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Canada WNx Lucalain
03-26-2010, 12:22 AM
Local Time: 06:33 PM
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Get Tristana and special skin free
Attention, summoners!

It is my privilege to announce to all of you that, as of today, not being a fan of League of Legends on Facebook will constitute a ******** error! And do you know why that is? Because if you're not a fan on Facebook, you're going to be stricken with envy when you see all of your friends playing with their brand new Riot Girl Tristana skin!

That's right, Runeterrans! You've waited patiently, and now your long wait is over! And all you need to do to get your very own gun slinging, rapid firing, rocket jumping yordle lady all punked out with a pink dye job is follow this link! Click here to become a League of Legends Fan and claim your very own Tristana Champion and Riot Girl Tristana skin!
The skin is pretty much just a palette swap for the hair, but the champion that goes with it fits very well with my play style, so I'm sort of interested. However, it takes a Facebook account and I don't have one as it's against my principles. I don't want the stigma of "being on Facebook" and the stress and addiction of having to look at it every day. Anyway, the facebookers on here can get their free skin and champion, so click the source link above and enjoy your new Tristana while I save up influence points.

Come forth, vile creature.

For this morn, Sir Lucalot's blade will drink deep.
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Warrior Nation
03-26-2010, 02:09 AM
This skin is pretty awesome :>

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Warrior Nation
United Kingdom WNxKelv
03-26-2010, 11:08 AM
Local Time: 12:33 AM
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Aww man, hope this comes up with EU LoL too :/

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Warrior Nation
03-26-2010, 11:34 AM
I got it, too bad i dont play Tristana anymore.

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