacking/glitching/modding etc) will result in a permanent ban from Warrior Nation that can only be overturned by the third-party.

Existing third-party bans(VAC/PB/GUID) prior to joining Warrior Nation will not be overlooked. Prior bans will result in a rejection of membership if caught at time of registration or will result in an immediate permanent ban when found.

Third-party bans for games Warrior Nation does not support will also result in a permanent ban from Warrior Nation that can only be overturned by said third-party

*EULA - End User License Agreement
**ToS - Terms of Service
***CoC - Code of Conduct
****NDA - Non-disclosure Agreement

Membership & Account Responsibility

All forum accounts are the rank "Associate" by default. In order to be a member in Warrior Nation, associates must select a primary game supported by Warrior Nation and be approved by the game leader. Members playing a game that Warrior Nation has a section for are encouraged to use any means necessary to represent the Warrior Nation name (WNx tag, in-game guild, etc) whenever possible. Members and associates are responsible for maintaining the privacy of their accounts and are not allowed to let others access these accounts or any restricted information/privileges attainable via these accounts. Advertisements for competing or alternate game sites are not allowed.

Games Support

Games are introduced by the development department based on potential interest and popularity. Once established games will be required to maintain a minimum activity level. All members of game sections shall be required to create forum accounts.

Behavior & Etiquette

All associates and members are expected to treat others with respect and refrain from behavior deemed hurtful to others or damaging to the integrity of Warrior Nation. Members should conduct themselves appropriately on forums and in chats within and outside of Warrior Nation. Trolling, malicious comments, or posting inappropriate content is not allowed. No sexual advances, harassment, or discussion of sexual acts or pornographic material regardless of age. Forum spam (A post/thread that contains irrelevant or useless information or is off-topic from the original post/forum) will not be tolerated. Swearing on the forums is allowed so long as it is not directed at another member or associate and it is not excessive. Swearing is not allowed in thread titles.
Game Leaders may request up to 3 points without approval
4 points can only be requested by Adminstrators
All points remain active for 365 days

Law 1: Cheating
Min - Max = 3 - 4

Law 2: Membership & Account Responsibility
Min - Max = 0 - 4

Law 4: Behaviour & Etiquette
Min - Max = 0 - 4

Policy 4: Registration (COPPA Violation only)
Min = 4

Section Game Laws
Min - Max = 0 - 4

This is the Law,  
Break these laws and you will have serious consequences. 
So don't do it or face the wrath.

Additional conditions, exclusions or amendments to above laws and policies are outlined in the ranks page.

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