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10-19-2010, 12:51 PM
Kitsu Saga
Hey Guys i know that WNxKairu has already made an interest thread but i wanted to make one with more detail and screen shots

On Kitsu Saga there are two factions with different class on each

Order of the Iron Claw

Godhand Style - Trained to be at the forefront of battle. Godhand Style fighters use sabers and duel weapons. Suggested Growth: Strong or Fast.
Clearmind Style - Trained to keep groups functioning with healing and buffing spells. Clearmind Style fighters use swords. Suggested Growth: Mystic or Ward.
Cloudstrider Style - Masters of lightning and wind. Cloudstrider Style fighters use polearms and other melee weapons. Suggested Growth: Tough or Strong.
Mistsong Style - A unique style that uses throwing weapons and powerful transformations. Mistsong Style fighters use throwing and melee weapons. Suggested Growth: Fast or Strong.

That is the first faction and its different class and the second factions is

Flamewind Society

Asura Style - Trained to summon and channel the power of spirits. Asura Style fighters use Duel Weapons and Polearms. Suggested Growth: Tough or Fast.
Watermoon Style - Trained in manipulating water and buffing allies. Watermoon Style fighters use melee weapons. Suggested Growth: Mystic or Ward.
Astral Omen Style - Assassins trained in the art of poisons. Astral Omen Style fighters use swords and sabers. Suggested Growth: Strong or Fast.
Heaven Sword Style - Trained to reject magic and rely purely on strength of arms. Heaven Sword Style fighters use sword. Suggested Growth: Strong or Fast.

About the Game

Kitsu Saga is a martial arts themed MMORPG. Which is filled with diverse regions and towns, Kitsu Saga offers traditional MMORPG gameplay with plenty of twists. For example, players are accompanied by fox spirits called Kitsu. The game has eight classes, called disciplines, each of which has a variety of skills and growth paths. Originally known as JS Online in Asia, Aeria Games has brought Kitsu Saga to Western gamers. On Kitsu Saga there are two factions which have there own unique classes and they have to come together to defeat the new evil forces that have arrived.

Character Creation

When you first play the game and you have to make a character you will have to select which faction you would have to go it dont matter which faction you pick you will be able to party up with people from a different faction and guild up with them. As well as when you make a character you will always get the option to pick the other faction so this means you do not have a set faction for your account. When making a character you have this thing called Body Bonus this is where for the body build you have eg small, medium and large you will be given a different body bonus you will have to check both genders for the best body build for you. You also have a thing which lets you change you stats and you have a selection out of either tough, strong, fast, mystic and ward you will change your stats so select them best for your class.

Kitsu's (pets)

Kitsu's are something that you have which can craft you your gear as well as give you a bonus/buff they get something when your killing call aura this is needed to help you level them up with the right stuff. To craft you will need to send your kitsu out to get the materials you can do this by pressing F and then right clicking you kitsu's so they are then in your kitsu's cottage then you can just send them to mine and other stuff is you have the tools.

All The Rest

Kitsu Saga has some PvP features, but it is not a primary focus. Besides duels, players can team up and fight on instanced battlefields against opponents within a similar level range. Players can also join or found guilds. Guild themselves can rank up to a maximum of rank 5 and there are special guild related quests and dungeons to tackle. Kitsu Saga also has a title feature where players earn various titles by completing certain quests, or defeating certain monsters. These titles each offer different stat bonuses when equipped. Kitsu Saga is one of many oriental themed free to play MMORPGs released in 2010. The list includes games like Martial Empires, and Heroes of Three Kingdoms. Its also very similar to its predecessor, Grand Fantasia, which had a much more anime inspired look. What sets Kitsu Saga apart from the rest is its art style. Some will love it, others will hate it, but its definitely something original.

here a few screen shots







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