Thread: How To: Connect To Xbox Live With No Wireless Adapter
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How To: Connect To Xbox Live With No Wireless Adapter
I'm posting this because I've seen people asking about it in different forums. Some may not even be aware of it either, so hopefully this helps at least one person out. This is a pretty nice alternative to the wireless adapter, and definitely helped me out when I was living in my campus apartment last year where there wasn't an ethernet jack near my TV/360 setup. I wasn't able to find another thread like this, but if I missed it, feel free to close this one. No worries.

Connecting To Xbox Live Using Wireless Internet w/ No Wireless Adapter

What You Need:

-A Laptop
-Ethernet Cord
-Wireless Internet
-Windows Vista
-An Xbox 360

The Steps

1. Make Sure Your Xbox 360 Is Turned Off

2. Securely Connect The Ethernet Cable From Your Xbox 360 To Your Laptop

3. Turn On Your Xbox 360

4. On Your Laptop, Go To: Start > Network > Network and Sharing Center (Top of the window) > View Status (Located in the Public Network section) > Properties (Bottom left in the window) > Sharing Tab

5. Now, Make Sure Both Boxes Are Unchecked. If They Are Not, Uncheck Them and Click Okay.

6. Go To Your Xbox. You Should Be Disconnected At This Point. Go To The Menu and Click "Connect To Xbox Live". It Will Not Work.

7. Click Test Connection

8. Test Xbox Live Connection. (Click yes to sign out of your profile)

9. The Test Will Fail. Go Back To Your Laptop.

10. Go Back To Your Sharing Tab. This Time, Check Both Boxes. Press Okay.

11. Go Back To Your Xbox. Click "Restart Test".

12. It Should Now Work, and You Should Be Connected To Xbox Live.

If you have problems with this, feel free to ask questions or send me a PM. I will try to help you out! Good Luck!

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