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05-27-2009, 03:36 PM
CJ News
CJ News Combat Journalist's Newsroom Outtakes #10 - May 2009
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Letter From the Writer:
This month has been mental! There has been a lot of things happening in the CJD such as people joining, people resigning and promotions all around! The Interview Crew has been brought alive, holding 9 members thus being full! The CJD is being raped by amazingly skilled CJ's! And Fatality has brought you a fun game for all to read and enjoy! Keep reading to see what is coming up!

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The monthly award

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Ace Award
Awarded to CJs that perform their job far above average. Writing excellent reports, interviews,
creative pieces or game guides such as the work on histories or reviews can be issue reasons. Helping and improving
other members' work is also specially recognized by this award.

WNxcominbk2life - WarCraft 3 Europe

Comin is a good example of a CJ who really makes the most out of the time he has available to devote to the position. He may not pop a report into the correction box every week, but when he does post one, they are high contenders for the featured report spot as one of the most recent Weekly Warriors proved. He has been quick to inform me when he feels unable to make a report and it is great to see a conscientious CJ who doesn't wait until the Editor chases him down before explaining why there is no report by them. Overall he has set an example for those who may not have the most active of sections and be able to make a report each and every week, but that you can make the best of what you have to work with and that it will pay off . (~WNxFatality)

Click the image to open in full size.

Fresh meat!
I love the smell of fresh feet in the morning... Oh woops! Anyway there have been some amazing CJ's entering from a HUGE ship and they dunno were to go, so off course we softies have decided to whip them up and make them work for us as slaves!!! Please welcome a load of CJ's and remember not to clap until the end... This list will keep us here all day!

WNxHelios - Battlefield Heroes
WNxAres - Call of Duty: World at War (Xbox 360)
WNxSinist3r - Combat Arms
WNxBianca - CounterStrike: Source (AU)
WNxBrutus - CounterStrike: Source (EU)
WNxSco - Day of Defeat
WNxMentalEngineer - EVE Online
WNxItalianStallion - Halo (NA)
WNx Silly PunkD - Historian
WNxDamageInc - Historian
WNxBianca - Interviewer
WNxiRawwwrr - Interviewer
WNxNightmare - Interviewer
WNxShifty - Interviewer
WNxFerrous - Rappelz
WNxVesnal - Team Fortress 2

The leavers
This wave was much smaller! With only three resigning I am much happier to say that these three have worked incredibly and the CJD are happy and thank them for their service within the CJD! On that note I would like to honourably mention WNxLord but he will get a whole special topic for himself!

WNxMongoose - CounterStrike: Source (AU)
WNxAbyss - Historian
WNxSnoop - Historian
WNxTeutonic - Historian

Bow Down to the Lord!!
Yes bow down to the Lord one more time before he departures the CJD! For you lot that don't really know Lord you might say; why would I bow down? Well simple answer was because this guy was leet! Lord has served a great time in the CJD and has done many things while being in the CJD I want to just show you some of the many amazing things he has done!

Weekly Warrior:
The Weekly Warrior - Issue #22 - March 15th 2008
The Weekly Warrior - Issue #27 - April 21st 2009
The Weekly Warrior - Issue #30 - May 10th 2009

And the list goes on! Lord has done a lot of correcting in his time and before the new Editor status came out with all the new jobs, he was a great Editor looking after his CJ's! It is a shame you left but best of luck to you in the BO and they are lucky to have you!

Here was a few last words from Lord before he left:

Lord's last words!


As some of you may be aware earlier this week I decided to resign and step down as Editor, why? Time is becoming a bit of an issue with me working a lot of hours and when I get home all I want to do is sleep most of the time.... Some of you know what that is like. With that being said I myself would rather resign and let someone with more time do the job of corrector because for someone with little time such as myself it isn't easy. I have no regrets at all about my time in the CJD and as an Editor and I am very pleased to have got the opportunity to work with a fantastic bunch of people.

After today I will be detagged but not before one last WW from myself. There are many people I would like to thank but there a couple special mentions I would like to make:

Sam, you only just joined the CJD and I'm sorry that I had to go as soon as you entered, I will always be available though if you have any problems with the WW or anything else and you know where you can find me. I know you will do a fantastic job and that I'm leaving the corrector responsibilities in good hands along with Toxic, I wish you the best of luck.

Deez, the major phail of the CJD.... I'm kidding, Deez you have been a great Colonel to me who has supported me through the hard and tough times. I know you tried your best to stop me from leaving but I hope you understand why I must and have to do this. What more can I say about you than your a great member of the CJD and without you it probably wouldn't be where it is today. I will keep bugging you so pfft you won't escape me.

There's so many more people I could mention such as Toxic and Zero and Fallen and FP and the list goes on and on but I just want to thank everyone else here who has made my time here a pleasant one and I hope that you all will carry on with the great work. Good luck to you all and maybe one day you will see me back here but who knows what the future holds.

Members of the CJD,

Earlier this week I decided that I as going to step down and resign as Editor of the CJD, this is because that time is starting to take its toll with work and other commitments and its time that I stood down to make way for someone who can take my place and dedicate a lot more time than I can right now.

It has been a great time in the CJD, I have got to know many of you here and I have loved every minute of it. I just want to say keep up the great work because its you the CJ's that make the CJD what it is and without you we would be nothing. I will still keep in touch with many of you and maybe just maybe one day in the future I will return.

There are many people I could thank....I've already mentioned the other Editors and Colonels in the PS so they don't need another mention haha. But one special mention goes to the former Colonel of the CJD who SHOULD NEVER HAVE STEPPED DOWN IN THE FIRST PLACE. Mr Nubbly, I will always remember the first time we met and I know you do too, you like Deez has supported me through thick and thin and even let me bother you the odd occasion, I will miss you most of all and keep up the fantastic ideas and work coming. Thank you for everything you have done to help me and the same with Deez.

Psyrick, my first ever recruit for my time as an Editor and who over time has become a good friend to me. Keep up with the work and I'll still see you around most definitely.

The Interview crew is alive!!!
After Husky resigned I thought I would give it a go and try to keep the Interview Crew alive as long as he has and it turns out to show that we are full! We have 9 Interviewers including myself and I must say that we have all done an amazing job over the last month! Anyone that has had a promotion or a medal will agree that the Interviewers are little stars and I would like to thank them for being in my team and helping me make the Interview Crew wonderful!

As I have been out voted and held to ransom by the Interview Crew and ESP by WNxLintLicker, which btw if he ever asks you if he can interview you it normally means more then one reason! Anyway, as my time as Editor I have made a little change to even it out with the IC! We now have an Interview of The Month which from now on will be shown in here instead of the WW.

Last months Interview of The Month winner was WNxHorizon, I must say that his Interview was really good, but don't just listen to me! Press the expand tags to see yourself!

Interview of The Month --> WNxHorizon

Interview of The Month

Promotional Interview - WNxMunkey by WNxHorizon

Interviewer: WNxHorizon
Interviewee: WNxMunkey
Subject: Promotion (Dev. Colonel)

Click the image to open in full size.

WNxHorizon: Hey Munkey. First of all, congrats on your recent promotion to Dev. Colonel. How about you tell us a little about yourself and the man behind the name.

WNxMunkey: Thank you for the congratulations. Well a little bit about myself - I am a 20 year old college student. I attend Indiana State University. I play baseball for the school, and am majoring in Business. I have lived in the suburbs of Chicago my whole life and originate from a very big Italian family. I play games for my own leisure, which kind of conflicts with the type of person I am, considering I would much rather go out and play a sport, especially baseball. I am also in a fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha. Hmm, can't think of anything else to say.

WNxHorizon: I see you like your sport quite a lot. Have you been playing baseball for a long time then?

WNxMunkey: Yup, probably since I was 3 or 4 years old. My dad was a ball player and instilled it into my life right away.

WNxHorizon: Hehe, not young enough to remember.
WNxHorizon: So what type of music are you into if you don't mind me asking?

WNxMunkey: I listen to just about everything. The type of music that is really my favorite would be rock/alternative and there is definitely some good rap out there. I do listen to pop/hip-hop and a bit of country.

WNxHorizon: It's nice to see you listen to a varied amount. So how did you first join WNx?

WNxMunkey: Well I first joined about 6 or so years ago. I was an avid Diablo2 player on the East realm and was friends with a WNx player by the name of WNxIrishPoison who later had a name change to WNxBlackSabbath. I had never joined a clan at the time and became curious. Not looking much into it, I asked him to join up, he got me set up and I was then in. Since then I have been stuck on WN.

WNxHorizon: The Diablo East section is still going strong today as well. Is there anyone still there that you remember from back then?

WNxMunkey: Well, I don't think there is any one left in that section when I first originally joined in I think June of 2003. Although there are some oldies from a couple years later who are still around. WNxTazMan might be an oldie such as myself, but I am unsure.

WNxHorizon: Indeed, 6 years is a very long time in the life of a clan. Moving onto what this interview is about. How did your promotion come about? Did you see it coming?

WNxMunkey: Well, I have been in Development for quite some time. Probably nearing a year and a half. I put the time in, did a lot of work, got rewarded with the Medal of Savant and eventually the next step was a promotion to the upper Development ranks. In a sense, yes, I knew it would come some day, pending the approval of the higher ranked admins who review Colonel applicants.

WNxHorizon: What do you feel is the best thing about working in development?

WNxMunkey: The job description. A Developer's job is to start a section from the ground and build it up. Finding leaders, teaching them various successful methods, and ultimately handing control of the section to its leaders is a great feeling. You start a project, finish it and are able to pick up another one upon the progression of the section out of Development. At times it can be a lot of work and stress, but I have always enjoyed the work and the challenge.

WNxHorizon: Well its good to have dedicated members working in the departments. What positions have you had in WNx. What would you say has been your favourite?

WNxMunkey: I have held the ranks of Combat Journalist, Game Champion, Military Police, Honor Guard, Captain, Jester (way back in the day), 2nd LT Dev, 1st LT Dev, Dev Engineer and now Development Colonel. I would have to say that working in Development is my favorite thing so far.

WNxHorizon: I think you'd be shot if you hadn't said that lol. Quite a vast experience you've got there, is there anything you'd like to say to anyone who may be applying for any position in the clan in future?

WNxMunkey: Actions speak louder than words. What you do outside of an application is the biggest factor in the acceptance/denial of your application.

WNxHorizon: Indeed, wise words there. How have you found the pent so far?

WNxMunkey: Just another forum to me . Pretty much a gathering of some really strong minded members of the clan who help turn the clan in the right direction. Some interesting stuff there.

WNxHorizon: Nice. What's been your favourite section you've been in at WNx?

WNxMunkey: I would have to say Diablo 2 East. I spent a ton of time in and out of the section and some absolutely amazing members have joined through that section. I see it as WN's original foundation.

WNxHorizon: I see most people find their original games as some of the most interesting and best moments. I know I have anyway. Anyway onto the fun part of the interview. I'll mention a word and say the member that comes 1st to your mind. Ready?

WNxMunkey: Yup, ready.

WNxHorizon: Hehe.

WNxHorizon: Crazy.

WNxMunkey: Dirts.

WNxHorizon: Serious.

WNxMunkey: Hmmm.....Almuric.

WNxHorizon: Boring .

WNxMunkey: Dirts.

WNxHorizon: Genius.

WNxMunkey: FireWraith (He's still a skank though).

WNxHorizon: Whiner.

WNxMunkey: Dirts, no doubt (I keep saying his name .... *sigh*).

WNxHorizon: Dedicated.

WNxMunkey: Unicorn.

WNxHorizon: Disaster.

WNxMunkey: Remix.

WNxHorizon: Any shoutouts?

WNxMunkey: Nope, don't got any.

WNxHorizon: Oh, munkey has no love to spread. Thanks for the interview.

WNxMunkey: nope, no Munkey love right now ;P....Thanks for interviewing me.

After that amazing Interview, the CJD nominated him for this very sexy looking avatar made by WNxCookie!

Click the image to open in full size.
Promotional Interview - WNxMunkey - WNx Horizon

There is still more! It turns out starting this month that the voting will happen in the clan discussion for all you members of WN to vote for who's Interview you loved the best! I really hope we get a lot of responses from you lot! And make sure you watch the Interview forums because they are filling up very fast!

Interview Forum.

Surprise from Zero!!!
You all know a great man called Zero-Hero... Well he just turned more scary! ZH, with the Paper Sanctum behind him, has decided to cancel the weekly rollcalls! This means Fatality doesn't get his +1 no more and neither does all the CJ's, although we did spam ZH's thread for the +1 and Fatality did fin another job!

On that hand ZH has excited us with a once a month rollcall that can happen any time, any place, by anyone! So all you CJ's out there be warned! All you need to do is check the CJD every single day! Who knows, Fatality's randomness could keep you in for twice a day!

Here was the direct words from the so called "Hero".

Zero-Hero's Invading Our +1!!

The weekly roll call system is being removed with immediate effect.

Reason for this is that it takes away quite some workload from several Editors and leaves more time for gaming and other duties. The second reason is that Roll Call doesn't really measure activity, anyone can check the forums once per week and drop a post, it only fullfils its purpose to a small extent. Last but not least there is criteria that makes it possible to figure out whether a CJ does his job or not. Shit happens that good writers are kicked because they don't sign roll calls, though they could write great reports.

While the weekly roll call is removed, there will be random roll calls lasting 7. Those will be random, so can happen any time. They will happen once per month, possible that they happen more often as well though. CJs will have to sign these, so make sure you either tell your Editor that you are not around over a certain period of time, or you check the CJ forum regulary to make sure you don't miss the roll calls.

Punishments will be similar to those in the past, miss roll call too often, and you are kicked.

This also applies to Historians and the other sub departments of course.

Would be nice if everyone took the 3 seconds to reply, feel free to ask questions etc.

Where's my Key...
Yeah that is right! From here on, there will not be any locks on the departments doors! All CJ's can see into all the rooms, this includes; Interview Crew, Historian's Love Shack, Development and P/Review room. These are now open and are very interesting to check up on once in a while to see what everyone is getting up to!

Why would we do this? Well simple answer was because there was no need for the passwords to be on. Maybe to prevent a bit of spam but what can it hurt to let other CJ's in the departments... You never know they might take on a few new jobs.. Well only time can tell but so far it looks good and not much spam... Well unless Fatality is about.

Fun...Something Which Is Severly Lacking In This Report....Until NOW!
Written by WNxFatality

Waha! I have managed to reclaim a tiny piece of this Outtake in the form of a new idea I thought up... Won't be long until I can slap my name back on this bundle of joy, and no thanks to that bitch Toxic who stole it from me -.-'. Anyway, fun, I guess the word won't really come to mind for you people right now, after reading through the monstrosity that is Toxic's attempt at an Outtake. That aside, I decided that the CJD was cool, but just not cool enough, and thus decided we should have some proper fun around the place. For the first contest, the CJD were provided with the following story, created by none other than yours truly .

As the first rays of sunlight cast a _____ upon Bob's wall through his blinds, he sat there for several hours, painting pictures of what this pattern of light rays could represent. At first he thought of _______ then his serious side took over and he dismissed the idea as ________. Finally after 6 long hours of doing nothing, he began to realise just how _____ and _______ his life had become. "You know, I really must do something _______ today," he stated, "I'm just so ________ with my current life. I mean besides staring at patterns of light rays, all I do is ________ and ________." "Today will be different! I shall __(invent a sentence of as many words as you like)______." And off he went to do that.
The task was simple, to fill the blanks with words in order to make the piece sound as funny as possible. We had plenty of entries, some showing traditional humour, and well the others, they are probably not worth mentioning, unless you never want to see a cat in the same light again. Below are a few examples of what our creative minds could dream up, these are scary, viewer discretion is advised...

Some Entries So Far

As the first rays of sunlight cast a rather sexy looking shadow of a sheep upon Bob's wall through his blinds, he sat there for several hours, painting pictures of what this pattern of light rays could represent. At first he thought of ice cream then his serious side took over and he dismissed the idea as just a case of swine flu. Finally after 6 long hours of doing nothing, he began to realise just how random and lame his life had become. "You know, I really must do something utterly random and pointless today," he stated, "I'm just so not sexy with my current life. I mean besides staring at patterns of light rays, all I do is listen to Zero-Hero and use the Editors to my own amusement." "Today will be different! I shall not do work.!" And off he went to do that.
By WNxFallenAngel

As the first rays of sunlight cast a kitten upon Bob's wall through his blinds, he sat there for several hours, painting pictures of what this pattern of light rays could represent. At first he thought of horses then his serious side took over and he dismissed the idea as balderdash. Finally after 6 long hours of doing nothing, he began to realise just how stinky and pubescent his life had become. "You know, I really must do something gay today," he stated, "I'm just so dangerous with my current life. I mean besides staring at patterns of light rays, all I do is shit and eat." "Today will be different! I shall go and collect kittens, bring them to my room, tie them up and paint them!" And off he went to do that.
By WNxDamage

As the first rays of sunlight cast a ray of sunshine upon Bob's wall through his blinds, he sat there for several hours, painting pictures of what this pattern of light rays could represent. At first he thought of kittens riding ponies ice skating in space then his serious side took over and he dismissed the idea as way too awesome for any human or unicorn to see. Finally after 6 long hours of doing nothing, he began to realise just how incredibly exciting and fantasmic his life had become. "You know, I really must do something super awesomely cool today," he stated, "I'm just so excited with my current life. I mean besides staring at patterns of light rays, all I do lick frogs and daydream about being an eagle, gracefully flapping my wings across the sky, hunting for fish in the sea and making love to dragons." "Today will be different! I shall practice medicine without a license, give myself a mammogram, misdiagnose myself with breast cancer and sue myself for malpractice after finding out that I don't have a license, and after that i'll fight a war in pluto and eat fish sticks." And off he went to do that.
By WNxdropkikkmarc71

After you have come round to your senses after a short session of phrase repetition featuring "WTF?????!!!!!!", I shall continue. Ok, good to go, for now . Well yeah, those were a selection and funny as they may be, there is plenty more were they came from, and as it would not be a contest without a winner, I put up a little poll to decide the winner. The funniest piece, as voted for by the CJD was written by none other than our Milkshake lover...

WNxMWDEEZ with his entry:

As the first rays of sunlight cast a shadow upon Bob's wall through his blinds, he sat there for several hours, painting pictures of what this pattern of light rays could represent. At first he thought of fruit then his serious side took over and he dismissed the idea as healthy. Finally after 6 long hours of doing nothing, he began to realise just how bacon-less and lonely his life had become. "You know, I really must do something important today," he stated, "I'm just so fucked with my current life. I mean besides staring at patterns of light rays, all I do is masticate and masturbate." "Today will be different! I shall invent a single machine that will perform all three of these simultaneously while making perfect bacon!" And off he went to do that.
Replace Bob with his username, and you got his life story right there people .

I have plenty more ideas where that came from, and hope to entertain not only the CJD, but also you viewers, when you get to read the winning entries . I guess that pretty much wraps my section up for this month, now watch me slowly reclaim every part of these Outtakes month by month. Muhahahahahahahahahahahaha!


Goodbye Step!!
Well the wonderful guy you may know as Step07mar recently was promoted to BO Col. and now wants to put 100% into the BO so we have to say goodbye to Step. Step was always a hard worker and was always there to buy the alco! Step has been in the CJD for a long time now and it is a shame to see him go! Best of luck to you Step!

Development Department Changed!!
Yup, shameful to say that the Development department has been cut out and from now on the Dev. will be handling the Development Dispatch. This in all shame, but Zero has let them do one more so watch out for the last Dispatch brought to you by the CJD!

With the department shutting down there are 5-6 awesome guys losing their jobs... We in the CJD are not at all evil... Ok maybe a little but hey, what can you do? Anyway we don't want to lose the guys so we have offered them to take jobs around the CJD as in Historian, Interviewer etc. Also you may know an awesome guys called WNxJokazWild... Yeah, he was the Editor of the Department... Well he has been in the Paper Sanctum for a long time and we didn't want to lose him so we have squeezed him into the Corrector position!

Here is a thread from Zero-Hero about the section being cut! Take a look for yourself!

Zero's Thread
Alright I talked to Vor928 yesterday and he informed me that he would prefer having the Development Dispatch to be produced within the Development Barracks.

Seeing that the Development Dispatch is kind of Dev's property and as Development expects to be benefiting from this there's no way I can turn this down.

Benefits will be for example that Dev officers will be reading the dispatch beforehand and will find out what's going on earlier than normal members. At the same time the Dev Officers deal with the sections every day, therefore it's easier for them to collect accurate information. I can also see a bigger feeling of belonging and team work/motivational aspects the Development Department would benefit from.

That means that Jokaz will probably be losing his current Editor position, and his crew (WNxadz2k7, WNxFataalFrietje, WNxHelios, WNxKingpin) will also lose their current job.

I offer everyone to find a new place within the CJD, may it be Sectional, Interviewer Historian or Reviewer. Seeing that most crews are full right now, I'm not against overstaffing for the second until someone resigns.

To Jokaz I offer moving over to a Corrector position if he wants to stay within the CJD. Even if Deez is also going to stay Corrector, I don't mind having 4 Correctors instead of 3, at least for the moment.

Just keeping everyone uptodate.

A Merge in Departments!
Yes, WNxZero-Hero is wearing the tag of BG of Creative Works... This means that the departments should all be in the same forum as we all do a creative work! Well the Zero-Hero has worked out a way to answer our call! We will be merging with all the creative works... yes that means we will all be merged into one forum, but we will still be keeping all the sub forums and everything that is already in each department... It just means that the CJD have some new guys to welcome in and work with.

It also means there are now 3 Colonels which will now get the tag of Creative Colonel! These changes wont happen over night but they should be happening soon... Don't just take my word for this... Here is the thread that Zero-Hero made:

Zero-Hero's Thread
The CJD was once a part of the Creative Lab. The CJs had a Head, just like GAT has a head. Time changed as the CJs were restructured as a sectional rank. Editors/Elite CJs were invented, and every section could have a CJ. As the amount of Journalists grew, also the importance of the CJD grew. It reached a point where the CJD was made independent from the other Creative Teams, receiving an own COlonel position. Growth continued as teams were added like Creative Writing or interviews. With growth also the importance increased to the point where the CJD and Creative Lab received a Brigadier General position, the BG of Creative Works. Yea that's me.

If you take a look of this development, of course the CJ crew was much bigger than the other Creative Departments, nonetheless it is still a Creative Department. Hence why my rank is called "BG of Creative Works" and why I oversee the CJD and CL.

I think that while the CJD is much bigger than the other Creative Teams, that it still can learn something from the others. And vice versa the other Teams can profit and learn from the CJD. In the end they are all Creative teams and all can be used as subtags.

I'm also quite sure that information and collaborations can happen much easier if the CJD worked closer together with the Creative Lab, while producing the Creative Courier for example.

What will happen?
For now I decided to make small steps. Simply put the Creative Lab and Combat Journalist Department will be merged and will be considered as a single Department, the Creative Works. The Creative Works will still have two Subdepartments of course, Creative Lab and CJD.

This means there will be some infrastructural changes:
Each current CJ Colonel will be tagged as a Creative Colonel. So there will only be Creative Colonels and no more CJ Colonels. Creative Colonels will of course have the job to oversee ALL Creative areas, while they will specialize in certain areas.

The second big change is that there will be a "Creative Works" Forum in the "Administration" part of WN. This will have two subforums, one being the current CJ Newsroom, the other will be the Creative Lab.

This is all that will happen for the beginning, then we'll take step by step.

The benefits:
With 3 Colonels overseeing everything, the coverage will be much more efficient. If for example Teutonic (current Creative Colonel) goes away for a few days, that puts a big pressure on the whole Creative Lab. If one of the two CJ Colonels goes away for a few days that puts a big pressure on the other Colonel, and also on the whole CJD. With 3 Colonels covering everything, the pressure is reduced.

Collaborations will take place easier etc etc.

What might happen in the future...
There's a lot that could happen, basically the forum structure isn't final. It would be possible putting all heads in one forum, or giving view access everywhere. These details still need to be discussed.

Another possible thing is that we merge the Creative Courier with the Newsroom Outtakes. That won't happen overnight though, but will need some time.

One thing I'm really satisfied about is to open up the Ace Award. Instead of the Ace Award only going out to CJs, it could also be given out to the Creative Lab members, I can see great benefits coming from that.

There's lots of things I have in mind but I'm simply too lazy to write them all done. For now I'd like everyone to simply post their opinions in here. This thread is going up in both, the Creative Lab and Journalist Newsroom, and I hope that both Departments agree with this big change equally. I can see big benefits, especially for the Creative Lab, coming from this.

Click the image to open in full size.

This Month's Interviews:
This month has a HUGE list! It will be a long read for you WN members but I must say, after reading every single one (it's my job) I have had laughs and tears of my little crew's amazing work! So don't read this no more, if you do then you are nub and I will redirect you down to the Interviews. If you are still reading then you need a slap and to look down a bit!

Interview - WNxPsyker - WNxBianca
Promotional Interview - WNxTiger - WNxFatality
Promotional Interview - WNxCJL9788 - WNxHorizon
Promotional Interview - WNxChaosByWind - WNx iRawwwrr
Promotional Interview - WNx flying YOYO - WNx iRawwwrr
Promotional Interview - WNxvor829 - WNxNightMare
Medal Of Valor - WNXMcDaniels - WNxNightMare
Promotional Interview - WNxProtagonist - WNxShifty
Lt. Gen. /Medal of Competitive edge - WNxStep07Mar - WNxTheLintLicker
Medal Of Honor- WNxAlmuric - WNxTheLintLicker
Promotional Interview - WNxRoses - WNxToxicTin
Medal of Resolution - WNxm0use - WNxToxicTin

Signing Off:
If you managed get this far you will now notice a dead body lying on the floor, that would be mine! Please phone FA my lover and ZH my boss to come clean it up! Oh yeah I forgot to mention the killer was WNxFatality, and you all should -Rep him! Signing off, your random editor, WNxToxicTin. =]

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Warrior Nation
05-27-2009, 04:00 PM
We rock

Nicely done Toxic

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Warrior Nation
Netherlands WNxMaddy
05-27-2009, 04:03 PM
Local Time: 05:46 AM
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Nice report
Gratz on the ace.


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Warrior Nation
05-27-2009, 04:47 PM
Nice Report!

Congrats on the Ace Reporter!

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Primary: Diablo 3
Warrior Nation
England WNxDavott
05-27-2009, 04:48 PM
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I'm a loser, DN owns
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*Insert Witty Comment*
Toxic & Fatal ftw
WNxDavott & WNxFatality = Dream Team
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Warrior Nation
United Kingdom WNxHorizon
05-27-2009, 05:06 PM
Local Time: 04:46 AM
Dishonorable Discharge
Join Date: Nov 2008   #
Nice work fatal and toxic, another great report

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Warrior Nation
WNxReapa of Souls
05-27-2009, 05:08 PM
Some were in that wall of text.. I think a congratz is in order...

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Warrior Nation
05-27-2009, 05:08 PM
Nice report!!! @ Deez heheheeh good work!!!

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Warrior Nation
05-27-2009, 05:17 PM
nice report!

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Warrior Nation
05-27-2009, 05:22 PM
Verrrryyyy nice.

I actually liked this issue.

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Primary: Warrior Nation
Warrior Nation
United Kingdom WNxFatality
05-27-2009, 05:25 PM
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The CoDFather
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aka FatalEnigma
Originally Posted by WNxTheLintLicker View Post
Verrrryyyy nice.

I actually liked this issue.
Obviously because I had some input .


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Primary: Warrior Nation
Warrior Nation
United States WNxHawkeye
05-27-2009, 05:25 PM
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Great read! Keep up the awesome work CJD!

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Warrior Nation
05-27-2009, 05:42 PM
Awesome report there

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Warrior Nation
WNx Wicked
05-27-2009, 05:49 PM
Nice report

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Warrior Nation
05-27-2009, 09:36 PM
nice report

With only three resigning
ummm didnt I count 4 resigning there :S?

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Warrior Nation
05-27-2009, 09:41 PM
Hehe nice work, all. Keep up the good work.

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Warrior Nation
05-27-2009, 09:53 PM
Great report and an excellent read. Well done all CJ's!

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Warrior Nation
05-27-2009, 09:58 PM
Hahah great read toxic ^.^

No i'm not mentioning you fatality


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Warrior Nation
05-28-2009, 02:14 AM
Great report guys!


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