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07-27-2008, 02:01 AM
Medal of Competitive Edge
Medal of Competitive Edge!

Awarded to WNxZero Devil!

Now I know that many of you are thinking, obviously since ZD got the new medal approved that it is logical he be the first to receive it. But there are far more reasons why ZD deserves to be honored in this way by the Battle Ops Department.

Let's go back to where it all started. ZD first became a BO Honor Guard 02-07-2007 and little did he know that was his first step into a bigger world. Soon his skills as a BOHG shown into the BO department as a whole in on 5-28-2007 he was promoted to Commissioner. This was quite a class out of 30 applications ZD was chosen along with his #2 an our newest RPG Col. WNxKevin102. Who knew that over a year later they would still be doing amazing things in Battle Ops and working side by side.

I still remember when we were both promoted to Commissioner together waaaay back in time. I don't think anyone could have predicted how far either of us would go, especially you going on to head up the department as BG. If anyone deserves this medal, it's you. Now hurry up and get broadband because dial-up is fail.
The next big change happened in 09-09-2007 when he became an Admin and got the chance to lead Commissioners.
Haha As being ZD's ex-commissioner, I will say the following..

What to say about ZD? He was my RPG Colonel for most of my time as commissioner, and he was there if I needed him. I didnt talk to him that often because I had no need to, but when I did he was a big nub (In a good way ), always going against what I said . He is pretty understanding and lenient, but he makes sure to get a job done that is necessary. On top of this, he has a sense of humor to keep everyone laughing. I remember one chat I had with him was about me and Kevin (WNxKevin102) and how we were Batman and Robin. I laughed at him because he told me Kevin had dibs on Batman leaving me with Robin. ZD really does have the drive to take BO to bigger and better places, and truly deserves this medal more than anyone. Good luck with your new Brigadier General role, and wear this medal with pride. By the way ZD, you are now officially 'RCB' Approved
Before the year was out he was nominated and received the Medal of Communication.
WNxZero Devil has done an excellent job with communicating, both as a colonel, and as a friend. He is always checking in on current happenings in the BO forum, and strives to keep in contact with all members of his commissioner crew, regardless of his dial-up internet.

Not only has he mastered the ability to speak his opinion, he is also a great listener, one of the most important skills need for communicating well. If you have a problem, WN related or not, he will always listen intently, then offer his take on the situation.
That started filling his medal box, soon he would be adding the Medal of Honor for his achievements as an Admin and the work he did in his sections.
WNxZero Devil since day one, from being in my section as a primary and, at first, my BO HG commissioner has been most helpful. He has went out of his way as commissioner to make sure that my BO HG stayed on task and took care of the job they were assigned to. Now he has been my AS since September of 07. He has relentlessly went out of his way whether it be with phone calls to my home, pm’s, or IM’s on Xfire to take care of my section needs. He has grown with me during my GM leadership from a section member, to my AS, and now to a lifelong friend. I would miss him if he wasn’t my AS. Because of his relentless love for the NWN section and his AS position this medal was deserved before now, obviously he worked overtime in the background and no one has noticed his hard work.
Still he wasn't done, WNxShisno had been grooming him for months, and when the time came there was no one else he could think of to run the BO department. It was with a heavy heart that Shisno handed over his baby to some one else to take the reigns of.

RCB!.... Wait.... To late for that . Well Zero dude, you deserve this medal more than anyone else in WN. Since you were promoted to Bdg. everyone has seen how much blood, sweat and tears you have put into the department and it just goes to show Shisno made the right choice. Even providing me with an interview subject and nearly dieing with laughter. May many great times like this come your way dude. Gratz
After getting the chance to lead he quickly set in with a blitz of tasks he wanted completed. From the changing of the Medal of Outer Reach into the Medal of the Competitive Edge. Getting the new Report of the Month award completed. Updating the stickies, and combining the most important info into the new BO Bible.

From the minute i step in to the Commissioner's office, i saw a great leader. Someone who takes charge and is not afraid to tell people what they need to do. He sets high standards for the BO section which must be met. His leadership skills are beyond magnificent. He is an inspiration to the whole BO Department. I hope to learn from Zero Devil and follow his example!
From day 1, 'till today, and into the future WNxZero Devil has done his best to make Battle Ops a place of pride in all of Warrior Nation. For all his efforts it is a great honor to award him this highly over due medal, and an extra special honor to see him as the very first Medal of the Competitive Edge!!!


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Warrior Nation
07-27-2008, 02:19 AM
Has this medal always existed?
Congrats Zero Devil you deserve it
and double congrats if its created a medal


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United States WNxFireWraith
07-27-2008, 02:22 AM
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Originally Posted by WNxKenetic View Post
Has this medal always existed?
Congrats Zero Devil you deserve it
and double congrats if its created a medal
New name for Medal of Outer Reach.

Grats ZD.

Nice avatar, Pope.

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Warrior Nation
07-27-2008, 02:22 AM
Congratulations Zero Devil!

Ninja'd by Firewraith D:


Warrior Nation
07-27-2008, 02:44 AM
WOW a HUGE congrats ZD they couldnt have picked a better man!~ WAY TO GO!~


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Netherlands WNxFataalFrietje
07-27-2008, 02:55 AM
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Congratulations ZD, wear it with pride.

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Warrior Nation
07-27-2008, 03:01 AM
Congrats zero devil wear it like uv worn no other medal before =p


Warrior Nation
07-27-2008, 03:29 AM
Congratz Zero! Well deserved!!


Warrior Nation
07-27-2008, 04:14 AM
Congrats Zero Devil! Keep up the good work mate!


Warrior Nation
United States WNxJokazWild
07-27-2008, 04:21 AM
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Congrats on the new Medal


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Australia WnxPub
07-27-2008, 04:23 AM
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:RaMbLiN MaD mAn:
Congratulations Zero Devil.

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Netherlands WNxm0use
07-27-2008, 04:24 AM
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That wasn't a very big surprise . Nevertheless, big congratulations to you ZD! Keep up the hard work you do for BO!

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Warrior Nation
07-27-2008, 04:25 AM
Congrats zd =]


Warrior Nation
07-27-2008, 04:29 AM
Grats ZD. Keep doing your great work.


Warrior Nation
Germany WNxToRni27
07-27-2008, 04:37 AM
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Artanis the great
Congratulations ZD!

Well earned

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Warrior Nation
Norway WNxMarkus
07-27-2008, 04:53 AM
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Congratz ZD ! Well deserved!

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Warrior Nation
07-27-2008, 04:56 AM
Congratulations man, just keep being cool .


Warrior Nation
07-27-2008, 05:05 AM
Graz man

Well earned

Enjoy it


Warrior Nation
Australia WNxAmarines
07-27-2008, 05:25 AM
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Congrats Zero Devil, keep up the outstanding work.


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Warrior Nation
Germany WNxJanitor
07-27-2008, 06:25 AM
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Ah congrats ZD. Well deserved.

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