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01-28-2011, 12:49 AM
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Making the Switch
So windows decided to take a fat dump on my face today, and has crashed 3 or 4 times.

I have had a virus or two recently (Speaking lightly) and I have been experiencing a few crashes in the past weeks, but today - more than one told me that I have serious problems effecting my computer.

Since I acquired this laptop - I installed windows 7 on it ONCE, and I have gone the longest I have ever gone, with any computer in my life, without re-formatting my hard drive. Windows 7 did quite well in my book, it ran smooth, installed quickly, and usually didn't give me any grief. But for the way I use computers (Rape them in the face), I guess windows 7 just isn't the one for me. SO, I'm going back to linux.
YAY me. I felt kind of nervous at first, about going from primarily using windows - to back to linux (which I have had installed on a separate partition on my harddrive the whole time, but rarely used, and am on now, so I know it's not going to crash) but after considering my options and comparing the two operating systems side by side on multiple websites, I have decided that it will be better for me in the log run, and I just really really really like linux.

UNFORTUNATELY - In order for this to happen, I have to let go of 70+ Gigabytes of collections of music, movies, and pictures. This is a sad day - because I have a HUGE collection of electronic music that I acquired from a friend of mine, and I don't even know half of it, But love all of it. It was random music but I loved it, and that's what got me into hardstyle/techno in the first place.

I am going to back up what I can, that being Irreplaceable documents and certain irreplaceable images.
But... I have to start fresh with my music collection and movies, well.. they were booted anyway...

Wish me luck in my re-adventure of linux. I will get WINE (which is a windows emulator) so I will be able to run all of the windows programs and stuff that I can't do without, or that is not available for linux at this time. I trust that linux will serve me well, and survive strongly through my upcoming years as a college student. Plus - it's a really good feeling - when asked "PC or mac?" to be able to say "Linux".

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I will not be online for a while, as I get my affairs in order, and kill windows Mafia style - Concrete boots, and a deep river. Wish me luck , My laptop is my Baby and I feel it deserves the best of the best. I remember the first Bluescreen I got on this, I documented it, and I actually cried out of sadness that I hadn't been taking proper care of my little baby (well, it's 17 inches..pretty big actually) But I think this will be a good thing for me, and my lappy.

By the way, I just realized with the music issue,that I can use linux to modify the partition of my windows side and back up some stuff.

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