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Preview - 2Moons
Author: WNxFireWraith

Click the image to open in full size.

Platform: PC
Genre Catagory: MMO
Date of Release: July 30, 2007 (Open Beta)
Publisher: Acclaim (directed by David Perry)
Developer: Gamehi
Rating: A
Official Site URL:


This game is recommended for ages 17+ due to graphic violence, however this preview is approved for all ages.

First and foremost, I'd like to apologize for all the quotes. Closed Beta happened while I was taking exams at my university, so I didn't get a chance to jump in and test things myself. There is a Korean version of this game that exists called Dekaron, which I downloaded and I'm picking my way through slowly (since I can't read Korean at all). Most of the information in this review is pulled directly off the official site or off of You can see the sources at the bottom for the links.

However, I wanted to try and extend beyond these sites, even though the game isn't out yet and the full features of the game haven't yet been released. So in order to do that I did my own digging through the forums, reading hundreds of threads, and I've talked to/interviewed a number of gamers who have played Dekaron and have experience in it, so hopefully I'll be able to give you a unique look into 2moons, one which many US gamers have not gotten yet.

I talk about a lot of character classifications and uses for weapons that I have picked up either on the forums or from other players who have either played Dekaron or the closed beta. If I tell you that Daggers suck at pvp and are great for pve, that's because I've heard this from one or more places. However, if this turns out not to be the case when the game is release, I will promptly say it was because they changed the game, giving you no alternative way to put the blame on me.

On another note, when you get to the flash section, read the little "how to read this preview" paragraph, as it will help you through the hypnotizing images. I painstakingly made all the flash images that you're seeing here. The images were taken mostly from or the fan kit that I downloaded. The flash are for use on this preview only, it took me a long time to put together, please don't abuse it.

The game is about a mystical lady called Trieste that appears when the two moons cross.

Trieste arrives in a land conquered by evil, and manages to seal the door with her own blood, locking out hordes of beasts, and impending doom.

Meanwhile a King called Tirus has a battle with another King Rictus in this land, Tirus defeats Rictus and banishes him, in his stupidity Rictus opens the door once more, hoping to harness the strength of the beasts. He is killed, the land is invaded again, worse than ever before. King Tirus commits suicide upon seeing the carnage and only two cities remain.

At the start of this game, you pick one and from there, you're surrounded by evil. What you do is up to you, but you hear that if you can survive until the two moons cross again, then the prophecy says that Trieste will return once more...
They called it The Corruption, those charged with the telling of the story. When the two moons aligned, the exiled king, Rictus, bid his magician open the gate and unleash the pestilence of the Pitborn and their dark ruler Abaddon upon Haran, The Immortal Land. In his hubris, Rictus thought he might control them, that he might herald his conquering of Haran on the crest of a black wave of the accursed. But there could be no alliance with Abaddon, the lord of the pit whose blessing is pain, whose enchantment is the wage of sorrow. He bound Rictus in the darkness of the abyss and every time a man fell to claw, tooth or blade, every time a woman or child burned to black flesh, choked to blue or starved to sallow skin, Rictus died their death and lived to die again. This for all eternity, for such was the will of Abaddon.

The Pitborn flooded Haran, the wake of their butchery staining crimson the once proud soil of The Immortal Land. Mankind teetered on the brink of annihilation. In the depth of his sorrow, overwhelmed by hopelessness, their king, Tirus The Grim, succumbed to death by his own hand.

Thence came Trieste, The White Lady, prophet, magician, warrior, godchild, and queen of frozen Haihaff. She bound together those with strength left to resist. To her aid came the dark magic of The Summoners, the power of The Incar, the blades of The Azure Order, the lethal arrows of The Segita, the brute strength of The Bagi, and the blessed touch of The Segnale. They made war then, blanketing the land with the hewed limbs of Pitborn. Their valor knew no equal, but their numbers were too few. The minions of Abaddon poured forth from the gate where they had waited for countless unhallowed centuries and their bloodlust could not be slaked. Despite their courage, the forces of Haran would fall.

It was then that Trieste left in secret. To the gate she went, and slew there those who guarded its gaping maw. And there did she die, sealing shut the gate with her own lifesblood. Abaddon was drawn screaming back into the abyss and the children of Trieste prevailed.

Centuries have passed and the enchantment of The White Lady has worn thin as she prophesied. The gate has cracked open and the Pitborn once again plague Haran. There is no safe passage and of the once proud cities only Loa and Braiken remain. Yet, there is hope. The people of The Immortal Land resist. With bolt and blade, with conjured flame and summoned might they combat the minions of Abaddon. For it is said Trieste will return when once again the twin moons align. Until then, only the law of the sword remains: "No mercy for the weak, no pity for the dying, no tears for the slain!"
In game MP3 Player
Tired of the same, dull music that comes out of your everyday MMOs? Your savior has arrived. 2moons will feature a fully customizable MP3 player that will allow players to upload their favorite songs and have them play in game. If you're like me, the first thing you do when you find a new game is figure out how to turn off the music so that you can leave your speakers on in order to hear IMs, etc, and then go and find your iHome. Well, with 2moons, you get the whole package in one. We haven't even talked about gameplay and you're already excited, eh?

Instant Dungeons
Instant dungeons offer individual adventure spaces for you or your party, you may get good rewards from them.

To use instant dungeons:
1. Click on the statue at the entrance of instant dungeon.
2. Read the information about the instant dungeon, then click the link to enter.
3. Specifics about
• Instant Dungeons may require DIL and/or adventure points.
• Some Instant Dungeons are for individual players while others are for parties only.
• Instant Dungeons have time limits, after which the dungeon will disappear and anyone in it will be sent back to the original area.
• Instant Dungeons also have level requirements.
4. Once you enter the Instant Dungeon, you'll see a window that gives you more information about the specific dungeon:
• Dungeon Title: The name of current dungeon
• Objective: The total objective of the instant dungeon
• Time Limit: The time limit of the dungeon
• Progress: The success/failure state of current missions in the dungeon.
5. The time limit is displayed on the right-side corner while you are in the Instant Dungeon.
6. After completing the objective of the instant dungeon, it will expire after the time limit expires.
Exchange Stations
What is an Exchange Station?
After completing an Instant Dungeon, you may receive exchangeable items that can be used to acquire new and powerful items from NPCs in Braiken or Loa castles.

How Do You Obtain Exchangeable Items?
After you successfully complete an Instant Dungeon, you will receive one or more exchangeable items as you exit.
The number and quality of exchangeable items varies from one dungeon to another, and more items will be obtained from more difficult dungeons.
When you have collected enough exchangeable items, you can trade them for useful items from the NPC exchange station in each castle..
Items from different dungeons can be used at the exchange stations.
Siege Battle
What is the Siege Battle System?
Siege battles involve large-scale combat to gain control of Genoa Castle and become the absolute ruler of the land.

The Offense
1. Once you reach Genoa Castle, to gain access to the Inner Castle you must first destroy the South Gate, followed by the East Gate or the West Gate.
2. After entering, your guild must obtain two or more of the five guardian pendants, which are scattered around the castle.
3. Once you have the guardian pendants, click on Juto, who is at the center of the castle.
4. During the time of Siege Battle, enduring the response will give victory to the offending guild. If the response with Juto fails, the defending guild will win.

The Defense
1. The defending guild can prepare Genoa Castle for the battle before the Siege Battle starts.
2. There are two main ways to prepare for the battle: The defending guild can purchase guards and place them in the area of the battle. The defending guild can also invest DIL to fortify the castle gates.
3. When the Siege Battle starts, the defending guild must move to various areas in the map through warps to stop the attacking guilds from possessing the pendants. Stopping the offending guilds from responding to Juto will bring victory to the defending guild. If the offending guild successfully responds to Juto.
Pvp plays a huge role in 2moons. 2moons is not for the faint-of-heart. From what I can gather, after lvl 20, you are on fully open pvp maps. However, players can build up Karma if they pk too much, so there are penalties to openly pking. Still, the allowance for pvp is a great feature, because you can build your character to pve or to pvp. Also, you can quickly quiet trash talkers. No one likes to talk with a Bagi fist in their face.

And the part everyone has heard about... 2moons is a horrible grind-fest. Well, it's sort of true and sort of not true. Grinding is relative. In 2moons, you get new equipment, new weapons, new armor, available at almost every level. So yes, each level will take a little longer to grind then some of your other MMOs. However, in some games the highest level is 250 and you get a new weapon every 10-15 levels. So personally I'd rather take a while to get one level and get something new than get 3 levels in that same amount of time and get absolutely nothing. Plus, the game play is much more interactive than most MMOs. Here's a good video of the gamplay, demonstrated in pvping.

Unlike the standard "double click, slash slash" the gameplay is a bit more interactive, using a lot of different skills, active and passive. Pvping depends on skill, not just level and equipment. Each class pvps differently and the people who play Dekaron say that all classes are balanced very well.

Underwater Fighting
Over the next few weeks, the GMs of 2moons are releasing information about a new feature of 2moons that wasn't in the closed beta but is included in the open beta every Friday. The first information released was underwater fighting. There will be an under water map (maybe more than one) where your character will be submerged and have to deal with the terrors of the deep.

Click the image to open in full size.

The newest addition to the open beta was released last Friday. That is... THE MOUNT SYSTEM!

Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.

How to read this preview
Since this review is mostly in flash, it's your eyes that should do the listening. This isn't a preview you can just skim over quickly because you'll miss a lot of the scrolling items.

Each section below is broken down by character. You'll see a miniature picture of the character along with a name which will start that character's section. Directly below that, is a flash picture of a character render.

Below this flash render is the actual in-game armor suites. This is broken up by a red line. On the left of the red line is the normal armors. On the right are the three legendary armor sets. Each armor suit is broken down into 5 components in the game (pants, boots, gloves, armor, helmet), however, the full sets are displayed in the flash.

On the left side of the red line, the armor is shown from the lowest level armor on the left (lvl 2-6 to equip) to the highest level armor on the right (lvl 100-108 to equip).

On the right side of the red line, the three legendary armors are shown. From left to right, these require lvl 46-50, lvl 58-62, and lvl 100-108 to equip.

The weapons that the character can used are shown below the armor. Each character equips a weapon, whether they have only one possibility or many possibilities. Staves are the only weapon that can be equipped by multiple characters (shown under both Summoners and Magicians). The first 3 daggers can be equipped by all classes, but only Hunters can equip the rest of them. Weapons, like armor, are shown from the lowest lvl weapons (lvl 2) on the left, to the highest lvl weapons (lvl 105) on the right. The lowest level Great Swords/Maces/Axes start at lvl 18 and the Shields start at lvl 13.

Click the image to open in full size.Bagi Warrior
The Bagi are not of The Abyss, yet they are not completely of Haran either. Untold centuries ago, the warrior race known as The Bagi was not as they are now. Their battlecraft was as powerful and deadly as any found in Haran. What most would refer to as magic, The Bagi know as calling. From the core of their being, they call forth primal energies to crush their foes. The more skilled a warrior is, the more disciplined, the deeper and more destructive the force he can summon. Abaddon tried to destroy The Bagi with a disease conjured in the bowels of The Abyss. It was meant to corrupt The Bagi, to transform them into Pitborn. And if not for the will of the people, if not for their discipline, it would have succeeded. It was only the force of their will that allowed them to resist a complete corruption. Now, their bloodline is forever tainted, their bodies cursed to bear the marks of The Abyss. Half man, half Pitborn, brother to none, enemy to all, a Bagi Warrior bows to no one. They are worthy as the guardian of the Ethernal Land with their unparalleled endurance and courage.
Bagi Warriors are the primary male pvp characters. They pack a tremendous punch and a boat-load of hp to go along with it. However, it's generally found that Bagi's are not good at PvE. If you are not in a party, you will have trouble quickly leveling as a Bagi, due to lack of AoE skills. But especially late game, the Bagi Warrior will blow the others out of the water in pvp.

Warrior Armor


Gauntlets are the only weapons that a Bagi wields and is all they need to punish their opponents. Good old fashion fist poundings. Because of the lack of weapon choices, there isn't a whole lot of customization power for this character.

Click the image to open in full size.Azure Knight
Staunch allies of The Incar, The Azure Order have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of skill in physical combat, they have the ability to enhance themselves with the forces of nature and excel at all kinds of weaponry. Theirs is a tradition that goes back thousands of years, before The Incar Order even existed. For theirs is the way of battle, of discipline, of sacrifice and abnegation. As they honed their skills throughout the ages, there were those of The Azure who were able to transcend mere bladecraft and tap into an internal source of power and unleash energies through the weapons they wield. It is this purity of intent and physical prowess that all Azure seek. They fight for The White Lady and the people of Haran and value fidelity above all else. They are responsible for the upkeep of Incar law and order. Each and everyone of them is striving for the recognition as the most heroic guardian in the communion.
Azure Knights are one of the most prevalent classes in the game, mostly because of their versatility. They are able to wield dual weapons, such as 2 swords, 2 axes, 2 maces, or they can mix and match these, like sword/axe combinations, etc. Or, they can use sword/axe/mace with a shield. Or if you like 2 handed weapons, there are always great swords/axes/maces. This provides a lot of different gameplay styles for the Azure Knights. Generally speaking, 1 handed weapon + shield is the best for pvping. The shield provides massive defense that is the difference-maker in pvp. While no Bagi, a shield Azure will be able to stick out a duel very well. Dual wielders are the primary pve characters for Azures because of their quick attack speeds. 2 handed weapons, while not as good as shields, are also good pvpers, although they focus more on slow/massive hits rather than the defense of a shield.

Knight Armor


Swords are pointy and have 2 sharp sides. You know what a sword is. They can be dual-wielded or used with a shield.


Standard axe. Can be dual-wielded or used with a shield.


Maces, or "hammers", can be dual-wielded or used with a shield.


Shields protect your parts. The best bet for an Azure Knight to win pvp duels.

Great Swords

Big 2-hand swords.

Great Axes

Big 2-hand axes.

Great Maces

Big 2-hand maces (hammers).

Click the image to open in full size.Vicious Summoner
The sorcery of The Summoners is culled from the tradition of The Incar and of the older, darker magics of Bonereavers, beasts, Pitborn and demons of other realms. They have no allegiance to anyone but themselves. Even at that, there is no loyalty to each other. The Black Path is the road upon which all Summoners walk. They traffic with evil so that they may dominate it and bend it to their will. Only for their own benefit will they fight. Their powers are vast, but few attain the highest levels because of the demands put upon the soul of the practitioner. Unlike The Incar, Summoners do not separate bladecraft from magic. Proficient in dark magic and battle, they are loathed and feared by man and Pitborn alike.
Summoners are another popular class. Their primary use, duh, is summoning creatures to fight beside them. Summons don't have timers (but do have health). Only one summon can be used at a time. Summoners come in 2 basic types, the melee Summoner which uses the twinswords, or ranged Summoners that use staves. Summoners also have two types of summons, either Beast or Libido. Beast summons have larger attacks and are usually used by melee Summoners, while Libido summons have higher hp and are used more by ranged Summoners. At lvl 87, Summoners learn Cosmos skills, which are massive attacks and a very big reason that people are drawn to play as Summoners.

Summoner Armor


Twinswords are very fast weapons and are used by the melee summoner. Users of the twinsword usually choose Beast summons to accompany them, so that they can deal out a lot of damage.


Summoners that use staffs will stand in the back of parties and lob out attacks. They usually use Libido summons because of the higher hp, which allows the summons to tank for the Summoner. Users of staff need to be good at kiting enemies, as they are fairly weak (if they set their stats right) when enemies get up close.

Click the image to open in full size.Segita Hunter
Hunters, bowmasters, trackers whose skill cannot be matched by any man or beast. Known for their superior swiftness and accuracy, they are archers, as well as hounds hired by the communion and only seek for bounty. They are masters of archery, marksmenship, rapid-movement and lurk. The way of The Segita is as old as that of The Azure, for their disciplines were the first to be discovered and honed by the peoples of Haran. The Segita worship nature in all its forms and whatever life they take for their sustenance, they give back in other ways. They fight for the good of Life ˇ§C the essence of all living things in Haran and it is from this that they draw what magic they have. Taciturn and lethal, The Segita give their allegiance only to Life and those who would preserve it. Abaddon and The Pitborn are the antithesis of everything The Segita hold dear and they will kill any Pitborn on sight.
Hunters offer versatility as their weapon and those who have Hunters get a lot of freedom to build them how they want to. The different stat/weapon/skill builds for Hunters are one of the most varied in the game. The ranged attacks come from the bows and xbows, while the main pve weapon is the dagger.

Hunter Armor


The standard bow, used for ranged attacks. Decent at pvp and pve.


A slower but stronger version of the bow. These enable pvpers to dish out more damage, but they also leave less time to get away from an attacker.


Daggers use some good AoE skills at later levels, making them perfect for pve and leveling. While not great pvp weapons, Dagger users will have to depend on their accelerated leveling speed to push their levels higher than their opponents in order to win duels.

Click the image to open in full size.Incar Magician
The Incar Order has pledged to uphold the way of The White Lady at any cost. Magicians by trade, The Incar are not a race like The Bagi or The Segnale, but through meditation and diligence, they?ˇ¦Ąve learned to tap into the energies the Old Ones used before they left this world. The Incar have used their magical might to control nearly every area of Haran that man inhabits. Fire, Ice, Lightning and vast energies are at their command and there are few who can stand against an Incar Loremaster. The magic they use, however, can be used for good or evil. It is only the disposition of the user that determines whether the skills taught by The White Lady are used for good or ill.
Magicians are the principal pve and grinding characters. They get the ability to wield a lot of AoE skills and so can drop enemy mobs at an alarming rate. They are mediocre at pvp, but if used right, they are able to drop a lot of enemies in pvp due to their ranged attacks.

Magician Armor


I would make stuff up and lie about how these weapons are different, but I really don't know other than the wand is one hand, faster, and a little less powerful than the staff. How they're used differently, or their uses, I really don't know.


More powerful but slower than wands.

Click the image to open in full size.Segnale
Pitborn creatures who once held sway over much of The Abyss. Their skills as assassins and healers are sought after by the forces of light and dark alike.Active in the devildom in humanform, they are distinguished as superb assassins. Perhaps due to worshipping the red blood within their vein, they have relatively strong resistance against the erosion of the devildom. Hidden in the darkness, using blood pacts passed down from ancient ages for healing or attack agaisnt rancorous foe. Death through angony of blood boiling became the symbol of their slayings. Millennia ago, Abaddon`s forces conquered the lands of The Segnale and commanded them to subjugate themselves to his will. They fled to Haran, and though they did not pledge their loyalty to Haran or The White Lady, their hatred for Abaddon burns deep. Their magic is vampiric in nature. "From blood we take, to blood we give," they say. Some follow the path of the assassin, others the path of the healer. Whichever way they choose, they are some of the most deadly creatures in this world or any other.
Segnales are the queens of pvp. At higher levels, they even out-do Bagi's in the pvp ring, however, they have many of the short comings that Bagi's have. They are a bit harder to level, and according to people who play Dekaron, Segnales are the hardest characters to build correctly. There are a lot of different builds that work, and even more builds that don't work, making the Segnale a character for the experienced player.

Segnale Armor


These are just the handles of the bloodwhips. As far as I know, the whip part all look the same, and that is like a thin, red, magical whip that comes out of the handle during an attack. These are the only weapons available to a Segnale.

Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.

Sources for pictures and quotes:

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An awesome new Preview written by one of the Development Department's finest officers, WNxFireWraith.

Enjoy the review and don't forget to rep the author, he sure earned it.

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06-18-2007, 06:47 AM

Amazing m8 especialy your eye candy


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good job there FW ^ ^

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Awesome review, has opened my eyes a bit more for that game.


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06-18-2007, 05:30 PM
Great review FW, I'm loving the eye candy! This game looks great, and that's saying alot from a guy that usually plays FPS/RPG games.



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06-18-2007, 07:53 PM
darn it FW this is making the wait for july 30th seem even longer lol

definitely looking forward to this, i have a feeling life is gonna go on hold like it did for oblivion lol.


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06-18-2007, 07:56 PM
FREAKING CRAZY ASS REVIEW MAN NICICE , The moving images, the hot pic, the moving sword wtf you are amazing 10/10 and Iread the whole thing its SO GOOD


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06-19-2007, 01:54 AM
nice review it looked pretty good!! i liked it!! overall looks like a decent game!



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06-19-2007, 03:35 PM
awesome review, and an awesome game

GG dude ^^



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06-19-2007, 05:11 PM
Holy moley that was a nice review ^^

Big shout at RoTM

Keep up the good work


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lol i epescially like the eye candy thing but i this was a sweet review and i can't wait to play this game


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Btw, if you're interested in the game, feel free to participate in the discussion thread here.

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06-19-2007, 11:27 PM
nice preview, i think this is an awsome game after i read this


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06-20-2007, 12:18 AM
nice preview... you can bet i'm gonna play in ob for sure +rep


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Originally Posted by WNxInSane View Post
nice preview, i think this is an awsome game after i read this
i agree. im not really into these sorts of games but after reading that i might have to try it out


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06-20-2007, 09:10 PM
Amazing review FW. Loved the eye candy


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Awesome review, enjoyed reading it..Keep up the good work

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omg thats an awesome review, i want this game MORE now lol

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That was by far the most incredible preview/review I've ever seen. And not just because of the beautiful woman...I'd like to know her name......

But other than that, this is incredible FW. I played the CB and I got kinda tired after a few weeks, but after this I might just go back! +SuperRep!


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