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England WNxDavott
03-11-2009, 01:22 PM
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*Insert Witty Comment*
FPS Shootout 2009 Award Ceremony!
Click the image to open in full size.

FPS Shootout V3.0 Results

By WNxDarkAngel

It was a cold December morning, in the year 2008. All around the country, the malls were overwhelmed with people trying to get that early Christmas present, when all products are still in stock. My wife and son were down at the Shoppingland mall down town, and I was at the Military Base, as a stand-by for a routine mission. Like most others, I usually just watch TV when on stand-by. And I was lucky, it was a Family Guy marathon. I was just watching the episode where Stewie does the lonely walk of The Incredible Hulk when it happened...

We interupt this stupid, childish show for a special news report. A few minutes ago, there was a terrorist attack on this nation. The air conditioning systems of eleven malls were poisoned with nerve gas. The results are horrific, as nearly all people died within minutes. Unfortunately, there are no survivers.

And suddenly, the world stopped. There she was. They were just closing up the body bag, but that fraction of a second to see her face was all I needed. My wife was dead. I tried to cry, but couldn't. And then I realised it. I needed revenge, before I could start the mourning process.

I opened the vault (with combination 9 - 0 - 2 - 1 - 0) and called the leaders of the 12 best elite squads the military had to offer. Their mission was simple : Kill the bastards that murdered my wife.

And as they left, on motorbikes, futuristic jets, on foot,... I realised what I had done. I started something, something I never thought I'd see again. I had heard about the first, I had witnessed the second, but I never thought I would be starting the third. It was the

FPS ShootOut
General Stats
By WNxDavott

Overall Points Requested - 2712 Points

Average Points Per Day - 46 Points

Overall Requests Archived - 263 Requests

Average Requests Per Day - 4.45 Requests

Average Points Per Request - 10.3 Points

Biggest Requester - WNxCantReleaseYet with 731 Points

Biggest Archiver - WNxDavott with 233 Requests

Special Thanks
By WNxDavott

Hai Guys , by now Im sure you are bored of my writing so Im gonna keep this short ... Only joking, I really want to thank everyone who helped me along with this so it's going to be long . Firstly, a huge thank-you to WNxStep07mar for archiving loads and loads of smack matches for me and then requesting the points. It was a huge undertaking with CoD:Uo and GE:S putting in a stunning amount of matches with fists flying everywhere. A god would have struggled to keep up with it all but Step managed to stay on top even with his training to go to. Thanks Dude. Also, i would like to make a special mention to WNxRabidChicken and WNxShamanx who have been great in helping make the graphics for this event!

My second thanks goes to the sections involved in the FPS Shootout. From Air Rivals to Wolfteam you have all done a fantastic job in keeping me on my toes and keeping this contest going. I would also like to make a special note to WNxBadplayer and WNxToxicTin who have done a great job with both their sections and also bringing the feedback to me so I can act on it and make this event even better! Thanks everyone! Also to WNxGeoff, WNxProAim, WNxBlitzWarTank and WNxOtama who all helped me in their own little way!

My third thanks heads towards the higher echelons of Battle Ops. WNxDarkAngel and WNxDapope who have both been there to give me support when I needed it and to help out wherever help was needed. Not to boast about him, but WNxDarkAngel is one of the best Colonels in WN because he focuses on training those underneath him up to his level and helps you achieve your goals. Then again, even he couldnt do that without the constant guidance and presence of WNxDaPope who you couldnt ask more of... ever! So thanks guys, but dont get too big-headed .

Now, I have to mention a HUGE thanks to 3 people who have really helped end this Shootout with a bang! WNxDaPope, WNxReaper, WNx Reaper and WNxOtama have all donated $25 to bring our kitty up to $100 to give out to the top 3 sections. Thanks a lot guys for making this one of the best events ever in terms of prizes.

And Finally, to YOU! The great WN public who, without you, this event wouldnt have existed and wouldnt have been so great! Keep up the fantastic work you put in every day for your sections and never forget that YOU are appreciated by everyone around you.

Edit from DarkAngel :
There is one guy that did not receive credit for his work yet. WNxDavott has been the driving force behind the ShootOut, from the beta in 2008 until now. The ShootOut would not be where it is now, without him. I’d like to thank him, and urge you all to +rep him (hence why I let him make this thread ). He has worked his ass off, and has a great ShootOut to prove it. Thanks Dav.

By WNxDarkangel & WNxDavott

**Gunz : 0 points**
Gunz unfortunately didn't have the time to participate, but there is always next year guys.

**Halo EU/AU : 14 points**
They have proven that even older games have a place in the FPS ShootOut. Well done.

**Counterstrike: Source AU : 32 points**
And yet another one of our Aussie friends. And again, they take home some points. Good job.

**Air Rivals : 41 points**
Despite their different type of game play, AR managed to take home 41 points. I can't wait to see what they'll accomplish next year.

**Wolfteam : 52 points**
Once lead by an ex-commissioner, the wolves sure know how to accumulate points.

**Call of Duty 4 (NA) : 101 points**
Despite a slow start, and a lot of bumps along the way, CoD 4 NA managed to brake the 100 points mark.

**Dystopia : 104 points**
A former winner, and they too surpassed the 100 points.

**Halo NA : 110 points**
With a fifth place, they did even better than their EU/NA friends.

**CS:S EU : 112 points**
The winner of the first edition stranded on a fourth place, with a great total of 112 points. Congratz.

Everyone who competed can wear this signature with pride:
Click the image to open in full size.

And now, the top three... **drumrolls**

This attack was led by WNxSpoon and WNxOrdo with the first of two source games in the top 3. They pushed and pushed for points, throwing out gamenight after gamenight but in the end the strength of their competitors meant that they had to settle for third. So, Oi third place, with an amazing total of 416 points. Decorated with the following forum icon, and awarded the bronze sig and $20 donated by WNxDaPope and WNxReaper:

FPS Shootout Beta: 10 Points.
Interclan: 28 Points.
Practice Scrim: 17 Points.
Training: 11 Points.
Gamenight: 219 Points.
Recruit: 25 Points.
Contest: 20 Points.
Tournament: 50 Points.
Ladder Rank: 16 Points.
Smack Matches: 20 Points.

Click the image to open in full size.

Day of Defeat: Source

Click the image to open in full size.

WNxBadPlayer has the Medal of Communication and WNxNalle won Report of The Month making this a hugely formidable team to go up against. True fighters in and out of the arena, they gave a tough fight but unfortunately were ran into second place. Weighing in at 654 pounds, I mean points... The winner of the Beta v3. Awarded with the silver forum icon and 2nd place signature. The proud winner of 35$, donated by WNxOtama and WNxReaper.

FPS Shootout Beta: 20 Points.
Interclan: 62 Points.
Training: 44 Points.
Gamenight: 285 Points.
Pick Up Game: 24 Points.
Recruit: 50 Points.
Contest: 20 Points.
Tournament: 50 Points.
Smack Matches: 99 Points.

Click the image to open in full size.

Goldeneye: Source

Click the image to open in full size.

WNxToxicTin... a name synonymous with success and achievement and now one that will forever be known as the driving force behind one of the greatest Shootout sections of all time. Oh, and of course Fatality as well. The proud winner of the ShootOut V3. They achieved a mile stone we thought was impossible to reach. Achieving over more than thousand points, 1076 to be precise. They have broken every possible record and then added some. Awarded the golden forum icon, and first place signature. Given a 45$ prize, donated by WNxDaPope and WNx Reaper. Just check out these stats:

League/Ladder Match: 16 Points.
Interclan: 103 Points.
Practice Scrim: 126 Points.
Training: 238 Points.
Gamenight: 130 Points.
Pick Up Game: 54 Points.
Recruit: 50 Points.
Contest: 40 Points.
Tournament: 75 Points.
Ladder Rank: 10 Points.
Smack Matches: 234 Points.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the best FPS section for the year of 2009:

Click the image to open in full size.

Call of Duty: United Offensive

Click the image to open in full size.

This is how they did it.
4 pt. - Interclan Scrim 02/01/2009
5 pt. - Interclan Scrim (5v5) 02/01/2009
10 pt. - Training (10 People) 02/01/2009
6 pt. - PuG 02/01/2009
5 pt. - Interclan Scrim (5) 03/01/2009
14 pt. - Smack Matches (5) 03/01/2009
10 pt. - Gamenight (10+) 03/01/2009
4 pt. - Interclan Scrim 04/01/2009
6 pt. - Interclan Scrim 05/01/2009
11 pt. - Smack Matches 06/01/2009
10 pt. - Training (10) 06/01/2009
5 pt. - Interclan (5) 06/01/2009
10 pt. - Gamenight (10) 08/01/2009
4 pt. - Interclan 09/01/2009
4 pt. - Interclan 10/01/2009
-108 Points. Dav
7 pt. - Training 10/01/2009
4 pt. - Interclan Scrim 11/01/2009
4 pt. - Official Match (loss) 11/01/2009
7 pt. - Smack Matches 12/01/2009
10 pt. - Gamenight (10) 12/01/2009
6 pt. - Practice Scrim(5) (Win) 12/01/2009
10 pt. - Training(10) 13/01/2009
25 pt. - Recruit 13/01/2009
10 pt. - Forum Contest 13/01/2009
5 pt. - Interclan (5) 13/01/2009
4 pt. - Interclan 15/01/2009
11 pt. - Gamenight (10+Mod) 15/01/2009
7 pt. - Practice Scrim (Win) 17/01/2009
4 pt. - Official Match (loss) 18/01/2009
6 pt. - Practice Scrim (Win) 18/01/2009
10 pt. - Training(10) 19/01/2009
6 pt. - Practice Scrim (Win) 19/01/2009
10 pt. - Training(10) 20/01/2009
6 pt. - Interclan (6) 20/01/2009
25 pt. - Tournament 21/01/2009
6 pt. - Interclan (6) 21/01/2009
- 291 Points. Dav
10 pt. - Gamenight(10) 22/01/2009
7 pt. - Practice Scrim (Win) 22/01/2009
4 pt. - Official Match (loss) 25/01/2009
6 pt. - Practice Scrim (Win) 25/01/2009
10 pt. - Training(10) 25/01/2009
6 pt. - Practice Scrim (Win) 26/01/2009
34 pt. - Smack Matches 26/01/2009
10 pt. - Training(10) 27/01/2009
4 pt. - Interclan 27/01/2009
6 pt. - PuG 27/01/2009
4 pt. - Interclan Scrim 28/01/2009
10 pt. - Gamenight(10) 29/01/2009
6 pt. - PuG 29/01/2009
10 pt. - Gamenight(10) 30/01/2009
6 pt. - PuG 30/01/2009
25 pt. - Tournament 31/01/2009
- 449 Points. Dav
4 pt. - Interclan 31/01/2009
6 pt. - PuG 31/01/2009
10 pt. - Forum Contest 31/01/2009
30 pt. - Smack Matches 31/01/2009
10 pt. - Training(10) 31/01/2009
7 pt. - Practice Scrim (WIn+5) 1/02/2009
4 pt. - Official Match (loss) 1/02/2009
6 pt. - Practice Scrim (Win) 1/02/2009
6 pt. - Practice Scrim (Win) 2/02/2009
10 pt. - Training(10) 2/02/2009
6 pt. - PuG 2/02/2009
5 pt - League/Ladder standings - 31/1/2009
10 pt. - Training(10) 3/02/2009
6 pt. - Interclan (6) 3/02/2009
10 pt. - Training(10) 4/02/2009
7 pt. - Practice Scrim (Win+5) 4/02/2009
11 pt. - Training(10+Mod) 5/02/2009
8 pt. - Practice Scrim (Win+6) 5/02/2009
10 pt. - Training(10) 6/02/2009
6 pt. - PuG 6/02/2009
10 pt. - Training(10) 7/02/2009
6 pt. - Practice Scrim (Win) 7/02/2009
4 pt. - Practice Scrim (Draw) 8/02/2009
10 pt. - Training(10) 8/02/2009
38 pt. - Smack Matches 9/02/2009
4 pt. - Interclan 10/2/2009
8 pt. - Gamenight(Mod) 10/02/2009
- 701 Points. Dav
10 pt. - Training(10) 11/02/2009
5 pt. - Interclan (5) 11/2/2009
10 pt. - Gamenight(10) 12/02/2009
10 pt. - Contest 12/02/2009
10 pt. - Training(10) 13/02/2009
4 pt. - Interclan 13/2/2009
6 pt. - PuG 13/02/2009
28 pt. - Smack Matches 14/02/2009
10 pt. - Gamenight(10) 15/02/2009
10 pt. - Gamenight(10) 17/02/2009
4 pt. - Interclan 17/2/2009
6 pt. - Practice Scrim (Win) 17/02/2009
10 pt. - Training(10) 18/02/2009
10 pt. - Contest 18/02/2009
8 pt. - Practice Scrim (Win+6) 18/02/2009
6 pt. - Practice Scrim (Win) 19/02/2009
11 pt. - Gamenight(10+Mod) 19/02/2009
6 pt. - PuG 21/02/2009
22 pt. - Smack Matches 21/02/2009
10 pt. - Training(10) 21/02/2009
3 pt. - Smack Matches 22/02/2009
6 pt. - Practice Scrim (Win) 22/02/2009
6 pt. - Interclan Scrim (6) 23/02/2009
10 pt. - Gamenight(10) 24/02/2009
10 pt. - Training(10) 25/02/2009
10 pt. - Training(10) 26/02/2009
25 pt. - Tournament 27/02/2009
44 pt. - Smack Matches 27/02/2009
10 pt. - Training(10) 27/02/2009
6 pt. - Practice Scrim (Win) 27/02/2009
6 pt. - Practice Scrim (Win) 28/02/2009
25 pt. - Recruit 28/02/2009
10 pt. - Training(10) 28/02/2009
5 pt - League/Ladder standings - 28/2/2009
3 pt. - Smack Matches 28/02/2009

And Finally, I want to thank those people who have read this through to the end. Its been an amazing journey where I have learnt so much. Im sad to finally be writing he last sente..... no im not. This has been a great experience and pure fun at times but also a pain in the butt to hold aloft on my own so im glad its over Now, bring on the next task!

Battle Ops Loves You

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Warrior Nation
03-11-2009, 01:23 PM
Congratz to all participants !!

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United Kingdom WNxFatality
03-11-2009, 01:31 PM
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aka FatalEnigma

Preparing the last few days before my departure as major, glad I could go out with a bang .

Thanks to all the members of the cod uo section for their continued support and dedication!

Without you, this would not be possible .

Oh and euro and toxictin deserve a hell of a lot of credit

| VAT | Sgt Major | BO Captain | CJ | Major x2 | Editor x2 | FO Captain x3 | Game Champion | Recon Captain | Recon Colonel
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Warrior Nation
03-11-2009, 01:38 PM
Congratz to the winners

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United Kingdom WNxSco
03-11-2009, 01:39 PM
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Totally hawt, Great work to BO and all the section's working hard on this event.

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Warrior Nation
03-11-2009, 01:39 PM

Thanks Davott for letting me hold your... I mean for adding our points!!!

I love you! <3 I also love Euro for supporting me all the way! And Fatal for being a great Major!

I also Love DA because he loves me! But that's a secret!

We got 1000 points and broke the record! Now it's our time to sit and watch if it ever gets broken!

Well done to GE:S without you lot nearly beating us we wouldn't have pushed so hard and would never of reached 1000! Thank you! <3

I love WN!!

-Toxic =]

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United Kingdom WNxHorizon
03-11-2009, 01:43 PM
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Dishonorable Discharge
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Congrats to all the sectionns, but especially to the top 3 and COD:UO on breaking the 1000 point mark! Great commitment

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Spain WNxCJL9788
03-11-2009, 01:50 PM
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El Nio
Well done to everybody, GES was so close but congrats to COD. Was a successful SO!

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Canada WNx Gunblade
03-11-2009, 01:56 PM
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Forza Italia
<3 Brunettes
congrats guys! gj GES 2nd place

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Warrior Nation
03-11-2009, 02:10 PM
Well well done to all section ins the FPS Shootout.

However CoD UO totally stepped it up and everyone pitched in to break the expectations. <3

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Netherlands WNxDenny
03-11-2009, 02:25 PM
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Head of Waffle Baker
No hoax, all real!

Thats pwnage
Thnx to ToxicTin and Fatal we could never reach that amount and this prize
You made this possible and thats why a big hand from me!!!

GES Unlucky but with that arranging of matches interclans etc from toxic you could never win.
He was like a beast in arranging
Gratz on 2nd place


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Warrior Nation
Netherlands WNxDarkNyte
03-11-2009, 02:39 PM
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Well done to all participating sections.

Gratz CoD UO

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Warrior Nation
03-11-2009, 02:41 PM


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United Kingdom WNxSpoon
03-11-2009, 02:44 PM
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Thank F*** it's over

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United States WNxMunkey
03-11-2009, 02:51 PM
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Congratulations to the winners and participants!!

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Warrior Nation
03-11-2009, 03:05 PM
hope y'all had a goot time!


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Warrior Nation
03-11-2009, 03:41 PM
Congraz to all who participants and a special congraz to CoD: UO. Your section is very active, keep it up

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United States WNxJNG
03-11-2009, 04:03 PM
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Something's wrong here.

**Halo EU/NAAU : 14 points**
They have proven that even older games have a place in the FPS ShootOut. Well done.

**Halo NA : 110 points**
With a fifth place, they did even better than their EU/NAAU friends.
Other than that, it looks good.

Good job to everyone who participated in this event.

Hope to see you next time.

WNxJNG & WNxJurafalle - Rock Band Buddies <3
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Warrior Nation
03-11-2009, 04:11 PM
Lol...congratz guys.

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Sweden WNxNalle
03-11-2009, 04:21 PM
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Gratz to top 3!

+rep Davott for putting so much energy into the SO. Splendid job!

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