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02-02-2009, 04:52 PM
CJ News
Medal of Resolution and Promotional Interview- WNxJokazWild by WNxNubblyBubbly
Credit goes to Interviewer: WNxNubblyBubbly

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Real Name: Read the interview
Age: Do the math
Primary Game: Resistance 2 (PS3)
Birthday: November 26, 1982
Join Date: December 11, 2007

WNxNubblyBubbly: Hello Jokaz and welcome to Nub's Corner! Glad you could join me.

WNxJokaz: Glad to be here.

WNxNubblyBubbly: How are you doing this wonderful Tuesday evening?

WNxJokaz: I'm doing pretty good. I'm just hanging out with my family and playing around on the computer. How are you?

WNxNubblyBubbly: Considering that I just started my second semester yesterday... I think I am doing quite well.

WNxJokaz: Good Luck!!!

WNxNubblyBubbly: *cough* Yeah... Let's hope this year I can ace all my subjects eh?

WNxJokaz: Let's hope.

WNxNubblyBubbly: All right. Enough with the salutations! Let's get down to serious business. How about you start by introducing yourself to our audience.

WNxJokaz: Well, my name is Chris, and I'm twenty-six. I am married and have four wonderful children. I spend most of my time with them, and the rest is divided between gaming and WN.

WNxNubblyBubbly: Four children? Wow. Been busy I see? They must take up a lot of your time no doubt?

WNxJokaz: For sure. Three of them are under two, and one is in first grade. I am at home all day with the three youngest, and their mom takes over for me when she gets home. So my evenings are pretty much free, which is nice.

WNxNubblyBubbly: So do you have a career with all of this going on?

WNxJokaz: Not yet. I quit my job when the twins were born so I could stay home with them, and I enrolled for online classes at a local community college. I'm looking to get an associate's degree in business management. I also work part time at a gas station a few nights a week from 12 PM to 8 AM. I get no sleep those nights.

WNxNubblyBubbly: I can only imagine. You must love your family a lot to quit your job. I would most likely do the same though. I salute your loyalty and dedication towards keeping care of your family!

WNxJokaz: I do my best.

WNxNubblyBubbly: Any hobbies hidden in there?

WNxJokaz: Not much time for hobbies. I do collect toys. I have a ton of Transformers, Star Wars, and G.I. Joes. I have been collecting them forever, and I will never stop. Some I have played with (when I was young), but most are still in the package.

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WNxJokaz: Sorry. My son turned off my computer. =/

WNxNubblyBubbly: Haha. No problem. Kids will be kids.

WNxJokaz: You can include that if you want.

WNxNubblyBubbly: I most likely will.

WNxJokaz: Nice.

WNxNubblyBubbly: Shall we continue?

WNxJokaz: Of course!

WNxNubblyBubbly: Copied my last statement! Whoo! - Oh nice! I see the little kid is strong with this one. That is completely awesome! Must be worth quite a bit eh?

WNxJokaz: I have a few that are worth some money. A lot of them are fairly new and aren't worth much, but I have quite a few complete sets that could make me some quick cash if I needed it.

WNxNubblyBubbly: Sounds pretty cool. With such a busy and wonderful life, how did you ever manage to find yourself within the gates of Warrior Nation?

WNxJokaz: I was really into a new game called Eye of Judgment for the PS3. I first saw the game at a comic con in Chicago and thought it was pretty sweet. I was surfing the net for fan sites and came across a site called It just so happened that a week or so after I joined, I saw WNxAkurei recruiting for WN and I was intrigued. I checked out the site and thought is was amazing. I got in touch with Akurei and he got me all signed up. I can't thank him enough for getting me in here.

WNxNubblyBubbly: And that was what...? More than a year ago?

WNxJokaz: Yeah, 1 year and 26 days to be exact.

WNxNubblyBubbly: Okay there Mr. Numbers man! I used to play EoJ too with my brother (WNxGiveX). Kicked his butt all the time. It was an awesome game, but the game just got... Expensive.

WNxJokaz: Exactly. That's the only reason I stopped playing. I spent over $500 on the set one cards to complete the set. I couldn't keep spending that kind of money to stay competitive at the game. Not to mention the cards were always delayed, and never even made it to a store near where I live, after set one that is.

WNxNubblyBubbly: Wow. That is way more than I spent. I mean the game was good and all, just the cards made it die. It was a great section though. I popped in a few times. Did you hold any positions within the section?

WNxJokaz: I was a Game Champion while we were in Development. Then I got HGFO when we were released. Shortly after I applied for and got the CJ position as well.

WNxNubblyBubbly: I see you were quite involved. The position I am most interested in though is the CJ position. What was your motivation to apply for this WONDERFUL position?!? By the way, I AM NOT BIAS!

WNxJokaz: Yeah....O...K.....

WNxNubblyBubbly: *cough*

WNxJokaz: I have always been interested in writing. I was a "reporter" in high school for the school newspaper, and was editor my senior year. When I was younger I wanted to be a journalist. I never really followed through with it though, until I came into WN. I saw that there was a journalist department and I knew I had to try my hand at it. I asked around and found out what it was all about, and the different forms of it. I decided that I really wanted to write the reports for the EoJ section.

WNxNubblyBubbly: And write reports you did. Very well I might add. Worthy of an Ace Award if I recall.

WNxJokaz: Yes sir! I was very proud to receive it.

WNxNubblyBubbly: It must have been a great feeling. Knowing that you stood out among the rest and were a role model to all Combat Journalist's.

WNxJokaz: It was a great feeling. I did my best to represent my section, and the award let me know that I was doing them proud.

WNxNubblyBubbly: Another accomplishment that you achieved within the CJD was the position of Editor. How did that come about?

WNxJokaz: Well, there was an opening for a new Editor and I applied. I didn't get the job the first time around, but a few weeks later Zero PM'd me and asked me to write up another application. I PM'd it to him and a week or so later the announcement was made. That was about the time you got Colonel.

WNxNubblyBubbly: That was almost nine long months ago.

WNxJokaz: Yeah it's been a while, and here we are in the same positions. CJD = Win

WNxNubblyBubbly: Indeed! The CJD is quite the place to be. My most favourite place to be in fact.

WNxJokaz: I'll never leave the CJD. You guys are stuck with me.

WNxNubblyBubbly: Shit... I mean, YAY! Good times ahead!

WNxJokaz: ...

WNxNubblyBubbly: Anyways... *clears throat* What about that shiny thing around your neck?

WNxJokaz: Ahhh yes... The Medal of Resolution. You know, I never really expected to receive it. I never really tried to earn it. I just did everything I could for the CJD because it is an awesome place to be. The job is great, the people are leet, and it's just a great atmosphere. I have always been a fan of what we do in there, and I wanted to preserve that in every way I could. It just goes to show that hard work and dedication really pays off. And off the record, thanks. I read where you nominated me and it meant a lot.

WNxNubblyBubbly: 'Course. I only nominate people when I know that they really deserve it and in my honest opinion, you really did. You have done so much and have showed dedication and loyalty that is was my honour to present you with it.

WNxJokaz: *tear*

WNxNubblyBubbly: *passes a tissue*

WNxJokaz: *sniff* Thanks.

WNxNubblyBubbly: I hope you are here for a long time to come. Now, to more recent events! How is your name in blue treating you so far?

WNxJokaz: So far so good. I had a nice chat on Vent with Dapope, Nyruu, Stint, and KP last night. Everyone in the Pentagon has welcomed me with open arms and I can tell it's going to be a great experience for me working with the upper administration of WN. I haven't really gotten my hands dirty yet, but I look forward to it.

WNxNubblyBubbly: Trust me, you will enjoy your time in the Pentagon. Were you nervous when writing your application for Bravo?

WNxJokaz: Not really. I just tried to represent myself the best I could. I was REALLY nervous during the Vent interview though. I got over it after the first few minutes though, and it went pretty well. I'm usually the one doing the interviews, from my time in development, so it was a weird transition into the interviewee.

WNxNubblyBubbly: Oh there was an interview for your position eh? Interesting...

WNxJokaz: Yep. Tango Brigade is all about the communication. DJ likes to beat us into it.

WNxNubblyBubbly: So that is why he has that giant headset with all the spikes around it...

WNxJokaz: Pretty much.

WNxNubblyBubbly: Are there certain sections you are looking forward to ASing?

WNxJokaz: Resistance 2 all the way. I am fortunate enough to be able to stay with them as their Dev. support, and I can't wait for them to be released so I can be their AS. I am currently looking to AS for the CoD PS3 section for a few months to learn the ropes. After that I will try to AS for games that I have and play.

WNxNubblyBubbly: Yeah. ASing can be quite the fun job, but tough at sometimes due to the situation at hand. I am sure though that you will be able to handle any situation just fine.

WNxJokaz: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

WNxNubblyBubbly: Haha. You will need it.

WNxJokaz: I'm sure.

WNxNubblyBubbly: It will be quite the experience for you. Do you think that you have the experience to tackle these unforeseen situations that will eventually arise?

WNxJokaz: I sure do. I have worked with some of the best admins in WN. I have been trying to follow the example they set, and I have full confidence in my ability.

WNxNubblyBubbly: Awesome. That is what we admins love to see. Self confidence and the willing to learn as you go will take you far as an admin.

WNxJokaz: I'm always learning. Everyday is an experience point in the game of life.

WNxNubblyBubbly: The good thing is what we learn within Warrior Nation, can sometimes be applied to life and its problems. What else could a person ask for?! Eh?

WNxJokaz: Some of your delicious cupcakes.

WNxNubblyBubbly: Only 'special' people get those... Speaking of which I am baking a batch right now and I think they are almost done. We should probably be wrapping this up soon. Are there any final words/shoutouts you would like to do?

WNxJokaz: I just want to thank Nyruu for this awesome oppurtunity, and you Nubbly for this leet interview. As for shoutouts... I could break my hands typing and still miss a few people. You guys know who you are anyway, at least, you better!

WNxNubblyBubbly: That many eh...? Lazy ass! I would really like to thank you for taking time out of your busy life to talk with me. This was an awesome experience and hopefully next time you receive a medal I will be there to interview you once again.

WNxJokaz: Definitely awesome. Thanks Nubs!


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United Kingdom WNxHorizon
02-02-2009, 05:00 PM
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Great interview by the Nub there
Very interesting and insightful!

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Warrior Nation
02-03-2009, 12:01 AM
Best of luck for the new semester, WNxNubblyBubbly!

A fairly fast paced interview, no slabs of texts makes it nice to read.

Congratulations on the impressive medal, WNxJokazWild, wear it with pride!


Warrior Nation
02-03-2009, 05:19 AM
It was a nice read. Great interview guys.


Warrior Nation
02-03-2009, 05:28 AM
Great interview! GJ!


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Singapore WNxJurafalle
02-03-2009, 06:07 AM
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Gwaet Interview! Reps to Nubbly!

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Warrior Nation
02-04-2009, 02:42 PM
It's a nice read. And I find your kid turning your pc off funny xD.


Warrior Nation
02-04-2009, 07:48 PM
very interesting interview, enjoyed it, fantastic, wish mine could be more like that


Warrior Nation
02-07-2009, 08:55 AM
Very nice interview!


Warrior Nation
02-09-2009, 02:37 AM
Great interview Nub!

And lol Jokaz, kid turned PC of. hhahaha n1



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Netherlands WNxDarkNyte
02-11-2009, 06:42 PM
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good interview peeps

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Warrior Nation
02-11-2009, 07:32 PM
Great Interview!!


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