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09-15-2011, 01:30 PM
Cursor issue
A few days ago I was watching netflix and everything was working fine. Once the movie was done I was going to browse the internet when I noticed my cursor would start spazzing out sometimes. What I mean by that is sometimes when I move the mouse over my screen the cursor will end up on the edge of the screen, most of the time in a location far away from where I was moving the mouse. It doesn't always happen, but sometimes it does it repeatedly. I didn't think much of it since it didn't bother me much the past few days until yesterday when I played a game of League of Legends. Since you have to move the mouse for a lot of actions in game it started becoming bothersome throughout the game. I made my share of mistakes in game but some of the worse came from not being able to position the mouse where I needed it to go so I could move/attack. The one thing I have noticed is it mainly happens when I make a fast movement across the screen. Don't know if that helps but figured I would bring it up.

Some of the things I've tried doing:
-Plug in another mouse
-Switch USB ports
-even repeated virus scans and spybot scans out of frustration.

I also tried updating the drivers on the mouse but they're up to date. Won't have a chance to try reinstalling them till tonight but figured I would put this up now just incase that doesn't work either.

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