Thread: BSOD - System Failure. Bwoop Bwoop.
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02-06-2013, 04:30 PM
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BSOD - System Failure. Bwoop Bwoop.
Solved - All hail System Restore
^ I honestly didn't expect that to work. ^

What a new and delightful experience; BSOD's on boot (including in Safe Mode) that seem to have come from nowhere.

After Startup Repair eventually finishes its seemingly never ending attempt to repair things (or a hour or two pass and I cancel it), I'll get some more information on the content of the BSOD in question.

Series of events from not broken to sudden panic:

Last night I was making an image of my main drive with DriveImage XML (using a shadow snapshot, since I was booted on C at the time and MiniXP is not fond of GPT drives), along with copying the contents of my two backup drives onto my new 3TB storage drive (which I will then copy to its 3TB friend). When I woke up this morning everything seemed fine, I ran Beyond Compare to check that everything I wanted got copied over and went back for a nap.

Sometime during nap, I notice that the power had gone out for a few seconds.

When I check the computer this time I notice that it can no longer see the 3TB drive so I cycle power on my handy dock a few times; no response. I decide that rebooting the whole rig might be the best course of action (note: Holy shit was I ever wrong), after POST and the Window's logo I am greeting with a BSOD.

No big deal, I'll just hop into Safe Mode. ...BSOD.

So now I'm letting Startup Repair try to fix whatever mess seems to have been created and searching for a solution when it inevitably notifies me of its failure. (Which occurred at 1639EST.)

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