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United States WNxHellsight
02-03-2009, 06:21 PM
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Interview - WNxPatchaxx by WNxHellsight
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Primary: Battle For Middle Earth II
Secondary: Call of Duty 4(NA)

WNxHellsight: Alright, well welcome to Hellsight's Knoll. I am Hellsight and I will be interviewing you tonight. How are you doing?

WNxPatchaxx: Hello Hellsight . I'm doing well, what about you?

WNxHellsight: I am not bad myself.

WNxHellsight: My first question is when did you join Warrior Nation?

WNxPatchaxx: I joined around February 2007 . At first, though I wasn't really active on forum, only in-game. After 1-2 months I started to get interested to the forum and other members when my recruiter suggested that I do so.

WNxHellsight: Haha. Sounds just like me. I just observed my first month, then went forum happy and here I am with 3k posts.

WNxPatchaxx: That's great . I guess many people are like that though.

WNxHellsight: Yeah. Who recruited you into the clan?

WNxPatchaxx: WNxSm0keY, but unfortunately he was banned for bad stuff he said. He was a nice guy. I met him while I was playing BFMEII online. I played many games with him and one day I asked: what's that "WNx" in front of your name? After he explained I asked to join, and there I was!

WNxHellsight: Better story then mine. I just saw Munkey spamming GameFaqs, haha.

WNxHellsight: What is your favorite section within Warrior Nation?

WNxPatchaxx: Woah, it's still a nice way to get in . My favorite section is definitely the BFMEII section. It has always been my primary and I don't think that'll change until the day it dies (If it dies ).

WNxPatchaxx: What about you Hell? What's your favorite section?

WNxHellsight: Oh man I don't know. Probably the old Rainbow Six Vegas 2 section, since it was my baby.

WNxPatchaxx: Old sections are always good ones .

WNxHellsight: Yes, yes they are .

WNxHellsight: Well, I see you joined myself and countless others in Development.

WNxHellsight: How are you enjoying yourself there?

WNxPatchaxx: Very nicely. It's similar to being a GM, but in another sense it's also similar to an admin, kind of a mix, but all that guided by the goal of creating a section. It's pretty cool; I really enjoy being an Engineer. What I also like about it is that you constantly meet new members to "wurk" with and you got plenty of Dev partners (which are all nice peeps) .

WNxHellsight: Haha yeah. This position was great for me, especially since I was a Major, and is definitely my favorite position by far.

WNxPatchaxx: More than to be a Major?

WNxHellsight: Hmm I'm not sure.

WNxHellsight: Probably not, since Major is a special type of experience, but Dev is real close.

WNxPatchaxx: Yeah I guess you're a bit like me. Major is awesome but for the moment Dev is the best.

WNxPatchaxx: Like for RIGHT now.

WNxHellsight: Yeah I know what you mean.

WNxHellsight: What was your number one reason for applying to become a Dev. Officer?

WNxPatchaxx: Well, I had just stepped down as GM. After a few weeks, I saw the application thread Fire posted in the Clan Discussion forum. When stepping down I had no plan, getting a new position hadn't even touched my mind. When I saw that thread, I don't know, I felt appealed. After stepping down, there was something missing. I applied for Dev because I felt, with the experience I had, that I could be great as an Engineer and, most of all, because I like to help people around here, mostly by guiding them in a way, a bit like when I was GM. So, Engineer seemed perfect for what I wanted to do.

WNxHellsight: That is great. We all appreciate you applying.

WNxPatchaxx: What about you Hell? What made you decide to become an Engineer?

WNxHellsight: I was Major for a bit, but after I stepped down I didn’t have anywhere to go. I was in the MP Dept. for a bit, but it wasn't really my thing. I saw FW make a post in the CD and decided to apply for it. The position just appealed to me.

WNxPatchaxx: Ah, it seems we got a more similar story than I thought lol.

WNxHellsight: Well once you go Major, there isn't much that can replace it.

WNxPatchaxx: I totally agree.

WNxPatchaxx: It's an awesome experience.

WNxHellsight: It definitely is.

WNxHellsight: Alright is big boy ready for a few fun questions?

WNxPatchaxx: Yep, yep, yep, I am.

WNxPatchaxx: I'm wondering what you'll come out with lol .

WNxHellsight: Haha, alright.

WNxHellsight: First question.

WNxHellsight: Favorite color?

WNxPatchaxx: Silver (chrome). The shiny grey lol.

WNxHellsight: Favorite band?

WNxPatchaxx: Mmm don't really have a favorite one. I enjoy listening to a lot of different stuff.

WNxHellsight: Alright.

WNxHellsight: Favorite music genre?

WNxPatchaxx: Punk.

WNxHellsight: Favorite movie?

WNxPatchaxx: Lord of the Rings trilogy, but my favorite one of the three is The Return of the King.

WNxHellsight: Favorite TV show?

WNxPatchaxx: I don't really watch TV, but I really enjoy the Simpsons

WNxHellsight: Haha alright.

WNxHellsight: Are you ready for a game?

WNxHellsight: It will be a word association game. So I say a word and you say the first WNx member that comes to mind.

WNxPatchaxx: Lol alright .

WNxHellsight: Alrighty!

WNxHellsight: Sexy.

WNxPatchaxx: WNxTemplars1102.

WNxHellsight: Appalling.

WNxPatchaxx: Mm WNxLithiumLT lol.

WNxHellsight: Scary.

WNxPatchaxx: WNxFireWraith (lolz).

WNxHellsight: True dat.

WNxHellsight: Crazy.

WNxPatchaxx: WNxHmmm.

WNxPatchaxx: That was a hard one lol.

WNxHellsight: Workhorse.

WNxPatchaxx: WNxDaPope.

WNxHellsight: Fun.

WNxPatchaxx: WNxGaleth.

WNxHellsight: Alright that concludes our interview.

WNxHellsight: Do you have any shoutouts?

WNxPatchaxx: Mmm, WNxWalkingOwnage, WNxDragonDisciple, WNxtheDarknoobkill, WNxMr K, WNxTemplars1102, WNxGaleth, WNxSonic and WNxRoses.

WNxPatchaxx: Alright, thanks for interviewing me Hell .

WNxHellsight: Not a problem! It was a lot of fun.

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Warrior Nation
02-04-2009, 05:32 PM
Great interview by WNxHellsight. I really enjoyed reading it.


Warrior Nation
02-06-2009, 03:06 PM
Good interview, well done .


Warrior Nation
02-06-2009, 05:07 PM
Great interview mate!
Keep them coming!
Again congrats and enjoy the dev..



Warrior Nation
Norway WNxMarkus
02-07-2009, 05:13 PM
Local Time: 07:47 AM
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RoySmithers Fanclub
gr8 interview come with more

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Warrior Nation
02-07-2009, 07:16 PM
Haha nice to see Patch being interviewed ! Well done you both, was a piece of good interview, enjoyed reading


Warrior Nation
02-08-2009, 01:45 PM
Nice interview, well done.


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