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08-21-2006, 03:52 PM
The Laws
1. No questions about WAREZ, P2P (for illegal software), Emulators, or anything that is illegal. Including posting of links to illegal websites etc. Also includes programs that will violate the EULA.

2. Don't spam, this means no double posts, threads and no off topic replies. This applies to thread starters that they need help on something and post again with a solution. This is not allowed and considered as spam.

3. Please tell us when you have fixed your issue so we can close the thread, or if the topic shows it has been solved. After 1 week of no response, the thread will be closed meaning that the problem is fixed or for neglect. PM WNxDHare3 if you need your thread reopened

4. No Hardware threads. they will be moved to the Hardware forum. If the hardware affects the software and you think its the software that makes your hardware to stop working, you are allowed to post here or in the hardware forum.

5. No bumping threads allowed. If you bump the thread to make it more newer, it will be considered as spam.

6. The people who post here are in distress and put their trust in you to help them. Do not betray them. You will not ridicule, laugh at, or insult anyone or their choices in software. If you do, I will have no choice but to bust your face.

here is a list of things if you have problem with:
1. Academic Software
2. MAC Applications
3. Operating Systems
4. PC & Video Games
5. Security / Utilities Software
6. Software - MAC Operating System
7. Software Applications

If Forum rule #1 is violated, I will be reporting it to your admin support and I will delete your thread. Please read the rules before you make the thread. If you post something that violates the forum rules, then you will be held responsible no matter if you read the forum laws or not. It will be your loss if you didn't read them.

Current MD: WNx Lucalain

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