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This is the first original law page when Warrior Nation was born.

These laws are no longer in effect as written below



Cheating will not be tolerated. Anyone caught using trainers, padding their account with another or anyone found leaking important clan information will be charged with treason and banned from the clan.  Also noone shall be alllowed to be committed to another clan other than Warrior Nation .


This is the leader of the Warrior Nation and his word is law. The king directs the clan through his Weapons Master and Knights during high-level clan meetings. The King is less concerned with directing Footsoldiers and Squires. Knights brief the Weapons Master on matters of clan activity and policy. Footsoldiers are advised to resolve problems with the Knights of their division before pestering the Weapons Master with such trivial matters.

Weapons Master

The Weapons Master is like a general of all officers. There is only one member allowed to hold this rank in the clan. The WM is responsible for coordinating all divisions of the clan (currently two) and directs the Knights in long term goals. This is a special position and is mostly intended as a buffer to the king.

Logistics Command Division


The mission of the Logistics command division is two-fold. This division is responsible for the collection of information such as tactics and member abilities. It also coordinates training exercises for the Nation and maintains a contingency of spies to ensure members conform to the Code of Conduct. This division will be made of the best and most experienced members of the nation and should be capable of inflicting a severe ass whoopin' on most subordinates of the nation. The Command members are the ones that nation teams should strive to beat in game play, as they will most certainly become much better combatants through such engagements.


The knight of the logistics division is elected by the Weapons Master and Knights from other divisions. This person coordinates with the Weapons Master % other divisions to carry out the above mentioned operations. There may be only one Knight of this division who may bring existing members into the division as required. The Command Division Knight is generally considered senior to Knights of other divisions. The training schedules and meeting times that he sets should be followed by other officers of the nation and this officer should consult with other officers to determine the best times and places for planned exercises.


Footsoldiers in this division are named by its Knight. They should possess the best of game play skills and serve the Knight in carrying out the division's mission. These players will form the Knights "Special Officer Team" which carries out spy operations and training exercises with other division members. Footsoldiers in the division will not generally have subordinates to command and organize. Recruitment into this division will place the person at this rank, as there is no need for a squire class at this level. Anyone qualifying for recruitment into the Logistics Command Division deserves the respect of the rank of Footsoldier and members of other divisions should use them to learn the finer points of game play.

Infantry Division


The Infantry Division is the heart of the Warrior Nation . This is where the ass kickin takes place. Its mission is to organize teams of Squires to compete on TEN against rival clans and cause general carnage among the other members throughout.


An Infantry Knight is responsible for naming Footsoldiers and coordinating their efforts on TEN. Multiple Knights may exist in this division if required and if membership numbers are high enough. These Knights are required to participate in high level meetings concerning the general direction of the clan and divisional coordination.


Footsoldiers of this division recruit new clan members and organize them into 2-4 player teams. They are encouraged to participate in a team and have the authority to dictate which members will team together during clan exercises. The Teams they form are intended primarily for organizational purposes. Knights should choose Squires that are online during the times that they are whenever possible. All squires should be assigned a captain to whom they report for activity coordination upon indoctrination into the clan. Knights are also encouraged to trade members on occasion to balance out leadership responsibilities and specialization.


Squires are the grunts of the Nation. Most new members of the clan will start their membership in this class and be assigned to an Infantry Division Knight. Squires are to follow their Knights commands and stay in contact with them as required. Any problems or concerns that a Squire has should be directed to their assigned Knight before "jumping the chain of command."

Divisional Relationships:

An effort has been made to separate command and support members from normal fighting members to ease the burden on those with crucial leadership responsibilities. The intention of such organization is not to discriminate but to make room for a division that has time to organize training operations. All members in the various divisions are free to play among one another and team up on ten as desired against other players. The object is to have fun right? Training of teams, however, needs to take place as much as feasibly possible to make the clan a strong competitor on TEN. This is why a Command Division exists and is considered dominant regarding inner clan operations. Command officers are authorized to bring Infantry officers into their division based off performance and need. A certain level of competition within the clan is considered healthy but all members stick together when dueling against non-members. Only Command officers are allowed to create alias

The Law as it was written first in 1997

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