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Warrior Nation is a private gaming community.

It is very important you read the process of joining Warrior Nation .

We decline 75% of our applications because they fail to read the following:

1. First and foremost, you need a current member to vouch for you.

How to get a voucher posted by a member in our voucher forum

The best way to achieve this is to join the WN game servers or channels of the game you are interested in. Click here to view WN Server Listing
Talk to a member, let them know you want to join. They will be eager to help you and get a referral.
If you found us by search engines or other web sites, post in our Neutral Grounds forum for guests and someone will be happy to help you get into the clan.

2. Read The Law, briefly look over the Ranks so you understand our foundation and operations.

You will not cheat
You will not join another clan
You will wear WNx everywhere you go
You will be respectful

3. Register on the forum. If you believe a voucher will be made, go ahead and register now pending your voucher. You have approximately 10 days from registration to get the voucher and approval.

The formal registration form is a 3 phase process.

Phase 1: You register an account
Phase 2: Check your email immediately, YOU MUST click the confirmation link so it will validate your email. (NOTE: CHECK SPAM/JUNK BOX)
Phase 3: A leader must approve your account. Only then will you get the final acceptance email and have complete access to the forums.

If you do not follow these steps, or have trouble later, refer back to this page in order to find out what you missed. Missing a step may cause you to be in a void where you cant really do anything with your account except look. The process mostly only takes a few minutes. The waiting for approval can vary, then after approved there is only a couple more minutes to completion.

Below is an example of the first email you receive where you MUST click the confirmation link. (NOTE the email could end up in your spam or junk box, so please check that if you didn't get it.

If you do not get your 1st confirmation email,
Click here and enter your email to have it sent again

The link should take you to what's shown below. This just tells you your registration was a success. However now you just have to wait for an admin to approve your account so you can post. Until the account is reviewed and approved you wont be able to do anything except login and read the forum.

You will know that you were accepted
when you receive an email that looks like the example below.


Have fun!


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