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12-23-2010, 04:03 PM
Nat 101
Short guide to fix NAT (connection issues with Xbox live servers)

If you are having trouble connecting to Xbox Live servers and that the connection test within the Xbox 360 settings show Strict or Moderate NAT settings (games not connecting or trouble actually finding hosts and cutting out during online play) plus communication problems with other users, etc, etc, then this short guide will help you out with the Router you have in order to sucessfully resolve the NAT issue. Open NAT is the best for smooth communications.

1. First of all, a little basic understanding of router configurations will help, yet the links provided will show in detail on how to configure the router and the PC in fine detail. In most cases the IP address to connect to the router is normally something like:- depending on you're router. Check with your'e ISP or manual for this. This is then followed by the username and password supplied with the Router or the ISP.

2. Check your firewall first (software if you are using one) and check the restrictions or disable it temporarily and test xbox live before messing with the router. If its not the firewall on the pc, then proceed with the Router configuration. However, in most cases its not the firewall on the PC but actually the router you are using.

3. Xbox live 360 uses these port numbers that need to be entered into the router config. Here they are:

TCP Ports 53, 80, 3074
UDP Ports 53, 88, 3074

4. Here is a link for ports to be forwarded on the router and give an explanation on how to do this. Check for the Manufactuer and make of your'e router you have here:

A list of all known ports is here but you only need the Xbox Live 360 ones, as described above but here are the rest anyway:

In addition, you may have to setup a Static IP on your PC before using the ports.

Here is the link to do this:-

5. It is also worth to note that UPnP is also an option that needs to be enabled. Check your'e router config and enable it if you have it and check the router firewall too.

6. Here is an example on how to setup ports on this router (Inventel Wanadoo Livebox). Remember this will be different for every router, yet this will show the basic instructions on how to do it. See here:-

7. Hope this all helps, as the guides in the links provided are pretty self explanatory and easy to follow. So basically, check your'e software firewall (if it applies), check for the router make and model you have in the above links, follow the instructions for setting up a Static IP address in the above links and enter the port numbers in the Router and also look for UPnP and enable that too whilst checking the router firewall too.

If anyone wants to contribute or add to this then feel free to do so.

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