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09-01-2008, 02:29 PM
CJ News
Lt. General Candidate Interview - WNxKiddPark - WNxHusky
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Name: WNxKiddPark
Location: Pennsylvania
Primary: Team Fortress 2
Rank: (Section) Sergeant Major

WNxHusky: Welcome audience to another late night Interview with your host, Husky. Tonight I have a guest who is a candidate for Lt. General. Please welcome, KIDDPARK!

*Audience claps and KiddPark enters*

WNxKiddPark: Word, how’s it hanging husk?

WNxHusky: Good, good. It only could be better if I would be able to get my armor ring. So welcome to the show and please help yourself to waffles, courtesy of the Interviewing Department. Would you be so kind to introduce yourself to the audience.

WNxKiddPark: Sure, I'm WNxKiddPark of Ghost Recon / Planetside / BF2 / TF2 and all around Major at large in the nation.

WNxHusky: I think I remember you from Planetside... or maybe it was Battlefield 2.... Don’t remember =/.

WNxKiddPark: I ran both for a time, not at the same time of course.

WNxHusky: Ya, someone sure likes being Major ^_^.

WNxKiddPark: Well actually no. It just kind of ends up being that way. In PS and BF2, I was only captain to start or even lower, but moved up because of the primers I wrote and the fact I desired organization.

WNxHusky: Well KiddPark, I want you to be a MP. It's fun...

*WNxHusky makes up some cheesy propaganda*

WNxKiddPark: MP's pretty much patrol the forums if I remember.

WNxHusky: To a degree yes

WNxKiddPark: They're the highway patrolmen of WN.

WNxHusky: Now all they need to give us is E-Tazers, fun time ^_^. So, what are some of your hobbies you like to do in your free time excluding gaming.

WNxKiddPark: I like to run. Not much this summer, been busy. But while my kids are in school, I'll pull between 20 or 30 miles a week. I enjoy that a ton. I play guitar quite a bit, have a group of musicians that back me when I play out in clubs, bars, fish markets and the like.

WNxHusky: Ah, do you have any pets?

WNxKiddPark: Me, no. But my wife has brought home 2 dogs, a cat, 2 birds, fish, hamsters, turtle... um, I know I'm missing something.

WNxHusky: Do you have any preference in having a pet?

WNxKiddPark: None. Meaning, I want no pets at all.

WNxHusky: Oh... well do you have any of the video game consoles?

WNxKiddPark: Sure, we used to have a PS2 but she crapped out years ago. My one son plays Gamecube/Wii quite a bit but I'm strictly PC and have been since 94.

*WNxHusky exhales and pats self on the back*

WNxHusky: We’ll find more people.

WNxKiddPark: I had a Pentium 60 with 4 meg (MEG) of ram and a 540 meg hard drive, oh yeah, the video was 1 megabyte and that was state of the art, and 35 hundred dollars.

WNxHusky: Oh... well *inhales, smell of fresh greens*, lets us move onto your history in WN. First off, how long have you been here for?

WNxKiddPark: 6 years. Err 6.5 years

WNxHusky: O_O Stealing my year medal already, penalty shot. Who vouched for you in WN?

WNxKiddPark: WNxSmoker, who's long gone. So I pretty much say WNxDickJohnson at this point.

WNxHusky: Ah... what was your first section?

WNxKiddPark: Ghost Recon.

WNxHusky: Do you like the Ghost Recon series?

WNxKiddPark: The original yes. The newer ones are good, but not the GR I signed on for. The Ghost Recon Team was some of the best players I ever worked with, just a great bunch of guys.

WNxHusky: I like the newer ones, sorry, but I always disliked the fact of not seeing your gun.

WNxKiddPark: Well you're talking about the consoles too right. Not the PC GRAW's, the consoles were a smash hit.

WNxHusky: Consoles GR's, GRAW and GRAW 2 rocked.

WNxKiddPark: On console yes, not so much for the PC. They contracted out to do the games from scratch and it showed. Still not bad games mind you, but unfinished at launch.

WNxHusky: GRAW 2 was probably my favorite. They touched up on the story, the design your team in Single player. For the time I rented it, was fun and not bad. But what was your first position in WN?

WNxKiddPark: Captain in Planetside, I believe in the summer of ’03.

WNxHusky: What would you say to be your favorite position (if you have one)?

WNxKiddPark: I enjoyed the work I did in Battlefield, and bringing TF2 back from the dead was fun. However, getting people to organize in Planetside as major was my best accomplishment. Using the primer, people actually working together, you can talk to people who remember it. It was the best gaming experience of all time. An FPS/MMO that really worked, it was the best. Still is for some. There is a VERY healthy PS community still here in the nation.

WNxHusky: I wished I had a gamecard for Planetside. That game was fun especially when they gave veterans free game time.

WNxKiddPark: I went back in a year ago for the free veteran time, but was never able to be on at the right times for the PS crew to play with. Planetside alone, just is no fun for me. I need my sentinels with me to have any fun; it's just the way I am.

WNxHusky: Could you give us and the viewers a general idea of what the sentinels are?

WNxKiddPark: Sure. The sentinels were created back in late 03 by me along with my captains Sumptin, Gailin and Mormeigl, all retired now. They were a ten man crew in Planetside that followed the primer very closely and worked together as a team. One principal was never to be out of visual sight of another sentinel. We took on outfits that in theory were much better than ours, but due to your organized numbers were able to hold our own. I was very proud.

WNxHusky: Interesting, a very organized group that watched each others' back (or sort of like that). That would be an experience.

WNxKiddPark: It was. Battlefield 2 was great. And the sentinels, they did a great job with the 5v5. But personally it never got better than PS.

WNxHusky: Oh, well let us switch our focus to the Lt. General elections now. Congratulations on making it to Candidate.

WNxKiddPark: Thanks. It's cool to make it this far.

WNxHusky: I'm sure it would be. But to give the audience an idea of what a Lt. General is, could you describe it to us?

WNxKiddPark: That's actually a good question, and I don't really have the total answer for it. Now there is a list of what it's supposed to do. And there's a mirror LT. Gen position that WNxKapitanTurtle holds which handles slightly different things. But in essence, I believe that the position means working with ALL the members of WN, especially the non tagged ones making sure everyone has a voice round here. That no one feels left out or in the cold, that they matter. If for no other reason, to have someone near the top to talk to about things that are bugging them or need fixing

WNxHusky: Oh, hmmm... I remember coming back to Warrior Nation and seeing the Lt. General, didn't notice it much or take into thought. But who motivated you to take on Lt. General?

WNxKiddPark: Funny, really funny actually. I never sought the position. I was nominated for it by someone, and it snowballed from there. I really played it early like I didn't care, but part of me did but wanted to look kind of cool if I lost, like I meant to do it. But at this point in the race, I'm pretty serious with my points (always big on lists me) and attitude, but if he had not have put my name in for this, never would be here.

WNxHusky: Oh. Now, correct me if I am asking wrong questions. It’s my first time talking about Lt. General. What would you change during your time in the position?

WNxKiddPark: Well, in the first post in my campaign thread, there are eight out of ten points of things I'd like to see either changed, or put to a vote in my first few months stuff like making secondaries worth something, tours of duty for majors/captains, age limits or time served on some positions, and two that haven’t been listed yet.

WNxHusky: I better be 18 or 21 before you put age limits on positions. I want to keep my EMP rank.

*WNxHusky fends off anyone from taking it*

WNxKiddPark: Well for admins, it's going to be 16 or older. But that's not law by any means, just a suggestion I’m putting forth.

* WNxHusky is formulating a question, SHH!!!*

WNxHusky: Since you are suggesting of putting an age limit on rank/positions, isn't it like saying you need this much education?

WNxKiddPark: Yup. However, replace education with experience. I want people to work in sections before they get higher positions. The same way I did. Help run a section before administrating one; know what it's like from multiple points of view.

WNxHusky: Well how would the Age Limit then corrilate to experience? There kind of two separate factors.

WNxKiddPark: Be the MP, the Cpt., the Major, CJ etc. Those are two separate points, yes.

WNxHusky: Okay, just had to clarify. So, where do you stand in this election (Sorry again if this is not a really clear question)?

WNxKiddPark: Play your game, that's pretty much the tag line I used. Too much drama, especially forum drama, instead, play your game whenever possible.

WNxHusky: No drama thank you -_-. Well, that pretty much brings us to a closure. I would like to congratulate you again for being this far up the ladder and keeping working at it. Sometimes, the wait might be long but good will come out of it.

WNxKiddPark: Sure, no problem. I enjoyed it.

WNxHusky: Do you have any shout outs to anyone in the crowd?

WNxKiddPark: Hi mom!

*WNxKiddPark waves at camera at mommy*

WNxHusky: Woah, woah, we broadcast on the television? I'm so taking over FOX News. Is that it?

WNxKiddPark: Sure, sounds like a wrap to me.

WNxHusky: Time to write a lawsuit against FOX News. Well, I hope you guys out there in the crowd will enjoy this interview and maybe you, will be in the lucky seat KiddPark is in. This is your host, Husky, signing off.

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Singapore WNxJurafalle
09-08-2008, 08:40 AM
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What have you been waiting for? Kiddpark's Interview, this hot candidate is interviewed by Husky! Let's give him our "good jobs"!

Well done!

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Germany WNxSimon
09-08-2008, 10:17 AM
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Well done! Nice and long interview! Good read! +rep!

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Christmas Island WNxGaz
09-08-2008, 12:55 PM
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Great interview good work.

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Warrior Nation
09-08-2008, 01:22 PM
Good interview, well done.


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Germany WNxJanitor
09-08-2008, 04:32 PM
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Nice interview.

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Netherlands WNxDarkNyte
09-08-2008, 04:39 PM
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good interview! keep it up!

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Warrior Nation
09-09-2008, 02:28 AM
Good job husk! Grats interviewing a candidate of the Lieu general election


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Australia WNxAmarines
09-09-2008, 05:05 AM
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Excellent work, I look forward to more of these interviews on candidates, thats if they come =P


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Norway WNxMarkus
09-10-2008, 03:22 PM
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omg i loved reading this one!! +rep

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