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United States WNxAlmuric
12-03-2009, 08:37 PM
Local Time: 11:01 PM
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Medal of Justice - November
This month in Warrior Nation we honor an MP for the outstanding service and vast amount dedication they have given over the many months, this certain member has put in many hours of hard work to the service of the MP department. With his help he has contributed immensely to the security and order of Warrior Nation along with its section in which they serve. This MP has always been dependable and trustworthy; he remains strong and always takes the time to assist the members and sections to the best of his abilities. He educates the people of this nation to maintain the laws without recourse to formal punishment and maintains his duties without any complaints. His loyalty rivals most and his seniority has risen to be one of the top MPs, he always contributes to discussions answering questions clearly and concisely easing the needs of the Marshals and Admins. I have nothing but praise to give him for his services to Warrior Nation. This month I wish to celebrate and honor this MP for his loyalty, service, knowledge and strength at his duties, to a flawless MP and someone well deserving of this medal.

Click the image to open in full size.


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Warrior Nation
12-03-2009, 09:08 PM
congrats scooby on the medal. Well Deserved


Warrior Nation
United States WNxJNG
12-03-2009, 09:31 PM
Local Time: 11:01 PM
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Wow nice!

Congratz buddy!

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Warrior Nation
12-03-2009, 09:32 PM
said what? Gratz scobby! so gonna make a thread on this in hq ~ if al hasnt done it that is ~


Warrior Nation
12-03-2009, 09:48 PM
Grats Man !!


Warrior Nation
WNxLiL Smokii
12-03-2009, 10:28 PM
congrats to ya mate.. nice job..


Warrior Nation
United States WNxDHare3
12-03-2009, 10:49 PM
Local Time: 11:01 PM
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Very, very, very much deserved.

Grats man!

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Secondary: Diablo 3
Canada WNxDirts
12-03-2009, 11:38 PM
Local Time: 09:01 PM
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"Dink Dink Dink"


You deserve it kid!

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Warrior Nation
Netherlands WNxSol1ce
12-04-2009, 12:02 AM
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teh One
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lol , Dirts. Anyways. Scoobz very well deserved. And keep up the great work ur doing. Gratz


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Warrior Nation
12-04-2009, 12:23 AM
Grats man! You really deserve it!..


Warrior Nation
Secondary: Minecraft
Belgium WNxTwhiz
12-04-2009, 01:15 AM
Local Time: 06:01 AM
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gratz scooby!!

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Warrior Nation
Netherlands WNxm0use
12-04-2009, 01:27 AM
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Great job Scooby! Well deserved!

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Warrior Nation
12-04-2009, 01:57 AM
Very well deserved buddy. Keep it up as normally .


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Warrior Nation
Finland WNxSirRetro
12-04-2009, 02:35 AM
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Congratz, Scooby! Keep up the good work.

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Warrior Nation
United States WNxPyRo
12-04-2009, 02:35 AM
Local Time: 09:01 PM
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Way to go Scooby..keep up the good work!

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Primary: Warrior Nation
Warrior Nation
United Kingdom WNxFatality
12-04-2009, 03:16 AM
Local Time: 05:01 AM
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The CoDFather
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aka FatalEnigma
awesome, he's an epic guy.

Loves his beer, I sense a lot of it will be used tonight .

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Warrior Nation
United States WNxLittleRage
12-04-2009, 03:20 AM
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Gratz Scooby!


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Warrior Nation
Netherlands WNxSilver
12-04-2009, 03:27 AM
Local Time: 06:01 AM
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One Day
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The Shiny One
Well done Keep it up and enjoy your medal.

Regards Silver

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Warrior Nation
Netherlands WNxMaddy
12-04-2009, 03:29 AM
Local Time: 05:01 AM
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Well deserved!


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Warrior Nation
Belgium WNxPinkShadow
12-04-2009, 03:40 AM
Local Time: 05:01 AM
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Fairytale Fights!?
Congrats Scoobz!!!!!
Well deserved mate!

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