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Development 101
Development 101

What is Development?
Development is the first stage that all new sections go through when they first join Warrior Nation. It covers everything from a game first being proposed as a new section for the community to the day that it is 'released' as a strong, healthy and autonomous section with a trained leadership team capable of taking the section to new heights. It covers the early building and training efforts required to make a new section and get it stable and as such it's a very intensive process for all involved.

The goal of the Development phase is to get a section from its inception to its release as efficiently as possible to give you as members a section you can call home for, we hope, many years to come!

How does it work?
The Development process is a tailored process - there isn't a one-size-fits-all system for 'doing' Development as each section requires a slightly different approach depending on the leaders, the game and the members, to name but a few variables. However, some things are the same for each section and give you an idea as to how the process is designed to work. Here's a quick start-to-finish list of some of the things we expect to see:
  • Game is proposed as a new section.
  • Interest is gathered and 10 people sign up to go Primary.
  • Game enters Development as a new section.
  • Applications are opened for Game Champions and a small number are selected to lead.
  • Game Champions are trained in sectional leadership as the section begins to grow.
  • Sectional activities are initiated and continued to create a fun, friendly and active environment for all members. (Recruitment, Game Nights/Events, member involvement in the direction of the section, etc.)
  • Section strengthens under the leadership of the Game Champions and support of Development Staff (Engineers and Administrators)
  • When section meets defined release criteria it can be released. The Game Champions, who were on equal footing before, are moved into officer positions with a Grand Master/Major at the top, then Honor Guards/Captains, then Royal Guard/MP ranks filled to create the officer team.
  • Section is released and is now expected to be able to function and continue to grow and strengthen under the direction of the new Leader and their team.
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