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Warrior Nation
02-29-2008, 08:33 AM
CJ News
Warrior Nation Metro - Issue #21 - March 2nd 2008
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Warrior Nation Metro - Issue 21 - March 2nd 2008

Letter from the editor:
This has to be one of the largest weekly reports I have seen in a long time. When editing it was so large I had to make an additional post in order to fit all the information in here. I am very please to say there is a lot of great section information that can be found in this weeks WN Metro, and I know it is large but I promise you will not be put to sleep. Great Job to all CJ's in this issue, they all produced top notch reports for their sections this week. Enjoy! - WNxCootie


Promotions Included:
  1. Field Operations Honor Guard & Captain
  2. Battle Operations Honor Guard & Captain
  3. Royal Guard & Military Police
  4. Combat Journalists
  5. CJ Ace Award Winners

Sections Included:
  1. Battle for Middle Earth - WNxAragorn
  2. Call of Duty (EU) - WNxAragorn
  3. Call of Duty Series Xbox 360 - WNxIllyria
  4. Call of Duty 2 (EU) - WNxSquealer
  5. Call of Duty 4 (EU) - WNxManihaX
  6. Call of Duty 4 (NA) - WnxSwitchBlade
  7. GuildWars Series - WNx Ariel Nightingale
  8. Gunz - WNxSniper - FEATURED!
  9. HL2 Golden Eye Source - WNxCatface
  10. Knight Online - WNxDeathRogue
  11. OGame - WNxMWDeez
  12. RuneScape - WNxKiros
  13. Sacred - WNxDizzt
  14. Soldier Front - WNxSkitzBoi
  15. Supreme Commander - WNxFireDrake
  16. The Eye of Judgment - WnxJokazWild
  17. WarCraft III West - WNxPureLuck
  18. World of WarCraft Alliance PvE NA - WNxQumarasa

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Warrior Nation
02-29-2008, 09:48 AM

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WNxSquealer - Call of Duty 2 (EU)
WNxZeppelin - Call of Duty Series - Xbox 360

Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.

WnxDeathRogue - Knight Online

Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.

WNxDeathblow - Web Development
WNxWhiipit - Counter-Strike 1.6
WNxJessica - War Rock (NA)
WNxTripod - Diablo 2 East

Click the image to open in full size.

WNxAragorn - BattleforMiddleearth 2
WNxXcutioner - Call of Duty (EU)
WNxOverdrive - Call of Duty 2 (EU)
WNxAndrew2 - Historian
WNxChange - Reviews & Previews

Click the image to open in full size.

He has been an awesome Combat Journalist creating several top-notch reports. He's been around for ages and signed every and all roll calls and almost supplied a report every month. He also managed to get the "Featured Report" not too long ago. He's a great role model for all CJs and therefore deserves the Ace Award.

He hasn't been around as long as Dakx, however deserves this as much as he does. He also handed in good reports every week and signed every single roll call. In his short time around he already took the time to write two great interviews. He just recently also increased his workload as a Historian. He's a hard working CJ and therefore totally deserves the Ace Award.

He hasn't been around for too long, however his work is incredible. He's done a GREAT job as a historian restructuring almost all of his histories within such a short period. Additionally he also comments on pretty much everything in the Correction Box and tries to help the other CJs in all ways possible. This CJ is totally outstanding and therefore deserves the Ace Award!

Featured Report

Click the image to open in full size.

Many Changes



It was a beautiful winter’s morning, dazzling blue skies but with a cold crisp bite. Young Kapitanturtle sat near the window in his tight red overalls and pink bowler hat playing with his collection of toys.

“BOOOOOOOOOOOM!” he shrieked, smashing a large red fire truck into an Action Man doll and sending the plastic head sprawling across the room. Staring at the headless torso for over a minute, Kapitanturtle's little finger slowly rose to his nose and he forcefully jammed it up his left nostril, pulling out copious amounts of green sludge, which he gently placed onto his tongue and began to chew upon.

A sharp knock at the door stopped Kapitanturtle's fun and he groaned unhappily, eager to resume the mutilation of his many Action Man dolls and the chewing of his bogies.

“Come innnnn!” he trilled, as the door swung open and Raptor strode into the room, wearing a snazzy surfing shirt, hot pants and string sandals. He was puffing on a pipe which was giving off a strong odor and his eyes were glazed and pupils dilated.

“Good sir” Raptor boomed, looming over the small child, Kapitanturtle. “I have decided to resign as Major in the Gunz section” he continued, while Kapitanturtle idly toyed with the small Action Man head in between his fingers.

“But…who’s gonna be Major now?” Kapitanturtle whined sadly, tears splashing down his red chubby cheeks.

“I recommend Sniper, good sir. He knows how we Majors roll” Raptor replied, clicking his fingers and taking a drag on his pipe.

“Send him in!” bawled Kapitanturtle, bashing his fire truck against the back of Raptors legs in anger.

A small weedy college student of around 17 shuffled into the room, eyes fixed to the floor and buck teeth protruding down to his chin.

“You called, sir?” asked the student, who was wearing novelty eyeball spectacles and looked highly eccentric.

“Yeah!” yelled Kapitanturtle, who had by this point succeeded in beating Raptor unconscious with the bloodied fire truck. “We needed a Major and we chose you. Will you play with me?”

And so it came to pass that Sniper and Kapitanturtle spent a happy 5 hours together, playing with expensive toys and pushing objects up the nose of the still comatose Raptor.

Please congratulate the following people:

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.
WNxRaptor & WNxGasTank

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Events and Training

WNxJunginenas has been working hard since his promotion to the Battle Operations Department, creating training sessions weekly and is currently planning events to take place in the next few weeks. Although only a few people have attended the last few training sessions, we hope that more people will participate in the coming weeks so that we can begin to Clan war and battle our way to the #1 spot on the Ijji rankings. Watch this space!

For the interested readers, training sessions are at 8pm GMT on Fridays and Saturdays. Come along and join in!


The Gunz section has fallen on difficult times recently, hitting borderline danger on the last 3 rollcalls. But with the addition of the new officers, it is only a matter of time before the rollcall numbers begin to pick up and we can continue our progression and strive to be the best clan in Gunz!

Extending our reach

Once again the honorable WNxJungingenas is at the heart of this topic. He has taken it upon himself to revive the old ways and agreed to begin recruiting members and possibly even organizing training sessions on the IGunz servers, which were abandoned when the majority of Gunz players switched to Ijji Gunz when it was released. The section will still primarily recruit and play on the Ijji version of the game, but we are hopeful that the extension to IGunz players will result in an increased influx of members. Thanks to Jungingenas for shouldering the responsibility for this task and we are sure that the enterprise will be a success, spreading the reputation of Warrior Nation further than ever before.


Click the image to open in full size.
The Battle for Middle Earth II

Someone got the job he has always dreamed for!

Click the image to open in full size.

After WNxAzrael had stepped down from the CJ rank and remained our Battle Ops Honor Guard, only two members applied for the job. It seems that the one that has been chosen really wants to do this, and he made the officers to understand this too. It’s my great pleasure to present to you, the new CJ of The Battle for Middle Earth 2 section, WNxAragorn! That’s right, I am the new CJ, and I must admit that this is the job I have always wanted in this section. Thanks for choosing me and I promise that I will not disappoint!

February Replay of the Month winner!

An excellent 1 vs 1 game, a classic Dwarves vs Goblins battle, the best replay of this month. I want to present to you, the winner of ROTM, the Dwarves Master... WNxDragonDisciple! Congratulations Dragon, and I hope that we'll see replays like this one many times from now one.

25$ Tournament ends!

After we had won the 3rd place at the ‘Battle of the Titans’ tournament, we won the 25$ and we decided that we should organize a tourney to see who can take the money. Actually the 25$ Generosity Medal, because we all agreed that the winner would donate the money to the Nation and earn his medal.
It's my honor to present...

3rd place and Bronze Cup winner.

Click the image to open in full size.

2nd place and Silver Cup winner.

Click the image to open in full size.

1st place, Gold Cup winner + 25$ Generosity Medal.

Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.

Thanks to all that participated and congratulations for the winners!

Click the image to open in full size.
Call of Duty (EU)

New banner

As the old banner was becoming more and more boring every day, we decided that we should have a contest in which we should post the banners that we have made. After quite a lot of members had participated, it seemed that the best image that should represent us is the one made by WNxFallenAngel. The new banner is much better than the old one, and it fits just perfect for us. Thanks FallenAngel and congratulations! The new, cooler banner can be viewed in full size here.

'Time for a change'

It seemed that we were following the right way, but I think that we were a bit hasty with the conclusions. Due to the real life issues that he has been dealing with in the past few weeks, our Major, WNxTybs, decided that it's better for the section if he steps down, and let someone with more free time to lead. After our primaries number had become thinner and thinner each month, we think that a new leadership is the last solution that would save the section. We hope and we tend to be sure that the as soon as the new leaders are announced, the doors of activity will be reopened. Any additional information can be found here.

Fastest CJ switch

Click the image to open in full size.

I'm sorry to announce that this will be my last report for Call of Duty. I switched with Battle for Middle earth 2 section, but I'm very happy to announce that an old member of us had shown interest in this job. Without further presentation, I'm glad to announce our new CJ: WNxXcutioner. Congratulations BigX and good luck with your new job!

A new Major? God, that was quick!

Click the image to open in full size.

He showed us that he cares. He organized trainings, he bought a new server for our us, he even made a plan for the future, and he promised that he would listen to his soldiers' advises to improve the section. Though some ex members say that he is not the most loved, he really proved that he is a good leader. After a couple of days without a leader, it's my truly honor to present to you, the new Major of Call of Duty (EU), WNxBlackHeart! Now we are really looking forward to seeing who the Battle Ops and Field Ops captains will be! This will be his first duty as a Major, but we're sure that he will make the best choices! Congratulations BlackHeart, and good luck!

Click the image to open in full size.
Call of Duty Series - Xbox 360

I’m back from my “holiday” (yay, exams) and raring to go! Another thank you to Hydra for filling in for me while I repeatedly banged my head on exam desks!

Territory Wars

Wow – so much has been going on since I started my exams! The teams have been tearing away at each other, and from what I gather, Red and Blue seem to be winning at the moment! I suppose that’s a ‘yay’ for me (being in the Blue team), however I have been unable to participate due to my Internet connection playing up. Sorry guys!

Now all four teams have names and captains too!
  • Yellow Team - Golden Pride – Captain WNxToilet Bole
  • Red Team – Red Team of Death – Captain WNxKilling Spree
  • Green Team – Jamaican Hopstoch Mafia – Captain WNxZeppelin
  • Blue Team – Sparkly Rainbow Unicorn – Captain WNx flying YOYO
I wish a good luck to all participants! This is a brilliant competition and I’m sure this is going to carry on doing great!
Territory Wars Thread

WNxHydra’s Birthday

Yes, yes, I know. Even gods such as Hydra do grow older. The 22nd was his 22nd birthday (yes – currently too lazy to make up some joke about it), and I hope he had an amazing day, and many more fun days to come. Well done for making it this far Wayne! Mwahaha! I’m sure we all love our trusted Major really…

Rep Wayne For Being 22!


Everything on a Gamebattles front is going great! Yes – we have had our losses, however we have had more wins! And also, both of our teams went against each other – Foxtrot and WNx COD 4 – Foxtrot rising victorious!
Make sure y’all make it to any practices!

Gamebattles Thread

Doubles Teams

Yes, the event you’ve all been waiting for – doubles teams on Gamebattles is finally here! Find yourself a budding partner and saddle up for as many friendly matches as you please! Now you’ll be able to play even more Gamebattle matches in your own time! Make sure you behave though – you’re still representing WN!

Doubles Teams Thread

Member of the Month

As our section has the highest amount of members of all the WN game sections, it’s a bit silly if we decided to hold this event off any longer, and so MotM is born! Make sure you all PM WNxHydra nominating a non-tagged member of our crew with valid and clear reasons why you think they should be MotM. For more information, read the MotM Thread.


WNxShaggy is our new admin support! Give him a pat on the back, folks! Also, give a round of applause for WNxMunkey's promotion from Sergeant to Staff Sergeant, and also WNxKilling Spree's promotion from Staff Sergeant to Master Sergeant! Good going chaps!
There will also be a brand new promotion system being put in place soon, so look out for it!

Promotions Thread

A Bit About Yours Truly

I suppose now I’ve been your CJ for about a month, I might as well tell you a little bit about myself! Well… I’m 16 and I live in the UK, and yes – I am a girl – contrary to popular belief. I’m just a massive tomboy is all. I love gaming (duh) and I have a 360, a Wii, a DS, a PSP, a PS2, and I play the odd PC game too. I’m currently slobbering all over Rock Band, waiting for that to arrive.

So, me being 16 means I’m finishing a stage of education this year! I won’t go into any detail, I guess any non-English people (no offense meant) won’t understand our system. But I’m carrying on in school and I’m going to try and take Medicine when I can go to university – I want to work my way into forensic pathology.

Enough about me now – I’ll finish this issue with (I wonder what…):

Army Joke Of The Week

Want to get fit for the Army? Have questions? Well… read our trusty FAQ to help you out!

Q: Should I reduce my alcohol intake?
A: No, not at all. Wine is made from fruit. Brandy is distilled wine, that means they take the water out of the fruity bit so you get even more of the goodness that way. Beer is also made out of grain. Bottoms up!

Q: Aren't fried foods bad for you?
A: YOU'RE NOT LISTENING!!! .... Foods are fried these days in vegetable oil. In fact, they're permeated in it. How could getting more vegetables be bad for you?

Q: Will sit-ups help prevent me from getting a little soft around the middle?
A: Definitely not! When you exercise a muscle, it gets bigger. You should only be doing sit-ups if you want a bigger stomach.

Q: Is chocolate bad for me?
A: Are you crazy? HELLO Cocoa beans! Another vegetable!!! It's the best feel-good food around!

Q: Is swimming good for your figure?
A: If swimming is good for your figure, explain whales to me.

Q: Is getting in-shape important for my lifestyle?
A: Hey! 'Round' is a shape!

Can’t wait to write the next issue!

Click the image to open in full size.
Call of Duty 2 (EU)

New Homemap

For a long time, the CoD2(EU) Section didn't have a homemap to play on. With a little discussion, a thread was made with a massive poll. The election has started, and we're halfway through it, but, with over 60% off the votes, Carentan seems to win! Though, with 10 votes less, Brecourt and Caen are tied 2nd. The winner has the privilege of calling himself the homemap for Warrior Nation, and will be played on for some time!

Now that was a little useless, so just try to click here.

E-dom & FPS QC Drill

It's only a few weeks since we signed up, but there are already some matches planned for Euro Domination. Heavy battles, with tough, blood spilling fights up ahead, all the soldiers are preparing their guns, and are drilled by DoggerDaz. There have been numerous of trainings, fun nights, scrims and even a competition that's running to get the maximum out of everyone. Now the FPS Quarterly Challenge is over, and we're waiting for the final verdict, we're going to focus on keeping the amount of activity within the section.

Now a news report is nothing without its resources, so you might want to follow these links.
If you want to know more about the Euro Domination Matches, click here.
Now you might be curious to find out more about all the scrims, and if you are, then click here.
And as a last point, we have the wonderful 1v1 competition, which can be found here.


After 5˝ month of loyal service as CoD2(EU) CJ, I've stepped down to be more active as FO Captain and ECJ. So with that, it is time to get our section a new CJ. Loads have applied, and one has proven himself to be the best. This is my last report for the section, but I'd like to introduce to you:

Click the image to open in full size.

Good luck, and make us proud!

Click the image to open in full size.
Call Of Duty 4 (EU)

Caption Contest!

Ah yes, a caption contest has been made recently!
Here are the entries, voting has begun!
  • Quick! Take the picture! i can only handstand for a couple of seconds! - WNxDeath_Angel
  • My Money!! It's falling out of my pockets!!! - WNxSquealer
  • I show you my fav sex move spongy - WNxnano
  • I forgot to wear my belt and I had to do something to keep my pants from falling off, right? - WNxDarkAngel
  • Could someone itch my crotch? It's itching as hell! Oh and if you're at it... emmm could you errr....... Cut me loose? - WNxMaNiHaX
  • See!! poop isn't the same when put the other way around d00d! - WNxRefl3x
  • Look at my pro cover... - WNxBloodRvn
  • Such a shame... He thought he could fly - WNxDavott
  • Wow Lets Upside Down spammin' here? - WNxWaidy
The voting has started! The odds are pretty even for some, so we want YOU to vote! ( If you still can =] )
More info about the captioning contest can be found Here

That R Sum Servers!

A major thanks to Spongeman for sorting the servers out for us, we now have a staggering 4 servers and 1 dedicated EU teamspeak!
-WN private server (32 slots) -
-WN Tournament server (16 slots) -
-WN Public server (20 slots, of which 4 private) - (Old server config)
-WN Public Hardcore server (20 slots, of which 4 private) - (Old server config only Hardcore)
-WN EU Dedicated TS -

Also a big thanks to WNxTr1xxy for getting a Cod4 jumping server for us!
-- IP =
Happy jumping and fragging guys!
Drop on in!


Ah yes, what is a section without their promotions!
A staggering 50 people have been promoted this week with a special double promotion for the secondary cod4 player WNxRazz!

Cod4 Team Deathmatch Ttournament

Ah yes the Team Death Match Tournament, it ended a while back (the 24th) Unfortunately only 1 match was played!
Let's hope it restarts (So I can finally get in a team) and gets finished this time! People want rewards!

Clanbased Match

The Cod4 EU section has risen on the ladder once again!
It was a 5 vs 5 on Search And Destroy on the maps Strike and Pipeline, There was some confusion at the start since they didn't speak very good English.
But the war turned out positive for our nation! We won with a staggering 21-8.
Screenshots can be found clicking on the following link:
Hope you liked my report! :]

Click the image to open in full size.
Call of Duty 4 (NA)

Pubbin' Contest Winners!

The Call of Duty 4 NA section got it's public server back up, and to boost the activity in the server, the officers held a little "Get Caught Pubbin" contest. Everyday, one of the officers would randomly check the server at different times and see who is playing. They would then record the number of times a member has been on during the daily check. After tallying up all the results, the winners are the following members:

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Congrats to all 3 of you! Keep it up.

Oh My God, What a Match!

Last Wednesday, we had 2 TWL matches. The first match was a 6v6 TDM, which we easily won. But, the second match we had was a 5v5 Search and Destroy. We got off to a bad start and were losing 3-7 at half time. In the second half, we fought back but still were down 7-10. If the other team was to reach 11 points, we would have lost. We managed to win the next two rounds, to make the score 9-10. We had to win this next round to send it into overtime. As the next round came into play, all of our guys got killed except for WNxcookemonster. He was alone against 2 of their players. He held strong and managed to kill one of the players who was about to defuse our bomb, then he somehow managed to hold on and killed the next guy sending us into overtime! Once overtime came around, our guys held on and ended up winning, coming back from 3-7, giving a big upset to the other team!

More information can he found HERE.

Way to go guys! Hopefully we can manage to win next weeks match as well.

Click the image to open in full size.
Guild Wars Series

In the year 208 B.C. of the Mouvellian Calender, the 6th Grandmaster of the Warrior Nation Guild Wars Series Empire, WNxArchmage, rules over the vast area of land with benevolence. The land is peaceful, the economy is doing exceptionally well, the crops have an extremely good harvest, the Children of the Land have more than ample to eat, no one is starving, there is no war and there is no crime.

The people treat one another with the utmost respect and love. Camaraderie, team spirit, respect, politeness and sharing are but one of the few values which epitomize and underline the core values shared by the Assembly/Council as well as the people.

There is an abundance of activities, festivals, events and contests. Every day and every week, there is always something new to look forward to and something new to be surprised at.

This week marks the last week of the Februarius month as well as the start of the Martius month.

Chapter I - Archmage’s Assembly – consists of recent happenings in the empire

At the 2nd Royal Assembly of the year, the monthly report indicates that the Empire is the 2nd largest in the land with 99 million people ( Primary: 66, Secondary: 33 ), up from 97 million people in the previous month.

Threads: Februarius Rollcall Highlights ( WN ), Februarius Rollcall Summary ( WN GWS Family )

New Appointments to the Assembly/Council

In the same month of Februarius, Great Grand Prophet Chia ( P v E ) and Duke Bam Bam ( P v P ) are invited into the Royal Assembly/Council to serve as Battle Operations Honour Guards.

Click the image to open in full size.

WNxGardenofchias ( P v E )
WNxBamBam ( P v P )

The Royal Announcer tells of the Assembly/Council’s dilemmas over the selection of the two new appointments to the Assembly/Council.

Originally Posted by Royal Announcer Click the image to open in full size.
“... ... Sure enough Darky passed the message along and we gathered. Members who had more years of battle experience than me sat at the table. It was an honor to mark this day, for tonight we would make Guild history.
We threw out names, of members who we thought would lead us well in battle
Who had traveled the most. Who knew the most members. Who was the strongest. Who was the most helpful? It went for hours like this back and forth. We were unable to reach our decision. We were split right down the centre 50-50. We could no longer split our last too members apart.

Excuse me – is this an open meeting am I still welcome back?
Wick stood there in the door.
Of course – Tilly stood you are always welcome back here Wick! He pointed out a seat.
Wick here is the thing – Uni layed it all out, filled him in on all pros and cons and finally our dilemma.
Well… these two will be working for me right?
One member is obviously better suited than the other to particular jobs right?
Well yes that’s our problem. It seemed like I was stating the obvious.
Why don’t we have both? ... ... ”

The Empire are absolutely excited with the new appointments and looking forward to seeing and participating in more events and festivals.

Thread: Congratulations to our new Honour Guards

New Royal Forum Established – Halls of Monument

A new Royal Forum has been established for the people of the land to share their most exquisites of treasures and the most delicates of fabrics, clothings etceteras. It also stores the periodicals of the perilous journeys of adventurers as well as the Empire’s conquests and achievements.

Forum: Halls of Monument


The Queen, Her Majesty, has been called upon to bestowed knighthood on several of the deserving members who have faithfully committed themselves to the cause of the Empire as well as those who have contributed to the well-bring of the Empire.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

The whole Empire rejoice to their commissioning of knighthood and a royal feast awaits.

Thread: Promotions Februarius 2008

Returning Journeymen

The Empire rejoices at the returning of our Journeymen, Sir Theo, Sir Odiom and Sir Flash.

Their presences have been deeply and sorely missed by the people as well as the Assembly. It is truly an event to be rejoiced at and the Royal Kitchen will make sure that a deserving feast for both them is being duly set up.

Welcome Back Thread for: Theo, Odiom, Flash

New Initiates

Click the image to open in full size.

The Empire welcomes with open arms to the following initiates, Miss Zestalyn, Miss Twentyfirst, Miss AllyKabaam, Mr Underpaidpyro, Mr Mulletq, Mr Japsa and Mr Wiie. Hopefoffenseully, in time to come, they will build up a great rapport with the Family and enjoy the Family as much as all of us do.

Welcome Thread for: Zestalyn, Twentyfirst, AllyKabaam, Mulletq, Japsa, UnderUnderpaidpyro and Wiie

Chapter II - Arwen’s Chronicles – consists of tales and adventures

Lady Arwen Lightslayer (WNxTrillian) has published her latest book on the collection of tales and adventures, titled ‘Arwen’s Chronicles’.

Te Amo ( Every time we touch ) - A Love Story

This is a love story that tells of how a girl, Ariel, recalls the memories she shared with her other half, Thrawn.

Thread: Guild Wars Video: Te Amo – Every time we touch -

Protector of Cantha

This is a MUST-READ story for everybody who aspires to be someone like the legendary Sir Theo.

The collection of 2 tales illustrates how the legendary Sir Theo achieved his Protector of Cantha title in a descriptive, light-hearted and artistic manner.

Click the image to open in full size.

“.... .... - Chienpo says we can't enter.
- Let me tear him apart!
- Calm down Rayne, I will think on something.
- Oh yes Sato, I am sure, but there aren't any trees here so you can climb them like in the Echovald forest.
- Please not again...
- Ah so that's the reason why you use a sword now, Sato? - asked Child.
- Well..... - I couldn't finish the phrase, the palace's gates opened and another guard rushed out of them.
- They are attacking the palace!.
We didn't think twice, we entered wielding our weapons... ...”

For full details, please refer to thread: Who needs an army when you got a Protector?, Skirmish at Raisu's

Master of the North

This collection of 2 stories depicts the adventures of the Great Grand Prophet Chia’s as he attempts to become Master of the North.

Click the image to open in full size.

For full details, please refer to thread: Introducing.....Snow Globe, Braving Destruction's Depths

Mouth of Abbadon

This is another MUST-READ story by one of our ex-council member, Elder SwordFishLongspear.

Elder SwordFishLongspear describes his adventures into the heart of evil in a poetic manner with brilliant visual displays.

Click the image to open in full size.

“... ... We tried and we tried to show her the right way
But the woman just stood there, as if she would stay
In lava some members were stunned to despair
It looked like we'd failed, and Leah just didn't care

Lo and behold! She moved around it at last!
We didn't know how, but we were having a blast!
She finally made it to her bright green grove
Where she thanked us and into the Mists, she dove... ...“

For full details, please refer to thread: At the Mouth of Abbadon

Chapter III - Colleen’s Theatre – consists of music and the arts, wines, clothes and women

Lady Colleen is renowned for her artistic flair in the areas of music and the arts. Everyday, she is dressed elegantly in the finest of fabrics. She is also a collector of the best wines in the land. Her theatre showcases her exceptional collections to the public.

Exotic Arabian wear – feel warmer in thin clothings in winter ( WNxTiger )

This week’s collection features Princess Tiger and her newly tailored gown, which is made from a special type of fibre obtained from the wings of the Margonites in the dark Realm of Torment in Elona.

One may mistakenly think that the gown is made for summer however it is actually a gown for winter. Although the material looks slightly thin, it actually makes the person clothed inside feels as warm as spring in the winter season.

There is no more need to wear the bulky and cumbersome winter wears. Additionally, the gown is specially tailored to bring out one's best by accentuating her angelic and curvy figure.

Click the image to open in full size. Click the image to open in full size.

Thread: Shopping Spree continues

Amber Collection – Female 15k Kuzick Monk wear ( WNxDarkNyte )

This week’s collection also features Duke DarkNyte female 15k Kuzick Monk wear for his lady. It is made from the ambers collected deep within the perilous Echovald Forest owned by the Kuzicks who hide themselves behind the shadows. One certainly needs great abilities to enter the forest and leave the forest alive with the ambers.

The clothing is touted as the finest female monk clothing ever seen in the land of Tyria, Cantha and Elona.

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Thread: Armor

Another Amber Collection – Male 15k Kuzick Warrior wear ([url=""] WNx Mace /URL])

Like Duke DarkNyte, Sir Mace’s armour is also made using the same material, Amber, fitting for only the most skilful and bravest warriors in the land. One also needs to possess great strength in order to be able to put the amber armour on and move around freely.

However, the armour is currently not dye as Sir Mace is still considering what dye to use on it. Perhaps, Lady Raynewan can shed some light on it.

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Thread: oooooo shiny o.O

Possibly the most expensive clothing – Male Obsidian Elementalist wear ( WNxDynellen )

This is possibly the most expensive piece of clothing in the land of Tyria, Cantha and Elona. Sir Dynellen’s Obsidian clothing is made from the rarest of materials, namely the Ectoplasms which can only be found in the Underworld and the Obsidian Shards which can only be found in the Fissure of Woes.

Furthermore, it takes the hands and skills of a legendary craftsman who has long deceased to be able to sew together the rare materials to tailor the clothing. In order to do that, one has to visit the land of the dead and come back alive in one piece.

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Thread: A project long overdue

Furry Clothings – Male Norn Warrior wear ( WNxJoshStargun )

Climbing the perilous peaks of the Northern Shiverpeak, braving the chilling and harsh winds, Sir JoshStargun was finally able to slaughter the 1337th monstrous beast to obtain its precious fangs and claws. Together with the monstrous fangs and claws obtained from the other 1336, he was able to put together this lovely piece of armour said to be able to withstand even the freezing breadth of the icy dragon, Drakkar, sleeping under the Drakka Lake.

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Thread: A True Norn

Ancient Clothings – Male Ancient Elementalist wear ( WNxWidowMaker )

This piece of exquisite clothing that Sir WidowMaker is wearing is named ‘Ancient Clothings’. It is made from the rare material Damask and cloth.

The difficult part is finding the tailor to craft it as he can only be found in the Bone Palace. One must be able to survive the deadly sulphur of the desert in order to reach it. Furthermore, it is also the palace of the once formidable Palawa Joko of the land of Elona.

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Thread: New armor

Chapter IV - Chia’s Prophecies – consists of predictions into the future

The Great Grand Prophet Chia has prophesised into what the future will hold for the children land in Guild Wars 2 .

There will be no monthly fees, improved trade, improved storage and new P v P features etceteras. But what about marriages? Will the war between the Kuzicks and Luxons continue?

Thread: Interview with a GM on Guild Wars 2

Chapter V - Zilcho’s Battle Orders – consists of military deployment and conquests

As a result of Great Grand Prophet Chia’s prophecies, General Zilcho, with his great foresight, has made plans for the future in order to ensure the Empire’s survival.

Wick’s Academy

In Wick’s War Academy, trainees have been made to undergo a special set of training so that they can have stronger bodies, better reflexes, better situational awareness in order to better defend the Empire should the need arise and also to achieve greater glory in the P v P arena.

This is a huge project and the entire Empire thanks him for his effort in making the whole project clicked.

Thread: PvP Project

Scavenger Hunt

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“... ... Mission Prompt: Jlo the Conqueror has begun a dark ritual to turn every Guild Wars Section member into a CAT! But before Tiger could return home she was intercepted by one of Jlo’s loyal henchmen. Tiger barely escaped, however she lost her backpack in her frantic getaway.
With a frown, Tiger slowly walked back to the guild hall. She assembled the rest of the guild and charges those brave enough to locate the missing ingredients for her spell. Tiger has been taken over by a case of
sudden amnesia so she can only hint on where some of these items may be... ...”

For Full details, please refer to thread: Guild Wars Scavenger Hunt!!!!

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HL2 Golden Eye Source

Member Scramble

After an extremely dry month of nothing really going on. This week we had an unexpected twist in our section. We lost both of our "guns". WNxGunblade left us to join another section as primary, and WNxGunWolf (who had just completed his second year as a member) left because of real life situations. Although we are sorry to see them go, we wish them both the best of luck.
However both of them were promptly replaced with two new promising members within the next day. Rarely in our section is a void filled that quickly. Recruiting is up and hopefully will stay that way, its good to see our members so enthusiastic about participating in keeping our section going.
The most surprising part of this whole ordeal was that next day after that WNxAngelE and WNxBigbobo returned to us after a very long absence. Angel is the only other girl in our section besides me so I was pretty excited to have her back. Bobo just cant seem to escape us, this is the second time he has left and returned.
So with that, as well as our weekly practices and fun nights, is what has been going on.

We seem to be heading into what looks like an exciting and productive month, hopefully.

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Knight Online

The Calm before the Storm
Last week the knight online section was very calm. There was few activity both in-game and within the forums.However this week it a lot of members were active, a lot of contest finally reached a verdict and others are just on the beginning and planning stage. Now the Knight Online section is back and running at full activity and ready for anything!

New Honor Guard Battle Ops!
Congratulations to our new HGBO!:

Click the image to open in full size.

WNxDeathRogue has been an important part of the Knight Online team. He is an inspiration for all of us because of this hard work, determination, and loyalty to the Clan. More Information can be found Here

New Warrior Nation In-game Logo
After a long voting process and countless submissions to this logo contest, the knight online section finally decided on a new logo. First of all, a special thank you for all the members who submitted an entry. We had about 30+ entries to choose from. The voting process was a long one for this event, however with so many great entries you could not just vote for one! The poll was created so that each member could vote for their favorite five logos. From there on we went to the top ten, to the top five and top three. It is with great honor to present the top three entries of this contest: 1st Place:
WNxSono- Click the image to open in full size.

2nd Place:
WNxHobbit4- Click the image to open in full size.

And tied for 3rd place

WNxSono-Click the image to open in full size. Click the image to open in full size.

Unfortunately WnxSono is no longer a part of Warrior Nation; however he did receive the price of 5 million in-game coins. Wnxhobbit4 received 1million in-game coins as well as a bronze tournament tag. Great job everyone! A Special Thank you for WNxCootie for hosting this great event, providing the prizes and being a great leader and inspiration to the section!

More detailed information can be found Here

Knight Online PvP Madness!
Knight online is primary based on PvP or Pk (player kill). In this RPG we have a land called Andream where you engage in combat against members of the opposite nation (orc/Karus). This past week PvP has been amazing most members from WN have been outstanding players who are loyal to their continent. These Pk parties are filled with fun and excitement because it requires a large amount of effort and team work. Communication is the key to succeed in PvP. It is an honor to say that Warrior Nation is slowly making its way to the top Pk clans in Knight Online. Our members have shown great skills, determination, team work that goes beyond description!

These parties are all clan parties, meaning that only members of Warrior Nation can participate. Our members were having so much fun and success in Pvp that they gave them selves a name, The Rape Train. This name was chosen because any enemy that came across them was obliterated with in seconds! Here is a Screen shots take by WNxArby That show our party, “The Rape Train” at our home base in Andream getting ready to head out onto the field of combat. The other Screen shot shows our members taking down a high level monster with ease.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

These Pk Parties are hosted everyday at the same time for all members to participate and enjoy! Great Job Everyone! More information on the great team work bout the Knight Online section can be found Here, and Here.

Registration Begins for a 2v2 Tournament
After the Fist tournament came to an end, a 2v2 Tournament has now been agreed upon. A special Thank you to all the members who gave their input about Tournament Ideas. The registration for this tournament has begun, how ever because it is a 2v2 tournament members must choose their partners carefully and develop strategies and tactics in order to win! This tournament aims at improving teamwork, and members helping one another. More information on the Beginning stages of this tournament can be found Here.

New Knight Online X-fire clan logo
After much debate about a new x-fire logo, Wnxturbo decided to host a small contest to find a new x-fire clan logo. There was about 10 different great logos to choose from, however when voting began it seemed a tie between two logos. The tie continued for 2 weeks, Until one of the entries by gained the majority of the votes I present to you the new Knight Online X-fire logo! 1st place:
Click the image to open in full size.
Submitted by WNxSono

2nd place
Click the image to open in full size.
Submitted by WNxDeathrogue More information can be found Here This week was full of contest, events, and activity so far in the Knigh Online Section! The question today is What Will Happen this upcoming Week!?

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Battle of the Titan

The Battle of the Titans Beta began this week, with OGame took an early lead over Age of Empires 3 and Xtratic War. We wish good luck to both sections, and issue an early congratulations to whichever one of then gets second, because it is easy to see who's getting first. Score sheet here.


In an attempt to get his feet wet in his new position as Battle Operations Captain for the section, WNzAznKevin1 introduced a new contest: A 7v7 team contest where the team with the most ACSs at the end of a week wins. His mistake, however, was leading his team against his major: WNxMWDeez. It has been a long hard battle (for Kevin), and it's almost over. The background information can be found here, and the results will be posted soon.


The OGame section is proud to see the growth of its wing alliance. Ever since its induction under Captain WNxmssk8r06x, it has flourished to the point to where it is stronger than the main alliance!! Keep it up, guys, we're proud of you! More info here.

Shake It Up

The leadership of the section has been discussing the introduction of some new criteria for achieving rank in the section. After careful deliberation, they came to a consensus, which is presented to the section here.

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The New March

The cold rains of Ardougne was demoralizing on this day of the new march. Every since the division came to Ardougne to maintain order, the rains have been nonstop. However, now the division was leaving for Brimhaven and it would be a very long walk.

"It seems as if the troops are ready Grand Master," Kiros said calmly. "Very well. Let us go." Shaman said softly. Bard looked back at ShadowMikey and asked to give the command to march. ShadowMikey yelled at the top of his lungs "SECTION: MARCH!" and the division started their walk. Soon, the division started to pass McGrubor's woods and enter the west side of Seer's Village. The rains were still pounding and now thunder was echoing from White Wolf Mountain.

"There is an evil presence nearby...perhaps an alchemist or a summoner." Benthebomb said calmly. Kiros nodded and said, "I sense it too. Let's check it out." The division came to a halt outside of Seer's Village. Shaman turned around and looked at the troops. "We will split into four groups led by each leader. We will search the land between here and Varrock for this presence. We will meet up in Varrock in one week. The people not assigned to a group will go and station themselves in Varrock with WNxBard, who will be waiting for your arrival. Good luck." Shaman looked over at Ben. ShadowMikey stepped up and started to call out who would be in what team. The division was in for a huge surprise...

New Section Banner

This week the RuneScape Section voted on having a new banner established on their forums. The old banner has been in commission for as long as most members can remember. So, in order to give new life to the section, WNxShamanx created a new banner to display on the forums. The main banner is already up on the RuneScape forums and the mini banner will be put into commission in the Metro starting next week. This is the new mini banner that will be put into commission next week:

Click the image to open in full size.

Shaman has done a fine job putting this banner together. This new banner will be in commission for a long time. Very nice job Shaman!

Another Round of KBD

On Thursday, February 28, the RuneScape Section once again engaged in combat with the mighty King Black Dragon. The event lasted for an hour and a half and unfortunately, nothing good dropped. However, the event had a great turnout which couldn't have been more rewarding than anything the dragon could ever drop. Participating members were: WNxShamanx, WNxbenthebomb, WNxtortillaman, WNxKiros, WNxDroid, WNx AnarChy, and WNxNemesis with two guests 66toxic6 and Tozain.

For the full event report, please turn to the Current Events Sub-forum in the RuneScape Section (or click here).

RuneScape Dueling League

On February 23, WNxShadowMikey started the Free to Play Tournament League for the RuneScape Section. The League consists of 8 people who will be dueling each other until all fights are complete. The tournament will be held on March 1 at the Al-Kharid Dueling Arena on World 35. The section is looking forward to this match and next week, the winners will be announced in the metro.

So far, members who are participating are as follows: WNxShadowMikey, WNxtortillaman, WNxShamanx, WNxKiros, WNxKish18, WNxNemesis, and WNx Bazathril. The tournament should be quite a fun experience as anyone can win, as demonstrated at last weeks Dueling Tournament.

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Zargoz tipped his hat to the unseen guards as he passed along the narrow corridor. All eye's turned toward the newcomer, as he made his entrance to the WNx compound.
Zargoz found the house weapon master, Drizzt, leaning casually against the wall inside talking with Lucalain with tankers of mead in each of there hands. The cocky fighters lifted one arm to salute their leader.
The leader then yelled, "Everyone, suit up at once, there be orc about!." The door banged open; and a contingent of WNx's finest warrior’s, fully armed, and armored, burst in.
Within an hour, the band was then following a muddy path, towards the nearest cave.

Once inside, it wasn’t long until they noticed sign, that there was indeed activity about.
The group fanned out, and crouched amid a cluster of tall, thin stalagmites in an area of crisscrossing corridors. The orc where coming from the opposite direction, and were now milling about one wide, flat section of corridor, as they paid little attention to the stalagmite cluster ahead.

The group decided that their best course of action would be simply to sit tight and let the orc pass. Even as the group crouched and waited, the orc fanned out. A few minutes slipped by, The group then felt something in the stone, a slight vibration.

One of the orc ahead suddenly burst into motion, chanting a few words, that only Zargoz and Drizzt, understood being drow fighter’s. Before they could react, the orc hurled a rock towards them, the stone bounced short and shattered, it then began to smoke and sizzle. The stone before them rose to a giant fifteen-foot tall elemental.

Behind the elemental, the orc let out battle cries that echoed all about.
Drizzt then jumped up, as well as Zargoz on his left and Lucalain on his right. But before any of them could join in the fight. Valkyrie, behind them Let go with her enchanted bow, streak after streak the arrows flashed, down the length of the cave, killing and wounding several orc. The orc tried to rally behind there giant ally amid the chaos.

Valkyrie, with blinding speed, kept up her attack with her deadly arrows, now the whole group was in the middle of the foray, Zargoz yelled out, “WE need to deal with that damn elemental!, Valkyrie, you keep those damn orc at bay while we try to deal with that giant!."

The dwarf of the group, Diamondshade had a thought, He started chanting and threw his hands out in front of him, sending forth a spray of fine mist. As the mist hit the rock elemental, the giant began to dissolve, streaks of mud replacing the solid stone, the group then began there assault on the elemental, besides Valkyrie who kept up her deadly attack against the orc. On came the rocky giant, growling with rage, its features distorted by the slipping mud. A rock arm shot out and punched Drizzt, breaking bones, and hurling him to crash against a stalagmite.

The remaining group resumed there attack on the giant, and not noticing the orc have been beat. Valkyrie and Diamonshade were standing side by side now starting there attack on the giant as well. Valkyrie let go with one of her magical arrows that hit the giant in the middle of the chest, that sent mud flying everywhere, Diamondshade sent another spray of mist toward the elemental as well. Now that the whole group was working together, except Drizzt who was still unconscious, The giant was now a blob of mud on the floor.

A cheer went up VICTORY , every one slapping each other on the back and grins on all faces,
Zargoz then walked up to Valkyrie, "We need another leader with your Skill!."
He then shouted to Valkyrie, "I now announce you as our new Battle op Captain ,congrats on your well deserved promotion!."

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Good job and well deserved

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Warrior Nation
03-01-2008, 11:30 AM

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Soldier Front


Click the image to open in full size.
WNxHippie - Battle Operations Captain!

Leading from the Front!

WNxGeoff was resting in his cabin. It had been another hard day of fighting, and he had picked up a minor injury. Many of his soldiers were down-trodden from the current position they were in, and those that weren't were the ones that were in hospital. As he laid his head back down and contemplated what to tell his Colonel this time, the door to his cabin flew open, revealing an enraged hippie. In-fact, it was WNxHippie. His second in command, and a man he could rely on.

"I HATE MY JOB!" screamed Hippie, staring into his Major's eyes. Ok, so maybe he couldn't be so reliable at times. This wasn't the first time Hippie had burst out like such, but it was definitely about time Geoff listened. In-fact, there was a specific thing on Geoff's mind during todays battles. He wanted to test Hippie first though.

"Yeah? Well what do you want me to do about it? Hey?" The tension in the air couldn't have been cut with a knife. It was too thick for that. The silence was broken only occasionally by the periodic tick of Geoff's watch, given to him by his mother as his leaving present. It came as a shock to him when Hippie smirked, and said;
"Send me out there with them."
That settled it for Geoff. At first, he was enraged. He NEEDED Hippie at the back. But as he settled slightly, he thought. Did he? There were many others out there that could attempt at the Job. Ibrah33m, Skitz0Boi, CaptainKid, Collon, Bluemoon... So many choices... But who knew? Maybe this could work. Although he HAD been thinking about this, he did not expect Hippie to come out with it so suddenly. Even so, he stood up, and faked rage.
"Oh? Oh really? Well you know what, Hippie? I'm sick of your attitude around my cabin all day long. You know what? Get your backside out into those battle fields! Get those soldiers motivated! I'm SICK of you in here, let THEM be sick of you!" He couldn't keep a straight face, however, and started to laugh as Hippie's face changed from fear, to shock, to rage, and then, as he realized what Geoff meant, enjoyment. He saluted smartly before leaving the cabins to meet up with his fellow troops.

Geoff chuckled to himself as Hippie left, and murmured,

Click the image to open in full size.

Story by WNxSkitz0Boi

Applications are Open!

Yes, as you just read, our previous Field Operations Captain, WNxHippie, has been promoted to Battle Operations. This came after several days of talk with our Admin Support, WNxJails, and Major WNxGeoff. It was a wise choice in most of our eyes, and we now have just one more thing to do. Well, Geoff does anyway. It's time to find out who our new second in command will be! The applications for Field Operations have been opened, and many people are submitting their applications. Good luck to those that apply, and lets hope our next Field Operations Captain will lead as well as Hippie did!

Have YOUR say!

A new idea from our Major, WNxGeoff, is a meeting at the end of every month with all of the members of the section. This will include whatever reports have been submitted in the past month, events that have happened, more welcomes to the new recruits and any other things that have happened this month. It will also allow everyone to put in their own views of the section and what they want to see happening. This will be quite big in our section, as a lot happens around it. So, if you're a member of the section, pop on to the monthly thread, and have YOUR say!

Looking toward the future.

The Soldier Front section is known to have their ups and downs in the rollcall. However, at the end of last month, we ended with 2008's lowest numbers. By ONE secondary! This is not bad at all, considering how low the numbers seemed to be getting. However, this month, the numbers seem to have risen no end. The forums are filled with welcome threads, and the moral this month is at an all time high. Here's hoping we can get above all of those previous months and set our new record! Good luck Soldiers!

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Supreme Commander

Tournament Champion

FireDrake won the January-February tournament this week in a fateful bout with his captain, Codingmonkey. Even though Coding complained throughout the entire game that he was going to lose, he put up a good fight before, well, losing. GG Coding, and next time send those gunships somewhere else. Well done to both RandomGuy and MaulMachine for taking 3rd place jointly, after their match ended in a draw.

Screenshot Contest Winner

Despite only having two entrants, this month's screenshot contest was one of the most hotly contested in recent memory. "Attack of the LABs" was the theme this month, and the submissions by RandomGuy and FireDrake were both exemplary. FireDrake ended up pulling out the win by one vote, giving both him and RandomGuy a career total of three wins apiece.

Winning Mess

Not only did the January-February Tournament end in a strange manner, but the infant Guess the Map contest did so as well. First of all, the finals for the main tournament were only arranged after FireDrake and Random were unable to schedule a time to play their match, and Random chose to take an official forfeit so that the tournament could continue, thereby sending FireDrake to the finals after playing only one game. Then Random and Maul tie for third after a draw, adding yet more weirdness to the event. The we have the Guess the Map contest, where the challenge was so easy that four different people guessed it correctly. Rather than do something like flip a coin to determine the winner, or go by who guessed correctly first, Coding decides to create a program to randomly generate the winner's name, thereby granting FireDrake his second victory of the month. One can only hope that next month will conclude much more...normally.

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The Eye of Judgment

EoJ Member of the Month

Click the image to open in full size.

The Eye of Judgment is taking a page from Guild Wars and having their own Member of the Month system. We will have a nomination thread two weeks before the end of the month, followed by a voting poll one week later. The voting will end on the last day of the month and the winner will be crowned. The winner will have the privilege of wearing the special Eye of Judgment Member of the Month Avatar. They will wear it until a new member is crowned the next month. This will be a huge success and give our members something to work towards.

View the first nomination thread here.

EoJ Honor Roll

Many of our members belong to other tournament and league sites for The Eye of Judgment. WNxSlarth thought it would be a good idea to recognize these accomplishments here in WN. He then created the EoJ Honor Roll. Everyone will be able to see all of the tournaments and leagues that our members play in, as well as how well they have done. The Honor Roll will also show all of the in-clan event accomplishments as well. This will let all the new, as well as old members alike know who the top players are, and where they have their success.

View the Honor Roll here.

Tag Team Tournament, Round Two

Round two of the tag team tournament is now underway with only 4 teams remaining. It was a pretty good first round with many close games. Round one saw WNxJokazWild and WNxadz2k7 defeating WNxDrizzle and WNx3fed 2-0. WNxSlarth and WNxPobo defeated WNxSinner2000 and WNxDiz, due to WNxDiz not being able to complete a match with WNxSlarth. In an unfortunate turn of events, WNxSlarth has dropped out of the tournament and WNxSinner2000 will be taking his place. WNxRicko and WNxlgass were victorious against WNxHTGJones and WNxhemicca 2-1,and WNxShalatii and WNxDozens beat WNxNaone and WNxNubblybubbly 2-1 as well. Round 2 will see WNxJokazWild and WNxadz2k7 facing off against WNxSinner2000 and WNxPobo. WNxShalatii and WNxDozens will go against WNxRicko and WNxlgass.

View the tournament bracket made by WNxKingpin here.

View the tournament thread here.

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Warcraft III West

WNxEric returns!

It has been a long two weeks without the GM, WNxEric, his internet was turned off and the only way he got on the forums was by going to his aunt & uncle’s house. Hopefully, soon enough he should be back in action as his internet at his house continues to be restored.

Section SotW Winner!

The section had their 4th Signature of the Week contest. There were 4 entries and one came out on top with the win. Our very own WNxCharisma took the win with ease.

Click the image to open in full size.

Caption Contest Winner!

The section holds a caption contest where the host posts up a random in-game screenshot and the members post a caption that they think is best fit whether it is humorous or serious. The 4th Caption Contest winner is WNxLouis.

Click the image to open in full size.

Caption: By the way eagle is it me or can't I seem to see the picture hm?


Gamenight was held on the usual day, Saturday. A few members showed up and played a Pub Stomp of DotA. It’s where they all stack one team and stomp on the noobie pubs that enter their domain. Later on during the night, there were many games played throughout the night. A lot of the members had to get off early but a few members such as WNxScourge, WNxBerry, and WNxTrinity continued to play.

Click the image to open in full size.

New 1st Lt within our ranks

Recently, WNxRawrasaur has been promoted to 1st LT of development. The section is very proud of him and wish the best in his new journey throughout the developmental world.

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World of Warcraft Alliance PvE NA

WNxTigerSkull Resigns as Field Ops Honor Guard

After some long thought, WNxTigerSkull felt that it was time for him to move on in his life and decided to step down as being the sections first Field Ops Honor Guard. It was understandable for the section to see that he had to step down and actually lost a great respective honor guard. Section hopes to see a new Honor Guard soon.

WNxIrishMike becomes the new Field Ops Honor Guard

With great dedication and activity, WNxHeavensHell promoted WNxIrishMike as the new Field Ops Honor Guard. It was a very hard decision for WNxHeavensHell to pick who would be the next Field Ops Honor Guard. He has done a excellent job keeping activity up and helping out members that need help on their gear and leveling. Congratulations!

WNxHeavensHell Steps down as Grand Master.

WNxHeavensHell was very honest about this decision and he wasn’t going to lie about why he wanted to step down. He told everyone that he couldn’t fulfill his duties and felt that he should step down as Grand Master. It shocked most of the section but everyone understood how he felt. He has done a great job on getting the section out of development and hope the new Grand Master can take over what he has done for the section. WNx Red Dragon didn’t understand why he wanted to step down but accepted his resignation.

New Grand Master Chosen!

It didn’t take long for WNx Red Dragon to decide who will be the next Grand Master. WNxMistressChaos was chosen to be the next Grand Master. With her great dedication to the section and pushing activity through out the whole guild, WNx Red Dragon made the right decision to promote her to Grand Master. The section overall is very happy to see her being as their new guild master and Grand Master for Warrior Nation.

WNxMistressChaos Released Guild Mission Statement!

After being promoted as Grand Master, WNxMistressChaos made a Guild Mission Statement about what she wants to accomplish as being Grand Master of the section. She hopes to see the section complete their first raid group through Karazhan and also see more primary members reaching level 70 so they can progress through end game raids. Also she hopes to see the first ever WN Arena team created and start dominating the arena rankings. Guild members are hoping to achieve some of the great Gladiator’s set that comes with winning the arena battles.

World of Warcraft Horde (NA)

Another Two Bite the Dust

Our section has been batting out bosses like there is no tomorrow. Our raiding progression has jumped significantly within the last few weeks. On February 23, we raided Serpentshrine Cavern on our first attempts at Hydross the Unstable. We kept wiping one after another and was about to give up after about 7-10 wipes. Our main problem was getting aggro on the transitions and ranged not over aggroing before a transition. Until the last attempt we finally killed him to add a new milestone for this section. This section has very fast learning capabilities when it comes to adapting to a new boss. Our real test was about to come to fruition. Only the next day of raiding we once again entered The Eye of Tempest Keep. We attempted Void Reaver once before but only got him down to ~30%. This time our raid leaders had us spread out in a more orderly fashion. The key for the Void Reaver fight is to know who is around you so you don't blow each other up by the arcane orbs. We wiped a couple times until the 3rd time we got him down to ~20% and the main tank died and our off-tank held him for the rest of the fight. It was really scary at the end because we had to beat his enrage timer and it was getting down to the wire. He was at 1% health for a good 15-20 seconds until...he engaged! Void Reaver was killing people so fast it was like wood going through a wood chipper. Then finally he stops and explodes with only about 5-10 raiders still alive. Everyone shouts in excitement and relief over Ventrillo. Congrats to everyone who go loot. Next on our spree, is Tidewalker in Serpentshrine Cavern and Al'ar the Phoenix in The Eye. We will see what this week has in store for us.


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England WNxDavott
03-02-2008, 10:34 AM
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*Insert Witty Comment*
great reports from all of you :] really enjoy reading these

1st post YAY!

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England WNxandrew2
03-02-2008, 10:37 AM
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Great reports again, keep it up fellow CJ's.

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Warrior Nation
03-02-2008, 10:52 AM
great job mates!
esp. aragorn! reports for 2 sections


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~WNx SeveN~
03-02-2008, 11:01 AM
great reports!
Grats to the other 2 member who got the ace report award


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United States WNxRidgeRacer
03-02-2008, 11:35 AM
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Great reports everyone. Keep up the good work.

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United States WNxMunkey
03-02-2008, 11:47 AM
Local Time: 03:49 AM
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Yey CoD4 Xbox360!! Nice report all, fantastic job!

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Warrior Nation
03-02-2008, 11:48 AM
Great reports, nice read, keep it up CJs.


Warrior Nation
03-02-2008, 12:27 PM
I feel sorry for raptor xD

Nice reports guys

Enjoyed it throughly


Warrior Nation
03-02-2008, 01:07 PM
Excellent! Very good job this week! Congrats all


Warrior Nation
03-02-2008, 01:39 PM
this was a big one....very nicely done CJ's



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Secondary: Xbox Division
United States WNxHellsight
03-02-2008, 01:46 PM
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Great report! Nice job CJs

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Austria WNxServer
03-02-2008, 01:49 PM
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some nice reports guys

good job!


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03-02-2008, 02:04 PM
Good job guys, I love you almost as much as I love the Rr's of, and that's a lot


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United Kingdom WNxFatality
03-02-2008, 02:06 PM
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great job CJ, esp Aragorn for doing two sections and doing one last report for cod even though big x has been ranked up!

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03-02-2008, 02:18 PM
Great report, and gratz Sniper on the feature.

Woulda been nice if they got my name right under "Sections Included" though. ;D

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03-02-2008, 02:44 PM
Featured report on my first go.

Good job everyone, keep up the good work.


Warrior Nation
03-02-2008, 02:47 PM
nice reports guys


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