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Warrior Nation
12-24-2008, 02:13 AM
CJ News
Other - Section Interview - CoD UO - WNxEuro
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interviewer: WNxeuro
Subject: WNxFatality

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Message from Interviewer:
Hello all! As you all might know I am just promoted to interviewer. This is my first interview. It could have some mistakes, but I did my best.

The interview
WNxeuro: Hello there Fatality. How are you doing today?

WNxFatality: I'm sad and feeling some remorse, like a part of me has been removed and I can't get it back now.

WNxFatality: I just got my hair cut .

WNxeuro: Hahaha sad to hear. Do you think you are ready to answer a bunch of

WNxFatality: Yep, maybe will take my mind off the lack of weight upon my head now.

WNxeuro: You must know this is my first interview, so I could make some mistakes. Don’t laugh at me then.

WNxFatality: Awww . I need a laugh.

WNxFatality: Lol j/ks xD.

WNxeuro: Well a little bit then but not in the microphone .

WNxeuro: First of all. Tell us a little bit about yourself, for the people that don’t know you that well yet.

WNxFatality: Well I would start by saying my name is Adam and I come from Northern Ireland. I've been gaming for 2 years or so, and been glued to the cod uo section for just over a year I think. I have never changed my primary since joining wn, so yea I love this section xD.

WNxeuro: That's what real loyalty is!

WNxFatality: Or the result of having a pc only capable of playing games older than the internet.

WNxFatality: Nah, xD I really do love this section.

WNxeuro: Good to hear, good to hear!

WNxeuro: Our section has recently opened a scrim team. What goes on in the scrim team? Why should people want to join the scrim team?

WNxFatality: Basically it is designed for those who enjoy playing competitive gaming, and want to develop their skill in a team. Each individually thanks to aim training, and also as a team thanks to ******** training and getting to grips with each others playing styles.

WNxFatality: It is a key to getting extra trainings and focusing more time on developing the qualities of a good team, not just on good skilled players.

WNxeuro: Well the scrim team was made last month. How do you think it is going so far?

WNxFatality: I'm pleased with it. We have held a few trainings and had a high turn out of those in the team, and had people gain jobs such as yourself and also people giving plenty of ideas to improve or benefit the team. It is great to think people are trying to help make it a better place which shows they like it so far.

WNxFatality: They have the will to spend time trying to make it even better.

WNxeuro: I gained this position (interviewer) after Nightmare left WN. Bladez and Nightmare left WN, how do you think of this? Does this makes any big changes in the scrim team?

WNxFatality: Well because those members have an outside friendship with each other and another banned member, we always expected some sour things to happen. I have been through so many of these instances, where for example a member leaves WN and you know they will regret it but they insist you approve their HD, so I do it, and already Nightmare is waiting 30 days before coming back. Tis a shame but all part of a section tbh. As a whole no I don't think it will affect the scrim team much. Bladez was not really an active part of it and although Nightmare has left, I can tell by the interview so far, you got that part covered .

WNxeuro: Yea that is true.

WNxeuro: I have to go to the toilet for a sec. Ill be right back.

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WNxeuro: Okay I am back. Let's move on.

WNxFatality: Kk.

WNxeuro: Okay, about something else. The [L.E.P]Recon, what is it for the people who don't know?

WNxFatality: Well it is pwnage in a can tbh. It started out as me and Toxictin because we are from Ireland where the legend of leprechauns exist if you believe . And if you read our clan name you can see the resemblance. Now with the fps shootout coming up and to gain points matches must be at least 3 vs 3 so we recruited Blub into our team and also gained a new sub incase one of us cannot make a match, so that spot went to Toxic's #1 fan boy aka you.

WNxeuro: How did it started? You just thought one day, well lets make [L.E.P]Recon and wear those tags?? Lol.

WNxFatality: Well we were alone in my office on vent one night and thought we should do a 2 vs 2 and we pwned as expected so thought, hey we should make a 2 vs 2 team and pwn everyone. And the whole leprechaun idea came from a book I read which included that as the name of the police force of Ireland in the future xD (yea it was a child's book ages ago) and it has been used before by me and heat3999 when he was around as he was and still is a wannabe Irish guy.

WNxeuro: That is clear.

WNxeuro: About your randomness . How on earth do you think of all that random crap talk?

For people that don’t know what I am talking about:
At night only a few people are awake, last night it was ToxicTin, Nataz, Fatality and me.(If I forgot you then sorry ) Fatality start talking very random shit, I will mention some things.
-Why when a light bulb gets white if it gets warmer and orange if a bit colder?
-You know when you cut paper on a black surface, and you keep cutting it, does it just disappear?

WNxFatality: This the result of extreme boredom + the will to make people laugh at the stupidity of it all.

WNxFatality: I'm not really like that in RL at all, xD, ask toxic, he met me yesterday *cough* pics in my profile.

WNxFatality: Until I get told I need psychiatric help then I shall forever be random at night on vent.

WNxeuro: Yea, about your ''date'' with ToxicTin, How was it?

WNxFatality: Very romantic ofc. xD Nah it was awesome, we had a great day together.

WNxFatality: Will be doing it often me thinks.

WNxeuro: *looks jealous* Will you ever come to Holland with Toxic, to meet me?

WNxFatality: Only time will tell... but I have never been to Holland so it would be a good experience and I hope I can when I'm a little older.

WNxeuro: I will be waiting for you!

WNxeuro: Well I want to get to an end now, any shout outs maybe?

WNxFatality: FallenAngel (sixty nine degrees), Scooby (woof woof?), Infection (in his team in all weps ftw), Nataz (yeeeer), Glitch (ALLL RIGHHHT), Valcon (large foreheads lol), Blub (beaver slap!), Callum (break your 360 again pl0x), Euro (cheese?), muchtose (personal assistant ^^), NIGHTMARE (pro scrimer), Terror (weeeeeeed), Dem (*insert comedy laugh here*), Denny (hot dogs ftw), heat3999 (get your arse back here), Leon (chooo chooo), Squealer (+1), Tjibbe (hackbuster), Damage (france ftl), Owndead (fail!), Almost (pro?), all the people of the CJD.

WNxFatality: Sounds familiar huh?

WNxFatality: And...

WNxeuro: Copy and paste?

WNFatality: Davott (your mum?), Adz (wrap it a pasty), ToxicTin (leprechauns), Mindfreak (sugar muffin), Darknyte (the only pro nub I have ever known)

WNxFatality: Yea, cba to retype it all lmao.

WNxFatality: Probably miss many people again.

WNxeuro: No problem.

WNxeuro: Well do you think my first interview was good enough?

WNxFatality: Yea it was brill, keep up the good work mate! Pleasure as always...

WNxeuro: Hope you enjoyed the interview!

WNxeuro: And will talk to you soon again!

WNxeuro: Thanks for your time.

WNxFatality: No problem, and to all readers...


WNxeuro: Haha same. Cya!

I hope you all liked my first interview!


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Warrior Nation
12-26-2008, 10:34 PM
Great interview Euro! Well done!

Very fun to read about Fatal! NOT xD j/k



Warrior Nation
12-27-2008, 04:12 AM
Cool interview euro mate, keep em' coming!


Warrior Nation
Netherlands WNxDarkNyte
12-27-2008, 05:08 AM
Local Time: 07:52 AM
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good interview euro that fatalnub, what a boon

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Warrior Nation
12-27-2008, 06:15 AM
Made me laugh with the hair bit. Well done .


Warrior Nation
12-27-2008, 08:29 AM
cool toxic nice interview


Warrior Nation
12-27-2008, 10:50 AM
Nice interview, love ya fatal for still naming me!


Warrior Nation
12-27-2008, 11:42 AM
Great first interview mate. Keep the good work up, looking forward to the next one.



Warrior Nation
12-27-2008, 04:44 PM
Great interview!


Primary: Warrior Nation
Warrior Nation
United Kingdom WNxFatality
12-27-2008, 11:01 PM
Local Time: 06:52 AM
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The CoDFather
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aka FatalEnigma
Originally Posted by WNxDarkNyte View Post
good interview euro that fatalnub, what a boon
idd, but I don't you should be saying that when he is better than you.
Originally Posted by WNxStep07mar View Post
Made me laugh with the hair bit. Well done .
That is no laughing matter! ZOMG!!!
Originally Posted by WNxTjibbe View Post
Nice interview, love ya fatal for still naming me!
Once a sexy bitch, always a sexy bitch .

Euro is awesome & that is all.

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Warrior Nation
12-28-2008, 06:03 AM
Go Fatality!!! Hehe, Great interview guys.


Warrior Nation
12-28-2008, 05:51 PM
great interview man!!


Warrior Nation
12-29-2008, 10:48 AM
Another great interview for a first timer, good effort mate! +rep



Warrior Nation
01-06-2009, 08:38 AM
Cool 1st interview Euro mate!!
Hope to see more from you.



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